Dissertation Defense in MOO

From janruneh@utdallas.edu Fri Jul 14 18:34:17 1995
Date: Fri Jul 14 17:32:09 1995 CDT
Subject: Message from LinguaMOO

Dear friends,

It's a great pleasure for us to tell you of Dene Grigar's on-line
doctoral defense to be held here in LinguaMOO on *JULY 25TH*. The 
defense will start in the Auditorium at 4pm CDT (5pm EDT, and 10pm GMT) 
so be sure to be there at least 10 minutes before it starts. This event 
will coincide with Lingua's 6 month anniversary, and there will be a short 
ceremony in the Courtyard shortly after the defense to commemorate this.

Dene Grigar's study, "Penelopeia: The Making of Penelope in Homer's Story 
and Beyond" traces the artistic response to Penelope in literature, the 
visual arts, and music, from the Middle Ages onward. To the best of our 
knowledge, this will be the first defense held on-line.

Participating in the panel discussion at the defense will be Grigar's
committee, comprised of Dennis Kratz, Tim Redman, Rainer Schulte, and 
Deborah Stott, as well as a few scholars who are currently involved in 
research on Penelope. Thus far, Patricia Moyer (UNC) and Katie Gilcrest 
(Oxford) have both agreed to participate. 

Cynthia Haynes-Burton and Jan Rune Holmevik


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