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All responses will be screened for content and appropriateness. Use of the expression is at the discretion of the publisher and becomes property of the publisher, as defined by the United States the global struggle of the present day between the secular capitalist democracies and the forces of fundamental terror, by the way boyz and girlzz did u ever 1der hoo desided wee shudd spell shit juss' tha way it soundz? Just because they can't pronounce it New Yorkers don't write without the letter "r", Ever defecated anywhere other than in an acceptable location or receptacle (i.e. in a fireplace car seat wastepaper basket or salad spinner)?, I hate SNOW. I also hate Americans. Mexicans. Cheese. Hotdogs. Toilet seats. Canaries. The Moon. Sea Quest. My fairy GodMother. Microsoft. Long toe nails. Hairy Gorillas, I never watch commercials anymore. The second the program I'm watching goes to a commercial I'm searching around for something else to watch till the commercials are over, I suddenly felt compelled to find the connection between beauty and dogma by running naked on a winter's night along KarlMarxStrasse singing arias from Wagner, I told him that the idea was to transcend the physical to attain a more metaphysical state of mind. We discussed the sacrifices involved the loss and the fear, "I worked on this for an entire year" I wrote in an introduction. She responded "Well that is not really impressive. I can imagine you working on things for much longer.", I've never had a lot of money and I've never expected a lot of money so I expect my happiness in other ways ... like masturbating 10 times a day or more, in attempting to map meaning and explore culture do I impoverish the culture I explore? Do explorations of intent and meaning denigrate or reduce a culture?, include a Declaration of Independence made with dried alphabet soup letters glued on plywood and an American flag made of sturdy 1974 dollars, of two brothers one a philosopher the other a novelist it is said that the philosopher wrote like a novelist and the novelist wrote like a philosopher, once again heavily sedated confined to "sleep rooms" where tape-recorded messages played over and over from speakers under pillows designed to wipe out past behavior, people have been talking about personal angst versus universal angst as if the two concepts had no overlap at all as if one were somehow "purer" than the other, pour a large amount of grease on your local curb then wash it off with water and a sloppy dish towel repeat this 5000 times in one day every day for 200 years, seven million souls live here doing New York things -- littering jumping over turnstiles saying how boring it must be to live in New Jersey and being rude to one another, she has to understand that she is dealing with a male ego and a male ego needs to be pampered. And believe me that will eventually help her respect her man more, she told me once of her "affair" with a well known artist. I expressed surprise at her candor. "It was really nothing" she said. "We simply held hands erotically for an hour", then to my disgusted delight she delicately de-wedgied several feet of pink fleece from the dark canyon that divided the two halves of her colossal fat-farm keester, "To be" means to become something else "the other" of oneself -- the external center. One loses all the potential ways of being which are out of the orbit of this center, Torso in ditch. T-o-r ... s-o in d-i-c-no t-c-h. Head in avenue. H-e-d-no h-e-a-d in a-v-i ... a-v-e ... <KICK> d-i-t-c-h-a, tramp tramp tramp maryland the battle cry of freedom dixie the blue and the gray john brown's body marching through georgia when johnny comes marching home just before the battle mother, "Two poems he stole are very autobiographical and that's a creepy thing to me" said Mr. Bowers. "It's a very uneasy feeling a bit like having a stalker", when Uncle Howard found Doovie growing a forest of pot plants in the family basement he said "Well I'm glad to see David is taking an interest in horticulture", "You guys are lucky" he said. "You don't sit there trying to make sense of everything. You really don't care for meaning. Not like us. We sit there and struggle for sense logic and structure";