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Clark Coolidge
Uncollected and Unpublished Poems


                    "HEY! YOU LOOK LIKE A GIRL''

the "Erector Sets" were permanent they thought, & forgot & left
       the bridges up
wheel zimmer kids all over ("America's Famous Rivers") & the country
       might tilt, toward you, up dangerously
Look out! Fire Pa by the House Kite! & the Lemon o' the Lake freaks
       humid ventilators & mates quail-fish

O, let's snout & lunge, baste & hasten Popeye! (he came over
       in a brick faceted tractor glare) the Three Kneeless
            Brothers!  0 bejeweled terraced rims of Hoke & "morn"!
the limits of New Jersey have been legally equated with the
       limbs of tobacco       & Jimmy's wand
            wrecked his bridge-pool mother (a "family of 5...")

a kind of Lockjaw discovered in snails only under
       cement & steel abutment bridges?     guess so.
what, a tropical fungul-film of green pin fish? Geeks
       authored Biblical Humor at bloody stumps! Yes!
& milk flange ups Vitamin C , & babies' mildew sold
       a solid gleam on carpets, & the mysterious black gland
(doctors hid it) found to provide 98% champion gliders of kites

the transparent mantids rest on highest knit girders for their nests, tho        the belted cops have vacated Colorado forever
Chipmunk Berries kept the "war effort" hung in bulge
       & fire creeps to cement the mothers flee! (Buy a Kit!)
             Bee grew a beard! won a prize!

Cracker jacks emit "a weird light"
N.Y.Times legends' flutters ooze crabs below Hudson's "Green" Level
Calcomine gives the air to ceilings & mush
       tone California "level housing", sounding like neon, crushed
            (road-like) into the landing sea

too loud! move that Grape, the beds too lavender, & lounge "is too!"
       I couldn't believe either in the "car park" (at all)
            specially when you untied & left
                 your raspberry ribbon that snaps
                      & all & that too - "so true!"

toads in the mumble park "levels" humming by
ooooof! your lunch, I'd unlock my hand if I
       were wearing a glove. Love's definitely round!

& nothing has been recently found to be

                                             -- 1966







agates roll and the bison flinch.
which way to the stormy layers?
lunch on which butte?

blown thru the bats, mesquite thumping.
Battle Iron, Canyon Pendulum Garden.
Golly Mine shelving.



             Thunder open.

lain out stone motor wrecks
the "help! help!" water mammal table.


black fumes rising in the Sioux Bee tankard
watering growth, levels of sweat

gunk shaping azure louvres
granite in moonlit settlement

bronze boulder stick
calamite stew
beef breath

               -- 5III1966






a couple a latest issues of the mud manual
small mellons sizing up the barrel -- capsize!
& think boards & rest until your rent gets paid

small restful orange stanchions, riding
over from the squeeky
clean black harvard attacks in hail
     "I used to worry"

I read the sign said hour mouth
opened to close (only) the first night (only the first time)

mothers embellish & dust the copper
things & laugh, waiting
for me but you won't be (for, or have been)
flaming carrots & peas in the closet put your little brother out
on the cloudy flange I'm free but sunday

ants trail ripening & bit my sack
3 years later (too late?) I'll seek your sister...

horror phlegm rousens & that brand cheese cloth over lips
gone to the back for a room to   & forget me
classnight darkness & free belly hair hands
fragment collapse   & don't
forget to get up when the year gets light

                         -- 1966





          DIAMOND HILL (all sides flap)

                         For Ray

trips to the hill under the scarp car-barn gland
iced sky & you drink windshield ascending
cap my niccotine hand in the flap-pocket folded
day to dry ducking boreal swash & beer tags & fir trees

my friend's sly lip crisp by the lime pits
sour after-bare of gradeschool butt sickness
I honked near the xls
you cleared, lumber throat near a dented neck

Classical names for stools in the woods
twigs of the Ituri Pygmy hummed-tunes
lost heads in the briers
mosquitoe swallowed, sweat shots, lack of the pyrite mine

arrived fresh in a bent car
his neck twittered & drank beer
nothing to do but heave boulders on the night down
the housing project your shout, bluish
scree rattle, lights went on

I noticed your lovely holes, windshield punctures
drawers of Dad's fenders, backing away
to the red ant mount & glug quart soda address

                         -- 1966





          The Empty Equations

whelm riff : a mountain iron

the glow of cold gone : face

trend pets of Uncle Steve : his "Lincolns"

honk on the Garbage stair : a hammer
                            & a rain-striped U.S. tie put

glass tuck echo bark : dump fed Bernards

lines of thread, lines of sift : a new heater of a glass heart

names of sight : butt, track, bunk, leaf
                 tamer, smoker, sprinter, thief

true aim in friendle bulk : the lover

grunt of echo in leaf : the creek plumber

smoke riffs glyphs in the cloud awake : light muscle

clang doorbell reef its shingle xl smack : Carnaby Street
                                           head hot leaf

spinach quick light : her tale of car
                      & the spider life mines

litmus & flunk in the aisle of neat : Alley Oop's argue box

the hard wood ape calming money : the jack pine Maine mist solution

blue jay tremens & ice cream : the meal fogged too early

the rumple cigarette fleece bulb aura : Crazy Michael's batteries

mice gloaming : heat pads

Oneonta Sun's brittle pounds : the leaf in black back book

corn awning, awl, candy rivets : Brigitte's predictions

the glow of ape in cawl mist sauce : the dreamer dreamt

your grey lifting Europe in a chain chair : agate marl piton balance

owl silence piercing balloons : the chop of amber radiant

green pendulum crisp navel pivot : August's marshy fault block

grey hunks peeling TV hole bread : the dynasty after Brenton capstains

hooks flowers grass paper swallows : knowledge & beer

the trend beckons a cop or echo : a step or step (or stop)

      (a) the step : (a) the step

                      -- 11:VIII:66


gabble mates : sad dunce

true bump blimp : calendar ace fadding

silt glass in echo punt : closing fast black scab

isolate ear marks sinter sinter : drudge film dolphin realm

carapace in luxury plates : high granite fader tempus

        groans : modes

            i : e

                      -- 20:VIII Colorado


hard stinger eggs milk : eyes clot insect tree

the barrel in firing lamped : careless grouse in briney bulbs

                 black hat : black saddle

white prints gone wrong : black house a fire

white pinto belly porcelain can : white peppers clinking gas hose

the preens window fell : car harps in love in rain

                             -- 24:VIII Colorado


granite flecks : the echo slant

black bank hulk lamp : a glasser oven you sky

black spider, limping, oh oh... : sulk can

the bright peas : copper salve

lunch in noon : horn rims

gossamer flag weeps : Southern

       hunk : North Gastropod

                      the soggy ape gulph, hand, gulph

                          pucker : pebble

                      star mister : star rain

hand out the : the a

cluster gland hand fault : barrel-axes January stolid black

                            -- 27:VIII Colorado


snood bending cart fat : hard gash balancer lantern

coal exercise fruit emollient : tar loop at bath marble

goat fringe tiring starlings : muck fridge at harm dawn

march in weeds too ape : peel on the melted asp picture

many motion larch pak : solid head buckle

       the Grunter : lice mass stunning amber

glass amber whacker bunt bunt bunt bunt bunt bunt : two pipes!

                the echo ice : addition smell

                          h : a

                              -- 8:IX:66






Joe the blages
my size my flowers
it  arf  at
opaque gouache

border violas nestles the asters
also rub red catch mice
also insidious gles
a couple blue thing stops
shop tambourines comes to white
TULSA the trip the actor nothing
in white gas higher TULSA
cigarette space ness
working picious of crystal together
sible except black
is purple

do is construction
"I lege that big"
York early OSTRICHES school
flask dated (pinwheelish)
not much butts sky of red how not that
highschool stayed I didn't I
in ing more Boston
Black Bowl Black Greek
thick red Verdi of land & kisses

C C works down thought  (re-put smoke)
also I've con one else
color do do color

                    -- 23:V:67






dread snake Podiac
barrette duress, clung face boards born
new eave in leek-fats, silo crab
syndrome patter fat, leasting finds
dew rat

"Fon-gu!" mazed lap tureen buttress
zylocaine pontoon meat cement
rabies! saw tooth scan beak puttees
pylon flair scarp in ruby cenotaph

elk scone keep plum
the major hover reason major
half & can pun gates & core aft
                       bond eat

lifter lace bead mega-shovel
turpentine no key lag mist twelve
fan in dud
      coiler deans
   fin shack talc
   no talc pawn
   newel purr

               -- l9:V:67





               for Larry Fagin

Jimmy Zitano
Ronnie Free
Jeff Morton
Nick Stabulas
Frank Isola
Art Mardigan
Gene Gammage
Lawrence Marable
Joe Dodge
Lloyd Davis
Herb Barman
Chuck Flores
Bill Bradley Jr.
Frank Butler
Joe Harris
Osie Johnson
Shadow Wilson
Al Harewood
Rudy Collins
Bert Dale (Dahlender)
Stan Levey
Chuck Thompson
Nick Fatool
Cliff Leeman
Jack Sperling
Grassila Olliphant
Pete Littman
Johnny Crawford
Roy Harte
Sam Ulano
Jimmy Campbell
Mousey Alexander
Alvin Stoller
Mickey Sheen
Ray Mosca
Charlie Perry
"Sticks" Evans
"Specs" Powell
Chauncey Morehouse
G.T. Hogan
Tony Spargo (Sbabaro)
Donald Bailey
Dave Bailey
Ron Jefferson
Frankie Dunlop
Alan Dawson
J.C. Heard
Al "Tootie" Heath
Al Torre
Frankie Capp
Bobby White
Lex Humphries
Al Leavitt
Jake Hanna
Denzil DeCosta Best
Tiny Kahn
Joe Hunt
Bill Clarke
Billy Osborne
Steve Ellington
Rudy Nichols
Larry Bunker
Charlie Persip
Ben Riley
Dennis Charles

-- 1967






broken bridge
the ladder


silver discs

breaking hue



air desired



twined columns
twined columns

orange column

moving in

hot half
no end






Light Century

he, Soutine, destroyed the museum
whatever line of

goes in
out the not

omission is a bed
a boy
a life of a tea

three decades bother tea

-- 9XI68





from RANGE

at again
was younger
yes sleeper
he wind
it introduction
who younger
a sleeper
you younger
the think
well steve
steve me
of sleeper
how younger
one sleeper
that's younger
that's sleeper
I letter
I boring
what younger
it sleeper
who younger
me sleeper
go younger
no sleeper
I younger
that's sleeper
but younger
take sleeper
it's life
I sleeper
I younger
the yawned
where younger
on sleeper
you younger
yes sleeper
where younger
from sleeper
is younger
I've sleeper
do younger
no life
I younger
well sleeper
in younger
what sleeper
well younger
he waved
at blue
you younger
yes sleeper
these words
the doubt
I sleeper
what younger
the many
I younger
therefore sleeper
are younger
no sleeper
then younger
I sleeper
cole floor
the himself
money spoke
it's younger
yes sleeper
no younger
well grow
what's younger
to sleeper
what younger
well it
what younger
I mountain
how younger
ha-ha time
you younger
no dead
no younger
no naught
no younger
ah that
he emotion
what spoke
I sleeper
do younger
yes sleeper
but younger
gratitude sleeper
I hot
good sleeper

-- 9XI68



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