Dr. Fred Schwarz, You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists)

published by the Christian Anti-Communists Crusade
124 E. First Street
Long Beach, California
andPrentice-Hall, Inc., 1960

from chapter 8: "ALLIES OF COMMUNISM"

(pp. 102-103)

THE SIGNIFICANCE of Communism can never be measured by the number of Communists. Lenin's slogan was "fewer but better." It has been a long-established slogan that "the Party grows strong through purging itself." The theory of Communism is that of the chosen few who are organized, disciplined, dedicated, and equipped with superior intelligence and understanding of the laws of history. By this chosen few, the conquest of the world and the regeneration of mankind will be accomplished. The number of actual Communists has never been great.

Even acute observers, noting the numerical weakness of the Communists, have taken false hope from this fact. Such people fail to understand that the Communists are able to rally into their service multitudes who are completely unaware that they are serving the Communist cause. Our purpose here is to study those attitudes which transform well-meaning, patriotic, Christian people into the allies of Communism.

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