On Some Bad Marriages

by Mike

 	depending on where
        you are you might
        call the L the T de-
        pending on leaves you
        might mix lang with Tang

        space would decide
        factors scientists dreamy
        cold fission scriptures
        so the bible teller

        your dependents declaring
        or nostalgia is a
        measurement you're wearing
        waist management

        depending on she where
        he hitting the Hi-C drunk
        by the sea, a
        sure trip for the selling   
	what makes a line
        is a check to check
        question of dancing
        in court support hose

        or branchlessness a
        "good situation"? stringing
        no attachments your
        thing go and do it

        then each asks for or
        to her T or L
        merrily verily a dreamy
        life on pending letters
        and sentences suspending