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PART I Thursday, November 18, 1999,
Kelly Writers House
Poets Composers
Judith Westley  
  Avi Berman
Ron Carter  
  Chris Wasko
Cathleen Cohen  
  Mike Higgins
Nathalie Anderson  
  Lona Kozik
Doris Ferleger  
  Laryn Block

PART II November 21, 1999, 2:00PM
St. Mark's Church
1625 Locust Street
Poets Composers
J C Todd  
  Doug Ovens
Allen Hoey  
  Jon Madoff
Gary Short  
  Amy Scurria
Nzadi Keita  
  Rich Hill
Elaine Terranova  
  Susan Burkey
Sandra Falconer  
  Scott Robinson

Tina Davidson of American Composers Forum
Shannon Coulter of St. Mark's Church
and to Reverend Richard C. and Barbara Alton for the use of the Rectory at St. Mark's Church

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