infinity is a cruel idea

by Aaron

comments by:

Shawn I Kirsten

I'll take my nine to five
I'll take my early spring and endless summer
I'll take that afternoon
                      drinking  out on the porch
                        when we watched the
          sun set
                    and the fireflies flickering like Christmas
          lights in the
                                            purple dusk                      

I'll take my ideas  unrealized,
                      lying meekly
                      the floor                                              

Accourding to Shawn Walker:

Date: Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 10:25:31 -0500 (EST)
From: (Shawn Walker)

An echo of kudos to Kirby...

Aaron, I think it's *great* that you sent your poetry to your fraternity
listserv.  Abolutely fabulous.  In fact, do it every day, flood the lines
with poetry.  I often wonder why we are encouraging each other to write --
then something like this reminds me.  Maybe one person, in a brush with
divine insanity, will send his poems out over his fraternity listserv,
until the server comes tumbling down...

Anyway, I really liked your Infinity poem.  I thought you began, with your
accepting repetition of "I'll take...[everything]," to transcend the
"cruel idea" of infinity.  Somehow your passivity seemed to pull the rug
out from under the cruelty.  The last image, "lying meekly on the floor"
seemed both pathetic and oddly triumphant to me -- but maybe my religious
lense was too focused for what might be a much lighter poem.

So I have this 9 to 5 job while I'm trying to figure out how to live.  And
this is a poem about that.


Accourding to Kirsten Thorpe: Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 14:08:40 -0500 (EST) From: (Kirsten L Thorpe) aaron, i really like both of these. at first i hated the walking the walk..i feel like an asshole part, but after the second time they start to feel really real, really, well, "damnit i'm not just trying to be poetic" and now i think it's good. and, like shawn i love the way that one ends. i'm just hoping that they won't stay "untitled" title them! pleeease. so, i'm a little delirious cuz i've been pretty sick for a couple days. but props to hannah, and shawn and aaron. we should meet in person. or at least keep pushing the flood. k.