One Day Out

by shawn

	       Afterwards is not a facing so the desire of
               memory for itself tomorrow wherein we dance
our bodies from their blue images so to particular divinations which may
     validate the individual genius thus abandoning it unto its for
   replicating ever self continually holding self up to so to love so

           loving most dearly that which is most also like so
that it may be and see that it be so at be and be so self going be most
          timately here so here ourselves speaking so finding
                  to have been the me which pulls me

         into me pulls me says me sews to the eye that sees
                 in memory so situates eternity so
                   clarities when not our beings

         acquire volumes thus illusiveness so still hold to
                   such effacings leading we to     


January 24, 1998
2.00  Blake's Poems and Prophesies
inscribed with the date May 16, 1941
@ a used book store in Cromer

So, since I've been harping on this, some thoughts on what/how/why I'm
writing this:  I'm working on a project where poems correspond formally
somehow to my daily purchases -- dependent on chance, with the deliberate
incision of choice -- this one has 200 syllables.  I've been thinking
about artists' 'clarities' and the nature of clarity in general,
essentially and ideally.