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  1. Moshe Rynecki
  2. Leni Riefenstahl dies
  3. Dorit Whiteman, herself an escapee from Nazi-occupied Vienna, Austria, tells survival stories of escapees from Hitler and Stalin.
  4. IBM and the Holocaust
  5. Latvia-born war crimes suspect returns to Australia
  6. Erwin Blumenfeld, photographer
  7. Podhoretz's memoir
  8. HOLOCAUST IN THE NEWS site - check regularly
  9. "54,000 Swiss Accounts Tied to the Nazis' War Victims" (12/7/99)
  10. Paul Kristeller, 94, Scholar of the Renaissance, Is Dead - Child of Holocaust Victims (June 1999)
  11. Pope tells Poles of modern martyrs
  12. Bob Kunst on humorous treatments of the Holocaust (Feb. 1999)
  13. Swiss students help survivors
  14. Steven Spielberg faces the Holocaust -- 1993 New York Times article by Bernard Weinraub
  15. French urged to return 3,000 ART WORKS
  16. Article by Aharon APPELFELD
  17. KUNIN's mother had Swiss account
  18. YAD VASHEM no longer on official itinerary for visiting dignitaries
  19. Alexander Kimel's HOLOCAUST MAGAZINE for post-Holocaust issues
  20. NIZKOR Project holocaust web crawler
  21. Janet Maslin on Leni RIEFENSTAHL
  22. FACING HISTORY & Ourselves new "resource book" - described, chapter by chapter
  23. Women testify against BARBIE
  24. An Army officer who took the words of the nation's Commander in Chief to heart and went off on his own IN SEARCH OF HUMAN-RIGHTS VIOLATIONS among Haitian penitentiary inmates faced a court-martial with his career and his conscience on the line.
  25. How to commemorate the ALLIED VICTORY OVER JAPAN - 1995
  26. On the track of art STOLEN BY NAZIS
  27. BUCHENWALD - a visit fifty years later
  28. Facing History & Ourselves Foundation and SPIELBERG collaborate
  29. I. G. FARBEN (in German)
  30. Frontline aired a TERRIFIC DOCUMENTARY on Jewish victims' gold in Swiss banks with helpful links to related documents
  31. Students commemorate AFRICAN HOLOCAUST at Penn
  32. This site featured on TOURBUS
  33. GERMAN RAILWAYS accept role in deportation of Jews
  34. Swiss kept billions in Nazi-looted gold (May 1997)
  35. Eichmann trial in TV documentary
  36. John Felsteiner on poetry of the Holocaust: Celan, Stuzkever, and Others
  37. Cambodia "Killing Fields" site - with link to survivor stories
  38. Schindler's List airing on TV criticized by Republican congressman (March 1997)
  39. "Hitler's Swiss Connection," by David Lee Preston (January 1997)
  40. Paul Berman on twenty-five years of perceived discord between America's blacks and America's Jews.
  41. Personalizing the Holocaust's Gay Victims
  42. Swiss bank caught shredding wartime records.
  43. Nuns near Auschwitz remove religious symbols, end claim to ownership
  44. SS veterans are receiving German pensions in U.S.
  45. Bonn data laws prevent release of Waffen SS names (Dec. 1996)
  46. U.S. report details close Swiss-German war ties
  47. Ninth graders visit the Holocaust Museum and create web sites
  48. Nixon urged audits of Jewish contributors (Dec. 1996)
  49. Nazi medical materials used after war
  50. Lithuanian Jewish heritage in danger
  51. Antisemitism at Texas A&M - Nov. 1996
  52. NASA's Nazis
  53. Jonathan Kozol's review of new book about children of the camps (October 1996)
  54. New evidence of Vichy's anti-semitic enthusiasm, October 1996
  55. Swiss banks slow to respond to claims (September 1996)
  56. Sanford Marcus, "The Next Holocaust"
  57. Are Poles treated fairly today?
  58. Anti-Nazi Olympics, 1996, 50 years after the 1936 Olympics in Berlin
  59. Aharon Meytahl on Arendt and Heidegger
  60. Number of survivors alive today (as of 1996)
  61. A French writer critical of what he calls Holocaust myths has been invited to visit by the Syrian government and a Lebanese anti-Israel club (July 9, 1996)
  62. Review of Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners by V. R. Berghahn
  63. Battle of Stalingrad: fifty years later Germans attempt to mourn the dead
  64. "Neo-Nazis Now Network on Line and Underground"
  65. Photographs of Auschwitz by Alan Jacobs now available on web
  66. Was Albert Speer repentant?

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