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A brilliant original thriller, a camel may replace another, a face is that which covers over, a grade A dingdong you can tender, a guest is like rain when he lingers, a hole made in one stroke less than par, a laminated gavin goober, a little phrase or letter-cluster, a look made just for now through summer, a man only hits what he aims for, a memory for things that never, a new comedy by John Waters, a papier-mâché Gregor Samsa, a permanent radiant beaver, a pork sausage at a Bar Mitzvah, a projecting spout from a gutter, a scandal involving an oyster, a similar female aroma, a solitary state of affairs, a thousand year old piece of matzoh, a tree is good enough for a beer, a wanderer that walks with flavor, a watermelon Now And Later, Able was I ere I saw Elba!, accepting people for what they are, accomplish work on the computer, acidophilus bacteria, action performed without regard for, admiring my brand-new slave collar, admittedly these people are rare, after lunch lick an all day sucker, ain't blamin' you for nothing no more, ain't nothing synthetic or pop here, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, alphabet soup and human flavor, alright hold tight I'm a highway star, also advertised as a "muddler", alterna-colostomy odor, although a horse happens to be there, American Express Optima, amorphous androgynous last year, amps and crossovers under my rear, an erection like the Trafalgar, An' how 'bout you Fauna? Y'wanna?, analyze it with Wiener filters, and able for to helpen for a shire, and after cutting behind my ears, and bundled and nibbled and kissed her, and causes bats to attack users, and extinguished her burning desire, and forty whores took down their drawers, and he had no fodder to give her, and I put 2 and 2 together, and language grew thinner and thinner, and Mick Jagger is a grandfather, and nothing on earth could remove her, and now she is sadder Budweiser, and people you don't really care for, and Rocky collapsed in the corner, and the tragedy didn't end there, and therefore you're a debased writer, and they all smash into each other, and they really felt like it was theirs, and though we both had been much thinner, and turned all his cream into butter, and we all had fat dooky ropes ears, and we have a jar full of fingers, and we took him up on his offer, And what is the meaning of Sofa?, and when I do sweat I don't shower, and when we morris on another, and you know what trouble poets are, anna paalua laulaa panna, Another Infected Dick Sucker, another man's tidbit smells sweeter, another Safeguard season is here, another skates the mediocre, anytime anyplace anywhere, anywhere from six months to a year, apart from your stiff-as-starch features, Are there limits to what is proper?, Are you going to Scarborough Fair?, arteries into your fresh-water, as a unifying formula, as Aristotle himself declared, as famous as the unknown soldier, as far as the eye can see there are, as he lay in a drunken stupor, as I became farther and farther, as if he had been saying a prayer, as important as every other, as rare as the mink with yellow fur, as soon as I finish this chapter, as time went on I began to tire, ass stacks that would make go-go putter, at that moment my life seemed smaller, at the tone the time will be all yours, attention-deficit disorder, attribute it to my bad manners, auction your date off for silverware, August 9 1974, automatic head detonator, avoiding basic human desires, B size D cup order the quarter, B.F. Skinner's 1934, baby don't you go and cut your hair, baby voiced ethereal whispers, backyard writing on the computer, balance the aquatic naysayer, banging on metal in odd meters, Barbiere di Siviglia, Barney's head on a silver platter, Baruch (or Benedict) Spinoza, Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles Father, be fair murder a fur coat owner, be outside of my meaningless hours, beat the water it is still water, beaten and bitten in the fingers, because the sellouts are everywhere, Been hit by a thrown chalk eraser?, before my book lay a tender square, before you bag her sheath your dagger, being what they are (they go further), belltoll.nov after a two-bota, besides it was good for his liver, Better Bodies of America, better good and a little rather, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, black is a quicker quacker-backer, blam blam your pointers point your pointers, bleak and frustrating that the readers, blippers bleepers bloppers and beaters, body language in Somalia, Bounty the quicker picker upper, boys do it in front of every door, branch of bauhinia racemosa, breath as intoxicating matter, bridge players try to get a rubber, bright as Alaska in December, brings us back to where we were: nowhere, bubble-gummy sweet like gob-stoppers, Burning Airlines Give You So Much More, but she's so butch I could go for her, but her figure could not be bettered, but if the salt have lost its savor, But not on every issue Ma-a-artha!, but only delusions of grandeur, but they are happy to be indoors, but violence is not the answer, But what about all those years squandered?, But will it play in Peoria?, but you must listen to daddy snore, but you're still fucking peasants as far, button-holing and the self-absorbed, Can we add some wow to your water?, Can we get an instant replay here?, Can you materialize flowers?, carbonized vegetable matter, carefully selected volunteers, carpet cushion what carpets should wear, carpet layers do it on the floor, Cavalleria Rusticana, Ch ch. What's missing? ur, changing colors is for beginners, check your pants for free shot undergear, cheezy pseudo '60s gorilla, choose suicide and be the master, Chuck Norris' white enchiladas, chutney ferreting dirt box divers, clearly Fred Flooney is a liar, Closed Captioned for the Hearing Impaired, coitus upon a cadaver, combining honey with the hammer, come for the clams stay for the poker, come here and sit over my shoulder, come hither come hither come hither, coming up with a good idea, complaining is our lingua franca, Completely shaved off your pubic hair?, conceives an aversion for the ear, consideration in the dogma, Constantly putting their fingers where?, constants of a youth's life in Gaza, Corn syrup is good. War is badder, Crisco stays moister and chewier, cub by cub petch by petch slaw by slaw, curiouser and curiouser, curse yourself for the fool that you are, D-d-d-d-d-d-d-dammer!, dad blasts in happiness forever, daddy godus and human flavor, damn clock is always out of order, dealers like pizza deliverers, Dear Anne and Jackson -- I cut my hair, dearer clearer freer and nearer, death becomes a very good teacher, death before copyrighting bothers, debunking the myth of the rock star, dentist offices in the future, desire for a tight derrière lures, desperately seeking a sitter, devil got brother killin' brother, Dharma Dharma who's got the Dharma?, Did he pick the dog up by the ears?, Did you ever try cleaning your ears?, discerning placement of the comma, do all you can to appear larger, Do I make myself perfectly clear?, Do I sound hurt? Cynical? Bitter?, Do we have any big drinkers here?, Do you think she's the next Messiah?, "Do you want a ride son? You look tired", doctors and gravediggers are partners, Does your mouth guard taste like banana?, doesn't get half the skirt Kissinger, don't be a fucking prima donna, don't buy this gum it tastes like rubber, don't force it get a larger hammer, don't forget -- the call costs one dollar, don't get "warm fuzzies" from computers, Don't use force. Use a bigger hammer, Don't we have to learn something new here?, Donne I suppose was such another, draft that makes cheap boys even cheaper, each era will have its own Wagner, eat the cheese in a way that's unfair, (Editorial: Muthafuckas, egg into elephant and fingers, 88 lines about 44, Einstein didn't much fuss with his hair, (embellished with hella raw flavors), Emma was a fashion dictator, encourage dissent help dissenters, endemic career paranoia, enjoying every bud of pleasure, especially under the covers, "Eureka!" cried Billy. "Eureka!", Evan Dando Can Bite Me Right Here, even the teacher's like wah wah wah, ever more bitter in its satire, every second seems to last an hour, Everybody is a superstar!, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, everything continues forever, everything dies sooner or later, everywhere you look: Big Mac wrappers, Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa, Fat Nip's beautiful little sister, Fergie and Andy back together, 50% off footwear for her, finally getting to the point here, finding a new jungle pullover, finished are the desktop metaphors, $5.00 mail-in rebate offer, flattery will get you everywhere, flesh is like a piece of white paper, floods of nudity taking over, footprints that don't exist anymore, for a while I didn't have a car, for best results: wash in cold water, for long as I could remember, for my hair to last just one more year, for ten years before just to "be sure", forget the crowd cheers I live off fears, from Philip drunk to Philip sober, fuck gender-fuck open up genre, Fuck him! Breakfast was MY idea!", G-L-O-R-I-A Gloria, galloping financaphobia, gentle as a passive steamroller, getting high on Marks-A-Lot markers, giggle switches and tickle chargers, giving other people the power, God deliver me from the handlers, God is man's stupidest idea, Goddamn it I did love Mick Jagger!, goes with the flow -- he's a bed wetter, gold fronts and dreads are in your future, Goneril Regan Cordelia, good night to the rock and roll era, Grandpa always said "It don't matter", great mounds of media everywhere, Greg Peter Jan Bobby and Marcia, gritty spacey and rich in texture, ha-ha's don't feel necessary here, hacking mounds of macadamias, hallucinatory severed ear, hanging up while ollieing over, hangover: fuzzy and familiar, hap-shit will not travel very far, hateful television newscasters, have me drowned in the nearest river, Have these birds been on T.V. before?, Have you always been so muscular?, having to read in a linear, he is now a devoted golfer, he had been a teenage balboa, he put The Club on the bedroom door, he slept with invisible structures, (he snorts in his own swinish manner), he who has not tasted the bitter, he who would track language to its lair, he wove himself into the texture, He's just too old. He should know better, heart and soul Satan holds my future, helping the wealthy grow wealthier, hella gross chicks all lustin' after, hello you have lovely fluffy ears, Henrich Himmler S.S. ReichsFührer, her folks they said our lives together, hey look me over lend me an ear, Hey! Only a faggot boos mister!, hey stranger better late than never, hey there's something hinkley -- er hinkey, "Hi Hitler'" rather than "Heil Hitler", his life leads him lower and lower, "His pee-pee was made of red-pepper!", homorganic nasal-stop cluster, homosexuals work together, hop house or safely eating dinner, hot red heat-seeking missile moisture, How did Bassanio win Portia?, How do you confuse Helen Keller?, How do you get it out? With a straw!, How many times do we have to hear?, how know something about dirty pair, (Hulk Hogan and a bunch of others, human infants and other creatures, hurled the biscuits and threw the java, Hurry up! This room rents by the hour!, hydrating long lasting lipcolour, hyperactive female powercore, I a lone she-bird of his feather, I am paid squat for my slave labor, I asked knowing damn well the answer, I believe that gay rights are neither, I bet they raise your rates every year, I buck I snort I whinny I tear, I don't have Simcity anymore, I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Niga, I dream of Jesus and nine others, I found this remark very obscure, I got out in 1984, I got tha fever for tha flavor, I had a dentist who was over, I had glass sticking out of my ears, I had to go and see the doctor, I hate you. Who do you think you are?, I haven't answered my phone in years, I hit him with my bag of quarters, "I" is dropped unless the reader hears, I just want to mow down panhandlers, I like to fart in elevators (:-), I never sang for my grandfather, I often dress up like my hamster, I own my own body but I share, I put out a large stack of paper, I rapidly read printed matter, I rarely shoot down an idea, I seem to not bother anymore, I shot an arrow into the air, I slick up my hand with warm water, I still haven't made up my mind here, I think I was always a writer, I think the 9 thing would be better, I thought it said "shake" instead of "stir", I wanna floss with your pubic hair, I whispered a malt liquor mantra, I will always be the sore loser, I will gladly do all your pleasure, I wish I was in El Salvador, I worked on this for over a year, I'd have to suck it up with a straw, I'd like to see a nude opera, I'd rather go naked than wear fur, I'll tell you more if you turn over, I'm sure it's backed up on tape somewhere!, I'm trying to be less popular, I'm getting that bartender's finger, I'm gonna show people who they are, I'm in no condition to answer, I'm in the middle of something here, I'm jes' gettin' warm like hot butter, I'm looking for the 7th caller, I'm mighty sorry I'm tied to her, I'm not worried about lung cancer, I've been living on tic-tacs and hair, I've got work to do maybe later, ideological agenda, If a cow laughed would milk come out her?, if it returns it's yours forever, if it wasn't for Boris Becker, if that's true then my pricks's a kipper, if two magnets are brought together, if you can get here you can get there, if you can't go over go under, if you compare yourself with others, if you don't mind it doesn't matter, if you fart say "Whooaa what a ripper!", if you love someone set them on fire, if you sit your hiney in that chair, if you want your child to be sober, if you wish more light see manager, If You've Got The Time We've Got The Beer, Imadick. Imadick! Enema, Important! It's time to reorder!, inept idiot savant soldier, interactive multimedia, interests change as do tastes in peers, inventories of the megastores, Is anybody really not bored?, Is it cool to be a complainer?, Is that it? Wake me when it's over, It blows a man up like a bladder!, it could happen in 100 years, it don't even ask for erasers, it fits because it's 4 times bigger, it has to me become much richer, it is not real but is really there, it was far too big to where you are, its insensate worship of matter, it's a moppsikon floppsikon bear, it's everything you've been thirsting for, it's exactly what you want to hear, it's gettin' a bit nippy out here, it's gonna be really hard to hear, it's impossible to disappear, it's not nice to fool mother nature, it's the coolest Hersheys Bar so far, jacking themselves off polyester, janitors do it with a plunger, jeg talar inte (mycket) svenska, juicy visualizaria, jump the gun Mother Superior, just get a boob job and get over, just when you thought the worst was over, juxtaposed with saner subtler fair, keeps tender veggies fresher longer, kissing the black man round the corner, Koresh talks to negotiators, L.A. is such a fucking failure, language subjugated by number, Lao-Tsu vs. The Atman Brothers, Lastly through a hogshead of real fire!, laxative tablets work like nature, leads to liberation from all fear, leaving many questions unanswered, Leeza's got mumbo-jumbo monsters!, let them eat their MTV manure, Let us begin yes? (one to five *'s), let's go check the payphone for quarters, lick a stamp and address a letter, Licked or sucked a black woman's fingers?, like a bridge over troubled water, like a hog I knew in Iowa, like the afore mentioned Vanilla, likening sex to starting a car, lips can be made to appear fuller, listen to how quiet those dogs are, Liz Taylor. Growing old is tough eh?, Look at my toes. How pretty they are!, looking past the Postmodern era, low paying unorganized labor, lowest-common-denominator, LSD as mescal endeavor, LSD in the drinking water, Lucia was holding a dagger, Lysol use #134, magical mystery magnesia, mandatory attire: underwear, mating call of the barking spider, may be too intense for some viewers, may be varied in any manner, maybe I should join the mainstream more, maybe we should lie to each other, maybe you should shake the camera, Meat Mercenary Bambi Butcher, melted Rocky Road : diarrhea, men who like pink are philanderers, men would like monogamy better, Middlemarching to euphoria, Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa, mind like a seed turning to flower, mirror mirror bigger deceiver, misanthropy is still supreme law, Mister Bones slept with his shit-kickers, monkey poops in sink off camera, monolithic vertical structure, more boring moments with Mr. Gore, more than a matter of conjecture, Morrò ma prima in grazia, mostly tha psychotic skitterer, Mr. Master Manipulator, Mrs. Fischer's for little pishers, (music: tempestuous and somber), My America by Ed Anger, my crayons all melted together, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, my karma ran over my dogma, my mother has never put vodka, my new devotion to crystal-clear, my wife enjoys fucking me over, Myself (addressing Ramakrishna):, nationalities lose their borders, nature abhors a vacuum cleaner, needs or wants at that particular, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, New York's nastiest home phone numbers, nice undies ultra bidet delta, night after night and the night before, Nina Pinta Santa Maria, (1900 was not a leap year), no answer is also an answer, no artificial dyes or colors, no chance of screwing up wa/ga here, no civilization could endure, no excitement and few visitors, no faggot no fairy no fruiter, No! I won't kiss you for a dollar!, no longer plays in Peoria, no matter where you go there you are, no one would disagree with him there, no special effects dollars saved here, nobody says "My oil is not clear", non narrative and non linear, Not as confident as you thought huh?, not just leather Timberland leather, not just Visa Citibank Visa, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, (not to mention an evil snipper), not too much crawling through sewers, not venturing to posit answers, now change that number to a letter, now for a moment let's consider, now that's protecting the consumer, now no one can see elves anymore, now or later it doesn't matter, now you can say darker and darker, Nuke something. How about the otter?, Oberammergau Bavaria, oberder shoder boder hoder, obviously comes from a school cheer, of a flutter of flower-like hair, of course she passed with flying colors, old people from Texas eat spiders, On The Phone: Sue -- Simpson Admirer, On what occasion did Jupiter?, once returner never returner, once used an imperfect French Letter, one drop short of an empty bladder, One small slip and it was all over!, one sub short of a party platter, Oof boom er-tum tootle yum tad-dah!, oppress the earth and bind her labors, or eternal sex with Rush Limbaugh, or here I sit in funky vapor, or the odor of mammalia, oracular articulator, order must be placed by cardholder, originally we were nowhere, others fear pleasures or a butler's, our only audience is our peers, our thinking in every area, our wines leave you nothing to hope for, out of the pot and into the fire, out the door to their lonely corners, outrunning the black wave of despair, Over-Do-It PostProseProcessor, over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, overall it's post-sex-metal-core, Painful or pleasant? Painful master, pals sing: Kimba -- Ah! glad to see ya, Paramahansa Yogananda, parody of a popular prayer, part of me likes consumer culture, pencil as hand-held word processor, people are strange when you're a stranger, people hunting money and power, people will want to use it after, people with full refrigerators, phrases such as "I hate my father", picked paper out of public sewer, play the saxophone underwater, plié ya later alligator, poetry reduced to souvenirs, Pope John Paul would be more popular, pot clears the mind and soul -- class clutters, preferred means of removal: tweezers, pressing clitoris makes it quiver, pretty please with orange vanilla, previous precious fuchsia via, Principia Mathematica, print up a single jillion-dollar, project an alcoholic aura, proto-enchanter of enchanters, put one foot in front of the other, putrid stench and dazzled onlookers, putting the mind on it takes the ear, radioactive alligators, Range-Roving with the cinema stars, ready to join the Anti-Mensas, realizing your own needs and desires, reden iz gut sheigen noch besser, referring to a glass of water:, regard women as inferior, relax Mom I'll love you forever, releasing a handful of glitter, reluctant media Rottweiler, remove unwanted hair forever, repetition is always better, right past her fuming incense stencher, rocks off humiliating others, roly poly bandbajawallah, Roseanne Says Husband Never Beat Her, roundy shim sacking mount of hooter, rubbing your thighs a few times never, sacred cows make the best hamburger, said she "You mean that ain't your finger?", Sally sells seashells by the seashore, Same guy in a pot of hot water?, sausage saddle smells like shinola, scarlet letters for sex offenders, seamless mix of cock and superstar, seemed like such a no-brain idea, seemingly haphazard procedure, self consciousness about my career, Self Portrait In A Convex Mirror, servants groupies and dykes to the rear, 17.673 years, 70.4% water, sex as an unnecessary chore, sex manuals without the software, sharpen pencils until they split hairs, she calls me by the name of master, she knows what to do with used rubbers, she said she was the magic momma, she'll be scrubbing bubbles on all fours, she's got Jesus' beeper number, shoot him before he hits the water, show a kid how to pull a trigger, shows you where our priorities are, Sick and tired of being sick and tired?, signs are sometimes taken for wonders, silently closing her bedroom door, simply the simper of surrender, sit in the dark touching each other, skinhead interior designers, skinheads are stars and stripes forever, Skippy reduced fat peanut butter, sleep is the great democratizer, slender dancing and young fruit-sellers, slurping and sucking golden showers, SMIT makes it all so much easier..., Snuggle the fabric softener bear, so anyway I've said it before:, so motherfucker be a learner, so this <ethnic> walks into a bar, so to speak "penetrating her core", so we can blame it all on Nietzsche, solid power units wring dark hours, some mirrors are kinder than others, some outstanding liberal shaker, some people are better than others, some pleasantries about the weather, some prefer one others the other, someone high on the power ladder, someone's in the kitchen with Dinah, sonat-obstruent-sonat clusters, sorry sir that's my interior, speed has destroyed my point of finger, spray it: that boy: you can say: act your:, standing proud I won't give in to fear, start hanging out with Earth Wind & Fire, step lively and watch the closing doors, (still terrified but a bit calmer), stop saying "Three minutes to Wopner", Stop shouting please you're hurting my ears!, struggle for sense logic and structure, sturctures strictures sculptures and scriptures, sucking hot dogs (cow eyes and lips -- ugh), suffer and understanding either, sung by poets and philosophers, superdopepowertoolsproducer, Superior Catholic Finger, superiors and inferiors, swallows certainly sleep all winter, sweaty Indian polyester, sweet shaker of the water-cooler, syllable-torturing melismas, take a sad song and make it better, take care of those who take care of prayer, take kindly the counsel of the years, take note of what I say -- but no more, talk of overpowering nature, Tchaikovsky's jealousy of Wagner, terminal cash disaphilia, text and the text only and from there, thank you and God Bless America, that he was cleped Perkyn Revelour, that kind of dog smell on my finger, that leak better be from the water, that ther nys erthe water ir ne eir, That'll be $1.04 eat here?, that's 3 long tired medicated years, that's roly-poly bugs over here, (that's why I'm moving to Montana), the age of hide the tears with laughter, the atmosphere becomes more and more, the attitude is getting better, the basic model was hard but fair, the big black bug bit the big black bear, The Black and Decker Pecker Wrecker, the blackest bluegum you ever saw, the boys like it best when they pucker, The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, the container in which an archer, the cool ecstasy of black leather, the corruption of signifiers, the cruelty of factory labor, the day I left I burst into tears, the door is opened the dog enters, the ears don't hear what the mouth utters, The Economy: Pain and Candor, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, the first rule: find a distributor, the fuzzy buffaloes stand and roar, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, The Heathen Chinee Is Peculiar, the image is not an idea, the integrity of "secure" air, the internet as a choke-collar, the itch of Virginia's copper, the La-Z-Boy Eterna-Lounger, the late Brigham Young was no neuter, the latter sense is the commoner, the lexicographer's easy chair, the lower jaw of a woodpecker, the meaning of these lines is obscure, the message of the eyes is quite clear, The New York Times creates the culture, The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, the original all-night bender, The Osmonds circa '74, the other line always moves faster, the owner died and out went the store, the person with style never compares, (The prize: trophy & room freshener!), the problems of race class and gender, the Quilted Quicker Picker Upper, the roof the roof the roof is on fire, the same for cool non-glowing matter, the self as a stream of ideas, the sight of a warm cancer cluster, the stomach keeps a secret better, the top insects found living on Cher:, the tormented and the tormentor, the 21st century whispers, the used condoms you find are not yours, the ununderstood understander, The Web is the world's best timewaster, The whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa?, the whole neighborhood smells like lighter, the woman behind the enigma, the word recidivism refers, then my tongue pushes through my sphincter, there are so few rainbows anymore, there are women who will suffer for, there is no reason why you or your, there was no need of America, there's a hole in the ozone layer, there's gonna be some changes 'round here, there's jerks and good people everywhere, there's nothing Nietzsche couldn't teach ya, they came on crutches and in wheelchairs, they classify clouds by their color, they're a little too deep for pasta, things vanish as soon as they occur, Think Locally Act Globally? HA!, thirty more days of hot dry weather, 33-25-34, this is a restricted area, this is the right book baby ... uh huh, this is the sale you've been waiting for, this puts me in touch with my future, this shot will send the gossipmonger, this sparkling young farter from Sparta, this will make quite a family jar, 365 days a year, time has narrowed the parameters, time to empower the teenagers, tipsy flutters of last week's mutters, to catch fish and not touch the water, to form a non-Crayola color, to go where no man has gone before, to have lived the life of these liner, to restore the joie to her vivre, to seal moisten flap and fold over, to touch the beard of Martin Buber, to walk and talk with you everywhere, toes hurt after a night of patter, told ma 'bout Mamie Eisenhower, Tommy Tune: Boy Choreographer, too-many-people-on-the-water, too much sun will give you skin cancer, trading one rhythm for another, trailer park with impotence is pure, tremendous treasures beyond compare, trimmed at the cuff with costly gray fur, troublemakers please respect others, try not to forget your phone number, Try not to smear my make-up will ya!, (turning at length slightly recovered), (turns away and walks slowly to door), twelve stand-ins for Plato's cave dwellers, two bowls that rub or touch each other, $2.18 WickerBurger, 250 items so far, 2 wet girls for every 1 caller!, Über Alles California, uh guys I can't find the page numbers, unless you'd rather be taken here, upwardly mobile meditator, use all three bullets on a lawyer, used to be thought a typical star, useful as piss on a forest fire, V is for Vaark no longer so 'ard, victims of death silence and bonfire, Video Killed The Radio Star, visions of weasel boy's departure, vote for the planet with your dollars, W9A2R7M4, waiting for the new South Africa, Walter Cronkite's favorite color, wander not into electric chairs, war seems to suit us Germans better, Was he a black guy? They're all black there, watch out I just might rip out your jaw, watching guys give him the once over, watching the tracers hit the water, water is waves as waves are water, watermelons make lousy dinner, we are here to be entertainers, we are marching to Pretoria, we are our own little subculture, we can count our peers on one finger, we can discuss what it means later, we cannot undertake that task here, we didn't liberty spike our hair, we don't have no stinking badges here, we modulate the very ether, we took suffering to be pleasure, we want is a man of such stature, we want to be the voice of the bored, we won't play nature to your culture, we're getting soaked by the cold splatter, we're gonna tell you what our plans are:, we're still free here in America, Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers, well uh-huh and oh-ho and uh-huh, wet needles straight back to the viewer, What do you call a bear with no paw?, What do you call 50 anteaters?, what I'm after I think is a bra, What is a jackknifed tractor-trailer?, What is the purpose of blue sky laws?, What is the use of holding it dear?, what systems of order are good for, What was he doing with the dog's ears?, What would you do for a Klondike bar?, What's red and hangs four feet off the floor?, What's that constant buzzing in my ears?, when he at a turn slid against her, when I couldn't drink myself sober, when the colors change for the better, when the white pinks begin to appear, when told of the death of his mother, Where do drugs fit into the picture?, Where do you see yourself in 10 years?, Where do we keep all our chainsaws Ma?, whether the purpose of the author, which wrist watchers are Swiss wrist watchers, while mouthing my boyfriend's banana, while silling by my windowflutter, while supplies last in selected stores, while Titian was mixing rose-madder, Why aren't you making fine china?, Why can't you give me a straight answer?, Why didn't you tell me this before?, Why don't you do yourself a favor?, Why fast starve and suffer pains austere?, Why would I want to pull your finger?, with O.B. there's no applicator, with 701.3 per, with symptoms increasing in number, With your system why eat pears my dear?, with lashes like that she's a killer, witless liberal donkeybiters, women are lighter than dishwashers, Wonder where they get that idea?, Word of the Month: (infinity)±±¾¾ TETRAHYMENA ¾¾±±(infinity), Words are free. And they last forever, words that don't translate into dollars, worry in the exact same manner, writing books that no one will ever, yee haa oh shut up you pig fucker, yellow pencils with pink erasers, yes but I have delicate features, yes Virginia there is a Santa, you admit that you have a temper, you are beautiful and angular, you are firmly ensconced from the rear, you are the king of non sequiturs, you are the past present and future, you can't make cheesecakes out of feathers, you get a virtual antenna, you got the right one baby uh-huh, you might as well go shoot your mother, you must twirl a pin deep in your ear, you want more 'cause I got more in store, you wear plus-fours mine are minus-fours, you're gonna need that sense of humor, Young and Depressed In America, young Isaac burning for Rebecca, your brother is but young and tender, Your sphere. Osmotic. Undulant. Pure, your toilet paper has page numbers, yrnp under an pfra tacna;