Preparations for English 88 Virtual Poetry Slam

Look here for some results of the virtual slam.

From: sgarfink (Susan Garfinkel)
Subject: poetry machines
To: filreis88
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 13:49:34 -0400 (EDT)

i'm starting to work on some poetry machines that will generate 
procedural, random, semi-mediated, etc. poems. you'll be able to go in 
and try them out either before the slam, during the slam, or later when 
they're still in the moo. if something good comes out that you'd like to 
read aloud *at* the slam, that will be an option.

i'm looking for several things. 1) suggestions for procedures for generating 
poems. i have a few ideas but would be glad to draw on your collective 
thoughts on this and 2) a long list of favorite phrases from poems we've 
looked at this semester. if even 10 of you were to send me your favorite 
ten phrases, i'd have 100 to enter into the program... 3) word lists. 
send me sets of words that you feel go together in interesting ways. say 
20 nouns, 20 adjectives that could describe those nouns, 20 verbs, and 
some sentance or paragraph structure... see what i'm getting at? similar 
to the random *so much depends* that's in penn central.

if you have a specific idea, please get in touch. i'd like this to be as 
collective as possible. you'll probably find me in the moo a lot in the 
next week, so stop by!



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