Penn Video Network viewing sites

Buildings in which ResNet is available in each student room:
* Graduate Tower B
* Harnwell House (HRE)
* Harrison House (HRS)
* High Rise North
* Hill House
* King's Court/English House
* Mayer Hall
* Modern Languages College House
* Nichols House (Grad A)
* Quadrangle (as of fall 1997)
* Stouffer College House
* Van Pelt College House
* Ware College House (in the Quad)
* W.E.B. DuBois College House (LRN)

Suggestions for students living in non-ResNet areas:
These locations may very well have individual procedures for
accessing/reserving public TVs.  Some of the residence halls might be a
bit more "proprietary" about non-residents using lounges, as well.  I've
tried to indicate what I know about each place, but these things have a way
of changing with new staff, so it's probably a good idea to check these
things out prior to trying to view a movie.  Any of your students may give
me a call (8-4336) if they need assistance in figuring out who to talk to
for a specific area.  Anyway:

* Nichols House (Grad A) has a public TV in the Blue Lounge (ground floor),
as well as active ResNet outlets (but no TVs yet) in the entrance lobby,
New Lounge and Red Room.

* Grad Tower B has a public TV in the entrance lobby, usually running the
Movie Channel as a matter of fact.

* KC/EH has active outlets on every floor elevator lobby, but a public TV
is only available in the EH basement level TV Lounge.  A key must be signed
out from the front desk for the TV Lounge; this *might* only be available
for residents or, perhaps, staff only.

* All three High Rises have many viewing opportunities.  Each has a TV in
its upper lobby, as well as lounge TVs on most even-numbered floors.  Some
of these lounges (mostly in HRE attached to Living Learning Programs) might
have locks that only residents have keys for, though.  Active outlets (but
no TVs) are also in all three rooftop lounges.

* DuBois College House has a public TV in its Multi-Purpose Room right
behind the reception desk.

* Stouffer has televisions in each of its lounges.  Stouffer is a very
confusing place for me (and likely for most non-residents), so I'm not
really sure how many lounges that is.  And, as of my last visit there, not
all of the TVs were in great working order.  (That may have changed.)

* MLCH has a basement lounge with a public TV.

* Hill House has a large-screen TV room which has, in the past, run a
prime-time Movie Night pretty much every evening, running the ResNet Movie
Channel for the most part, I believe.

* There is a lounge for Ware-residents with a large-screen TV.  I believe,
though, that this lounge is accessible by key to Ware members only, though.

* There are select lounges in the the Quad that also have active video
outlets, most (I believe) with TVs.  Those lounge areas are: Bodine Lounge,
Ashurst Lounge, Provost Towers Lounge, Speakman Lounge.  McClelland Hall
also has active video outlets, but I don't think there are permanent TVs
set up there.

For additional PENN VIDEO NETWORK information, please visit their website at:

or contact:

Christopher Cook, Network Services Coordinator
Academic Programs and Residence Life     VOICE: 215-898-4336
Information Systems and Computing        ("V-IDEO" on campus)
University of Pennsylvania
3650 Chestnut Street                     EMAIL:
Philadelphia, PA 19104


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