I Love Your Laugh

by Tahneer


I love your laugh
it's like the last taste of white wine
that stays, pasted to lips, till its licked off
like the first feel of grass on your toes
after a year of covered feet                                                   


cause i like to watch you sleep
and chuckle in your sleep
cause that's what you do when you dream
and it's what you do in my dreams, too

there's only sauce between us now
its edges thick and full of vice and yet
I would lick it off if I only had the know-how
you let your soft fingers steal my legs

make me feel like a yellow summer dress
make me feel like a strawberry
make me feel like a blade of cool grass

your laugh is like the sun and when it ends
the sun is behind a cloud but i know it can
still come out and when you go for any
time without laughing, the sun starts to cry                                   

your laugh is like a soggy tea-bag,
strong and full and happy, especially when
it's just been tasted and mixed and

your laugh is like apple-picking, only it's
everything: the basket, the apples, the trees,
the feet on ladders, the shoulders, the juice
that spills in the first bite, the ride home.

your laugh is so tender i'm afraid
i might lose it so i keep it closed tight with
the ladybugs we used to catch and i can
open it at any time and here it is, so can you.