pre-millenium cinema

by Kirsten

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it's 1999 and everybody knows
aliens are already here

screeching bodiless ghosts, we know
they're using us as hosts

our planet is feeble
most midwestern minds no match                                                 

we know the geek will be the hero
and the cheerleader's good in bed

we know we're s'posed to identify with one of the six main characters
we just don't know which one

we know the numbers don't really matter
and nobody is telling the truth

we know it's the end of the world
but we know it's probably not really

we know when the special effects are at work
it makes fear more funny

we know people sometimes talk that way
but only in the movies

Accourding to Kirsten Thorpe:

Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 20:59:34 -0500 (EST)
From: (Kirsten L Thorpe)           

mike and all,

this is great, because i have some questions about this one still.  i
like the suggestion a lot about breaking that "they're using us/as hosts"
line but i don't really know how to break up the long "6 main characters"
line without emphasizing it too much, and all its little words are very
important to me.

i also agree about the ending, and it brings up two couplets that i
didn't include the first time but was wondering about:

"we do kinda like the aliens sometimes                                         
 we know what they're trying to say

 but we know the people will win in the end
 because people make movies not aliens

                        we think"

(this would involve changing the "in the movies" in the talking line to
"on the big screen" to avoid repetition, not a big problem for me though)

but, i don't know if i like mike's suggestion about just reversing the
already existing last two couplets and ending there better.

any suggestions? thanks,