by mike

From: (Michael Magee)

Hi everyone, just wanted to thank the group of die-hards who came out in the rain last night for the hubverse mtg - Nate, Kirsten, Heather S, Luke. I had a good time. We talked a bit about found poetry, and I mentioned that I'd done a found poem after finding the novel version of the movie Gremlins at the used bookstore in Reading Terminal Market. There were color photos in the middle with captions which I used to make this:


Rand Peltzer shops for a special
Christmas gift for his son.
Billy Peltzer introduces Gizmo
to his friend, Peter Fountaine.
Billy and his father test Mr. Peltzer's 
latest invention, the bathroom buddy.
Five Mogwai sleep peacefully
next to Billy's bed.  Kate Beringer
and Billy uncover Mrs. Deagle's
plans for the development of the town.
Roy Hanson runs some experiments
on the Mogwai.  Billy and Mrs. Peltzer
find five strange pods in Billy's
room.  Lynn Peltzer defends her
kitchen against a Gremlin attack.
Billy trails Stripe to the YMCA building.
Before Billy's eyes, the swimming pool
hisses, boils and explodes.
Mr. Futterman crouches, horrified,
as the snowplow comes to life.
Mrs. Deagle, about to meet her
untimely end.  Kate tries to maintain
order in Dorry's Pub...
...but chaos reigns.
Kate and Billy run for cover as... 
...the theatre, filled with Gremlins,
blows up.  Billy tracks down Stripe
in the department store.  "Bye Billy."