On sticking to the "topic"

On Apr 7, 7:50pm, MS MARY EILEEN STREIGHT wrote:

Subject: poetry

Are we looking at poetry or the reminiscences of the 1960s? Please, for those of us who were born before or after the baby boom--give us a break. We know all about you, your war was awful, you were right to protest. Our wars were awful, too. I grew up during WW II, my high school years saw our classmates go to Korea...it was lousy. The past is past--mourn it, celebrate it--let it go. My God, it's the 90s-- almost a new century. Let's get back to poetry. Please.

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reply from Tom Coffin:

Now you see this is where this new medium can overcome any of these ancient ways of sticking to a topic. Because the medium has no borders anyone can write anything - the entire dialogue concerning the 60's was (in my mind) an awesome example of the purpose of this list.

If you want to get back to poetry - simply post to the list your analysis. For example....

Frost is a naturalist he abhors the boundaries man puts up against nature and that includes the natural interaction of humans. see the apple trees - pines stanza

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