the wizard in 26 oz.

by kirsten

i got a 10 oz. coffee
he got
a 16 oz.
hot chocolate cocoa
and we discussed men
being boys
pretending to be men
instigation, insecurity, isensitivity, and
spent on time
making friendship stingy
"i am don quixote," he said
"i have nothing but my dreams."
   ("and me," i thought to myself in my head)
hey, where's my minute?
when i grow up i
will be a poet
we got to
fighting over cats and dogs
variation withbetweenin species
   (like sexes)   
"basically, i'm right"
   (fallacy in his sum of a wrong plus a wrong)
write. pause. write.
fallacies of modern science
   (his eyes are crazy blue)
"i think everything we know
about everything is wrong;
it just doesn't seem right."
right? right.
as if either of us knew
would we be sitting here with each other
and empty cups?
don't ask me i'm just a scarecrow.