Rebel without a Cause

Imagine that somehow you were in a position to remake only the next-to-last scene in Rebel without a Cause. Would you change it? Imagine, too, that your choices are only the two that are described below. Please sit in the room according to the choice you would make based on your overall view of the film's relation to the issues we've studied in this course.

(We are talking about the scene in the planetarium in which Jim persuades Plato to give up his gun - long enough, that is, for Jim to unload it. Assume, at least for now, that Jim is the only one who at that point could persuade Plato to give it up.)

Sit on the door side: I would not have Jim persuade Plato to give up the gun. In some way, in some form, in myversion Jim would not do this. Perhaps Jim in my version would explicitly urge Plato to keep the gun. Perhaps Jim would offer arguments for and against giving up the gun and would then leave it to Plato to decide. Perhaps Jim, during the discussion in theplanetarium, would not bring up the issue of the gun at all.

Sit on the window side: I would not alter the scene at all.

  • Rebel gossip.


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