RealAudio of/for Alumversers at Penn
recorded at the Writers House, December 7, 1996

From afilreis Thu Dec 12 13:40:27 1996
Subject: RealAudio Files! on the web

Dear Alumversers:

I'm pleased to announce that the digital audio "files" made of the recorded session last weekend at the Writers House is now available worldwide on the web. You only need to have or download a "RealAudio" player to your desktop computer. Then go to the URL or web "address" given below, click on one of the audio files, and listen! (Of course you need speakers and a sound card on your computer!) If you think you have the right hardware, and want help with RealAudio, send a message to Dave Slarskey at "" and Dave will try to help you get set up.

On the audio files you'll hear a few of us recite poems (leading off with Joe "as B4" Williams reading from the beginning of Ginsberg's "Howl") and then you'll hear a freewheeling discussion about poetry and Alumverse and our internetted relationships.

Here now is the message from Shawn Walker of the Writers House.


Dear Alumversers:

When several of you came to dinner here the other night, you made a tape of greetings, poems, and well-wishes for the others who could not be with you. Dave Slarskey, a work-study student here at the WH, has translated that file to RealAudio, so that you all can hear it. You can access a link to these files here:

This file is also linked off our developing Alumni Homepage:

Hope you enjoy the audio files! If you would like to be on the Writers House Alumni listserv, please send us a message at

Happy Holidays!

Shawn Walker, Resident Coordinator The Writers House