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A method of torture (though it kills) that is very painful: take a kg. of rice. Feed rice to victim. Just add water!, after fleeing a monster you will want to call for help from a public phone within ten feet of where you last saw the monster, after you've been to two McDonalds and five Circle K's and you've seen enough pussy to keep you horny for over a year, and with charming chutzpah the publisher's press release accompanying this first novel describes him as a "full-time writer", and yet are we to succumb to the idea that there is no difference between Moses Und Aaron and Harmonielehre?, Are you tired of the censors? Censorship fanatics never tell jokes about the issue they never let the air out of their, at dinner guard your plate with fork and steak knife so as to give the impression that you'll stab anyone including the waiter, Come on settle down please. Answer your names. Anus. Arsebandit. Bottom. Clitoris. Where are you Clitoris? Dodo. Enema, Communists the world over are wiser than the bourgeoisie [because] they understand dialectics and they can see further, everything you find attractive about Mel Gibson Kim Basinger and Richard Gere is just a fancy water container, For one we are loathe to use the word "I" anymore because how can we call ourselves "I" when we no longer know who we were?, (generally light) blue kind you're also shitouttaluckmyloc -- it feels like cheap cheap cheap (frink) dishsoap mixed with ammonia, hamburger flipper: manipulator of seared mutated animal flesh for monetary misaligned cattle murder, (he bows his head and stands thirty-three years of repressed tears tortuously working their way through his body in racking shudders), He reprimanded me for my improper use of grammar. "Don't you know that the quotation marks should come after the comma?", he said he couldn't say what the "composer" was but as far as he was concerned "I couldn't call him a 'poet' -- that's for sure", Hi Geoff it's Kenny. Uh give me a call today. I should be around pretty much all afternoon. O.K. speak to you later, I hate it when waiters/waitresses continually ask you "How are you doing? Are you folks okay? How is your dinner?", I should've known you'd be a sensitive-new-age-guy who's been talked into the bullshit about guns just being dick-extenders, I watched these leopard-skin spandex children working their magic!! On these goggle-eyed zit-faced boys and it became perfectly clear, i'm walking down the street and it occurs to me that every man i pass has a cock and i wonder what they all look like hard, if I never made another drawing in my life I would not feel sad -- I don't think that I'd even miss it -- just like sculpture, If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year why are there locks on the doors?, If you stumble make it part of your flow. General rule of thumb: if you make a mistake WORK IT IN! Don't worry don't bother, indeed Beavis and Butthead are to Generation X what Burroughs is to thirtysomething geezers like me: a bellwether, Irigaray and Steinem? Who? What about Sedgewick and Wittig? Derrida? Which Derrida? Where's Bhabha Haraway Acker?, "It's a long story" he manages to utter "but basically you see I was sitting inside this refrigerator...", it's so nice to wake up in the morning all alone and not have to tell someone you love them when you don't love them anymore, John: We're money-makers first then we're entertainers. Ringo: No we're not. John: What are we then? Ringo: Dunno. Entertainers, keep your ear to the grindstone your nose to the ground take the bull by the horns of a dilemma and stop mixing your metaphors, large toasters that taunt the microwave and make them burn your popcorn and then won't even listen to their radio in rolla, My aunt has hairy ears. I can see it -- long dark strands are sticking out pouring out. "How often do you clean them?" I ask. "Never", my initial response was to sue her for defamation of character but then I realized that I had no character, occasionally someone would tell me what they had written and it was in this way that I gained insight into the nature, Oh yeah? What do you call a disabled guy in a swimming pool? Haha! Haha! Slack! The Anti-Bob! Kill me! Frop! Hahaha!, One caveat though: Never ask people what they think of you. The chances are that they will tell you what they think you want to hear, open the bag throwing the little flavor packet at a passing Volvo or BMW (or highbrow car of your, or maybe you're at a Satanic ritual and one of the candles goes out think how cool you'll feel when you whip out a spare, People loved Hitler. They are individuals who want to go back to the Betty Crocker/Dwight D. Eisenhower era, salad a firm's own make limpid red beet soup with cheesy dumplings in the form of a finger roasted duck let loose beef rashers, sensitive new-age guy or SNAG. You know the type spineless twerps who think that being considerate and sweet will get them laid more, Sing a dirge for the will to believe and Hosanna! For the will to disbelieve belief the last station on the walk of fear, so bury your ego shithead because you are lucky to still have what you've got -- you are lucky that those around you still care, So I got a loan and bought a new car. Whoopee! So now my insurance is through the fucking roof and I'm more broke then ever, some speech sounds such as pure vowels like "aaaaahh" occur in a steady flow that continues for 100 milliseconds or more, Sure just this morning I asked my husband what we should get the Postman for his last day and he said "Fuck him. Give him a dollar!", talking about America had become an experimental and playful practice of imagining utopia, the conflict between the female qualities of order and love and the male qualities of aggression and will to power, the shortness of the piece and its visual realization allow for the simultaneous presence of all its centers, the silence is broken by screams from the man trying to remove his appendix with the scalpel he found underneath his chair, the Wagners greatly admired the intellectual and humanistic prowess of the only Bayreuth Jewish conductor, this is like the story of polishing a tile believing if only it is done hard enough it will become a mirror, to avoid a 1.5% late payment charge your payment must be received by July 11 1994, when I hear of controversies of this sort I am pleased that there are so many people who still care about literature, When men drink whiskey it is always in a shot glass and they always drink it in one gulp. If they are wimps they will gasp for air, when you're out in 2 to 4 you get your degree and then your 9 to 5 making 40k to 50k just remember, Where are all of the happy shiny people? Everyone seems to be dredging along. This isn't something I would shave my hair for, Wrote two articles this morning. I'm so proud. One was about Communism / Democracy and why NEITHER has worked so far, yeah ... but they involve enough Cool Whip to smother a small city not to mention the bathtub full of chocolate enemas, you know it really bothers me when I pay good money to get into what I think is a good party and they serve cheep beer, you see them at art openings and the ballet brandishing the latest impenetrable nonfiction best-seller -- later, you will change your sexual orientation and then change back once you find that your new acquaintances don't like you either;