Diversity University Journal of Virtual Reality Education

>From: au007@rs1.rrz.uni-koeln.de (Michael Uwe Moebius)
>Subject: DU Journal of Virtual Reality Education
>We are looking for articles from people who have been conducting classes
>using Virtual environments such as MUSEs and MOOs. 
>These are for the DU Journal of Virtual Reality Education. 
>DU Journal will cover education using real time text based virtual
>reality conferencing systems.  Gopher programs and recently World Wide
>Web browsers are just a few of many tools which enable global
>participants to exchange information in real time.  This represents a
>vast jump over email and points the way to inexpensive VR education
>possibilities in the near future as affordable bandwidth and computing
>power grow simultaneously. 
>Regular topics include: [future issues will be reviewed by committees]
>  MOO Teaching
>  Accessibility and beyond
>  K-12
>  Educational MOOs and Tools
>NOTE!! These are NOT discussion lists.  No email accepted, their only
>function is to distribute journal and a few journal announcements. 
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>listserv answers quickly and you should reply within 48 hr.  with 'ok'
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>If listserv does not work, please email managing editor: Donald
> instead (also to submit articles or inquire about DU
>Journal of VR Education)
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> get jvre-all log9501
>To visit Diversity University:
>        Telnet moo.du.org 8888
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