what are position papers for English 88?

scheduling: Each student in English 88 will write FIVE position papers, choosing FIVE of the fifteen occasions when "paper options" are indicated on the English 88 schedule. At least three of the papers must be written before the end of chapter 7. The papers are due before we begin discussing the readings at hand--specifically by noon on that day. (If there are two classes on a topic, the papers are due by noon on the earlier date.)

how to submit your papers: Send your papers by email to Lily Applebaum at an address we will give you in class. Print one copy and bring it with you to class on the one or two class sessions covering the relevant topic.

audio presentation: This audio recording on position papers was prepared for an all-online version of English 88, but the general description of the purpose and format of the papers is still pertinent. Here is a link to the audio.

position papers consist of approximately 450-500 words (the equivalent of a 2-page or 2.5-page typewritten paper)

position papers don't fiddle-faddle with general introductions or conclusions,

position papers don't summarize what's in the text (assume your reader knows the text well), and must

a good rule of thumb