Writers House listserv collage

This "poem" was constructed of phrases and sentences that had been posted to the Writers House Planning Group listserv, or electronic mailing list, during the several exciting, breathless months during which we planned what would become The Writers House as we know it.

                         November: Preliminary drawings


i have one picky fear
people in my group--i think it's greg, josh
where is the line here?
I don't know if this is the way
 good to draw in people to the open area
Certainly, this is the understood 
a place for everyone
I'm going to do some work now.
I will also contact a few people 
Wouldn't it be grand to have a TV
people say, "learning is okay."  they say, "we must teach children to
read."  etc...what often gets misplaced is the "trickle-down"
what i'm saying is that it would be hard for us to make
preliminary drawings as well as help with...
I personally like Perelman's comment about the range...
sensitive to the conscience it is expressing in total.
We haven't set up a system!
we are pledging fidelity to a "virtual" space as well
a question of exclusivity.
a whole lot of non-Penn people
there are a lot of people in the "community"
we have some coherent stuff to tell people
make contact with people!
get more people
I'll talk to some people
I'll talk with my friends
I have a friend
I know some people

perhaps i am somewhat of an electronic-frontier Marxist, but i am
inclined to act as the voice of those people...

                    December: Fixed on language like a junkie


I'm afraid that I've already committed 
Believe it or not: Greg Djanikian and I will sing together 
I'm with Alex on all points, including the wall question.
I thought the atmosphere was just perfect last night, exactly how we envisioned.
You are invited to *CELEBRATE!* writing at Penn
Lighting is important
Definitely, dim is best for this sort of thing
Without lights where are you?
I've lost track of where we are going.
This is going too fast for me.
Holy shit! I come home and there are 42 hub messages!
I think I can keep up but I'm not sure.
Bob Lucid, are you out there.
This is Michael Crow, checking in from Dallas.
What does Philo think?
I care about writing generally
What about the Schools?
where one starts to beg for non-university grants
Sorry Al if I jumped another gun
To let all those cats out of their bags, spurred by the advice of
friends, I present the proposal.
I have the names of about 15 poets.
I am a reporter with the Daily Pennsylvanian and am doing a series on the
pilot programs..
Our gathering is less than a week away
other goodies
a can of hot chocolate mix
apple cider
coffee makers (Marc, would we be able to borrow the big guns for this?)
Where going to a warehouse to get furniture?!
I can't wait!
I have a paper due around that time..
so that you all don't think i'm on the  wrong side of this issue
I love this idea so much!
Dave Deifer will be performing
"...Fixed on language like the junkie I could be
Except I can only talk about love"  -- Bernadette Mayer
It is my hope that...we will attract actual writers to the actual writers 
Laura was wonderful enough to get us a table.

                                 January: Tired


Do we need to sell this idea?
Oh god.
Don't miss out on this unique opportunity...!
Local Access!
Introducing. . . PENN AND INK!!
Attention all writers!
sponsored by...
Please come help celebrate!
We're in the DP!
Facilities Planning department and the architect
No one knows the "scope" of the project
We have just a few months to get this thing together! 
dedicated to the belief that positive change in our world 
What are the important things?
your coffee pot is still in the house
Oh god I could see this coming
insight, academic tolerance and critical consciousness
i've heard some people talking about lack of energy at the
last Writers House reading.  all in all, i think it was still magical
have to realize that everything's not cake *and* ice cream. 
no problem with the third-floor space as a residence
let's start discussing: - our idea for a big smash event this spring
Build me a community!
Saturday, 27 January, 2:30 AM: I think we can *all* use more feedback on our projects, 
including myself.
Web page.
Tell everyone.
Jesus I'm tired.

                             February: Peripheral Issues


does anyone know any big names in any language dept.?
 we may want to recover the walls with something other than plaster
Culture Never Sleeps
sit in a dimly lit, intimate
environment, listening to the creative writing of the most venerable

How will the Kitchen be used in the future?

Culture Never Sleeps
compiling a list of furniture
Dave Deifer, Shawn, Elliot and I had a quickie meeting tonight
about a couple of peripheral issues
Before I go asking big wigs to read..someone tell me what time.
It would be nice to be: 898-WRIT
Culture Never Sleeps.
just the right combination of affordability, 21st Century-ness, and 
"Out of many, One"  seems too totalitarian to me.  "Out of many, many
more."  Culture never slaps (hehehe).  Or Bruce Andrews: "Culture just
We are not puppets.
Okay, this phone thing is looping.
Shawn doesn't want a phone until we have a budget.

David Deifer doesn't feel we need an actual phone just the line until the
house is complete.

Al wants us to tell him if we want voice mail and/or a phone.

So, my question is, do we want to deal with voice mail?
Culture Never Sleeps.

                             March: Moving Mountains


I just want to congratulate the workgroup, and particularly the meeting
stalwarts this afternoon/evening. Shawn  the organizer, Alex  the
scribus with the web-page memory, and all the participants were a pleasure
to meet in person. I guess I had expected some kind of controlled chaos
(on a rough day the listserv can give that impression) but instead I
found a focus of force that, clearly, is going to move this mountain.
                                            ---Bob Lucid

Writing a community.
This gets complicated, huh?
What I would suggest
As we did on the first night
take a look at what we have offered
bring a batch of cookies
recover the walls
Be not entirely a lurker
Be well.
Good night.
Dim is best.


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