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  1. belongingn(1938) E. Leen Why the Cross? ix. 355 ``By the holocaust man
     signified to God his utter `belongingness' to Him. ''
  2. calends (1609) Bible (Douay) Numb. xxviii. 11 ``In the Calendes you
     shal offer an holocaust to the Lord [1382 Wyclif, In the calendis
     forsothe, that is, in the bigynnyngis of monthes].''
  3. evaporable(1881) Standard 18 Nov. 5/3 ``The frightful holocaust..at
     Abergele..was due to an oil by no means evaporable.''
  4. excoriatio(1669) Gale Crt. Gentiles i. ii. ix. 141 ``After the killing
     of the Holocaust, follows the excoriation, and dissection.''
  5. holocaust (C. 1250) Gen. &. Ex. 1326 ``Ysaac was leid &edh.at auter on,
     So men sulden holocaust don. ''
  6. holocaust (1526) Tindale Mark xii. 33 ``A greater thynge then all
     holocaustes and sacrifises. ''
  7. holocaust (1680) H. More Apocal. Apoc. 101 ``In the latter part thereof
     stands the altar of Holocausts. ''
  8. holocaust (1732) Berkeley Alciphr. v. §.3 ``Those Druids would have
     sacrificed many a holocaust of free-thinkers. ''
  9. holocaust (1847) Grote Greece ii. xxxii. (1862) III. 162 ``A holocaust
     of the most munificent character.''
 10. holocaust (1497) Bp. Alcock Mons Perfect. C iij a, ``Very true
     obedyence is an holocauste of martyrdom made to Cryste. ''
 11. holocaust (1648) J. Beaumont Psyche xxiv. cxciv. (R.), ``The perfect
     holocaust of generous love. ''
 12. holocaust (1688) in Lond. Gaz. No. 2401/1 ``We..humbly offer our Lives
     and Fortunes..which is that true Holocaust which all true
     honest-hearted Scotsmen will give to so good..a Prince. ''
 13. holocaust (A. 1711) Ken Anodynes Poet. Wks. 1721 III. 477 ``While I thy
     Holocaust remain. ''
 14. holocaust (1868) M. Pattison Academ. Org. v. 139 ``By another grand
     holocaust of fellowships we might perhaps purchase another respite.''
 15. holocaust (1671) Milton Samson 1702 ``Like that self-begotten bird In
     the Arabian woods embost, That no second knows nor third, And lay
     erewhile a Holocaust. ''
 16. holocaust (A. 1711) Ken Christophil Poet. Wks. 1721 I. 442 ``Shou'd
     gen'ral Flame this World consume.. An Holocaust for Fontal Sin. ''
 17. holocaust (1833) L. Ritchie Wand. by Loire 104 ``Louis VII..once made a
     holocaust of thirteen hundred persons in a church. ''
 18. holocaust (1883) Mrs. Croker Pretty Miss Neville III. 124 ``When Major
     Percival has made a holocaust of your letters.''
 19. holocaust (1940) Hansard Commons 6 Mar. 416 ``The general holocaust of
     civilised standards. ''
 20. holocaust (1944) H. F. Rubinstein Hated Servants 167 ``The siege will
     take a heavy toll, and few who live to the end of it will survive the
     holocaust that must follow. ''
 21. holocaust (1987) Sunday Tel. 23 Nov. 15 (heading) ``Aids: the new
     holocaust. ''
 22. holocaust (1942) News Chron. 5 Dec. 2/2 ``Holocaust...Nothing else in
     Hitler's record is comparable to his treatment of the Jews...The word
     has gone forth that..the Jewish peoples are to be exterminated...The
     conscience of humanity stands aghast. ''
 23. holocaust (1943) Hansard Lords 23 Mar. 826 `` The Nazis go on
     killing..If this rule could be relaxed, some hundreds, and possibly a
     few thousands, might be enabled to escape from this holocaust. ''
 24. holocaust (1945) M. R. Cohen in S. Goldschmidt Legal Claims against
     Germany p.vi, ``Millions of surviving victims of the Nazi holocaust,
     Jews and non-Jews, will stand before us in the years to come. ''
 25. holocaust (1957) Yad Washem Bull. Apr. 35/2 (heading) ``Research on the
     Holocaust Period. ''
 26. holocaust (1958) Yad Washem Bull. July 2/2 ``The catastrophe which
     overtook us...The Inquisition..is not the same as the Holocaust. ''
 27. holocaust (1962) B. Glanville Diamond xviii. 296 ``The holocaust..was
     the inevitable end, the logical conclusion of the pogroms, the Mosley
     marches, the hatred. ''
 28. holocaust (1965) A. Donat (title) ``The holocaust kingdom. ''
 29. holocaust (1967) N. Cohn Warrant for Genocide ix. 208 ``By the autumn
     of 1944 the holocaust was nearing its conclusion. ''
 30. holocaust (1968) Manch. Guardian Weekly 25 Apr. 10/4 ``There is now
     within modern history a compartment of `holocaust studies'-dealing with
     the wholesale destruction by the Nazis of European Jewry. ''
 31. holocaust (1972) F. Forsyth Odessa File 306 ``The mausoleum of Yad
     Vashem,..the shrine to six million of his fellow Jews who died in the
 32. holocaust (1980) Jewish Chron. 18 Apr. 9/3 ``A memorial service..to
     mark Holocaust Day. ''
 33. holocaust (1973) T. Bieleczki &. L. Szymanski Warsaw Aflame 5
     ``Genocide against the Polish as well as the Jewish sections of the
     population...Warsaw Aflame was..written by men who lived through the
     holocaust. ''
 34. holocaust (1981) N. Davies God's Playground II. xx. 454 ``From 1941,
     Poland became the home of humanity's Holocaust. ''
 35. holocaust (1981) F. Rector Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals vi. 115
     ``The number of gay Holocaust victims is substantial. ''
 36. holocaust (1981) F. Rector Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals 116 ``At
     least 500,000 gays died in the Holocaust. ''
 37. holocaust (1985) A. Ramati And Violins stopped playing (1986) 7 ``The
     Germans don't even admit that there was a Gypsy holocaust..there are
     memorials in Auschwitz for all the nations whose people died there,
     except for the Gypsies! ''
 38. holocaust (1651) Cleveland Poems 52 ``Where you might have seen His
     conscience holocausted to his spleen. ''
 39. holocaust (1828) Blackw. Mag. XXIV. 350 ``The retainers, ruggin' and
     rivin' at holocaustal sheep. ''
 40. holocaust (1871) R. B. Vaughan St. Thomas of Aquin II. 920 ``The first
     principles of holocaustic sacrifice.''
 41. Loyolan (1613) Purchas Pilgrimage (1614) 171 ``Thus dis Abraham..; this
     must the Iesuite do when an Ignatian Superiour commands, or else he is
     no Holocaust for the Leiolan Altar.''
 42. marrowed (A. 1300) E.E. Psalter lxv[i]. 15 ``Offrandes merghed [Vulg.
     holocausta medullata] bede I sal To &th.e. ''
 43. marrowy (1435) Misyn Fire of Love 75 ``A marghty offerynge [L.
     holocausta medullata; cf. Marrowed 1, a 1300]. ''
 44. Moloch (1868) W. Cory Lett. &. Jrnls. (1897) 237 ``This holocaust, this
     human incense, this Moloch-squeezing of innocents [a hot Sunday in
     school chapel].''
 45. noon (1946) Dylan Thomas Deaths &. Entrances 17, ``I see the togron in
     tears In the androgynous dark, His striped and *noon maned tribe
     striding to holocaust. ''
 46. obley (A. 1340) Hampole Psalter l. 20 ``&Th.an &th.ou sall accept &th.e
     sacrifice of rightwisnes, obles, &. offrandis [oblaciones &.
 47. offer (C. 825) Vesp. Psalter lxv. 15 ``Onse&asg.dnisse mer&asg.lice ic
     ofriu &edh.e [L. holocausta medullata offeram tibi]. ''
 48. pacific (1609) Bible (Douay) Ezek. xlv. 15 ``One ramme of a flocke of
     two hundred..for holocaust, and for pacifiques. ''
 49. pin-prick (1945) R. A. Knox God &. Atom v. 71 ``Other men's lives are
     at stake; those..of British or American airmen who might be shot down
     in trying to pin-prick the targets of Hiroshima one by one, instead of
     devoting it to a general holocaust. ''
 50. placation (1609) Bible (Douay) 1 Macc. i. 47 ``Holocausts and
     sacrifices, and placations to be made in the temple of God. ''
 51. remnant (1972) C. Raphael Feast of Hist. i. 32 ``In the immediate
     aftermath of the Holocaust, Jewish history..seemed to offer a message
     of bleakness... In the Holy Land, the remnant faced enmity and
 52. ritely (1609) Bible (Douay) Numb. xxviii. 10 ``The libamentes which are
     ritely poured everie Sabbath for an everlasting holocaust. ''
 53. satire (1961) in Amer. Speech XXXVI. 138 ``Hawthorne in his story
     `Earth Holocaust' satires Emerson's idea of books.''
 54. self- (1881) O. Wilde Poems 123 ``That holocaust, That self-fed flame.
 55. shall (C. 1250) Gen. &. Ex. 1326 ``Ysaac was leid &edh.at auter on, So
     men sulden holocaust don. ''
 56. sleeve (1952) Wodehouse Barmy in Wonderland i. 13 ``My wardrobe
     perished in the holocaust, of course. When you're being given the
     sleeve across the windpipe by Acts of God, you don't waste time
     fumbling around for socks and trousers. ''
 57. superfluen(A. 1711) Ken Hymns Evang. Poet. Wks. 1721 I. 390 ``Luke rapt
     at Jesus Love,..Himself an Holocaust to Jesus gave. Luke superfluently
     fir'd, Strait from all Worldly Cares retir'd.''
 58. thermonucl(1955) Ann. Reg. 1954 169 ``Mr. Adlai Stevenson..inquired
     whether the `New Look' meant leaving the country with `the choice of
     inaction or a thermo-nuclear holocaust'. ''
 59. victim (1497) Bp. Alcock Mons Perfect. C iij/2 ``Obedyence excellith al
     vyctyms [printed vyayms] and holocaustis in the whiche was sacrefyced
     ye flesshe of other creatures. ''
 60. victimate (1583) Stubbes Anat. Abuses Ep. Ded., ``Sacrifices,
     Victimates &. Holocaustes offred. ''
 61. victimate (1583) Stubbes Anat. Abuses O ij b, ``Hauing offred vp their
     sacrifices, victimats and holocaustes to their false Gods.''

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