by heather

this is how to walk in:
blue door and three steps
the bathroom is straight ahead,
then the fire escape
white mold (have you 
called me?) covers the floorboard
"chemistry," she says to me
as we split a brownie that I got
for free because there were
no chocolate chip cookies,
"chemistry," she repeats.

after the first three steps,
there is a corridor
        this whole apartment wood paneling
portions of the walls are
painted white, portions blue
the corridor is only about three feet wide,
and there on the left is the thermostat,
and there on the right some boards used
to try out a composition

the sink                                the corridor
chloe is from paonia, colorado          is tiled with
apricots                                fake brick tile
cherries                                and I wonder
peaches                                 if there are any letters waiting

the All Right sign is right outside
this morning as I woke up next to you
I was still fighting, fighting to stay in dream
and I don't remember if you said something, I don't
remember what it was you said