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Have you ever eaten so much sugar you go completely utterly insane for a few minutes? One time at IHOP a friend and I insisted on tasting every kind of syrup they had and consumed so much sugar we both started to laugh maniacally at the slightest thing we turned red and nearly fell over, internet modems acid house brain implants. Where do people come up with this stuff? I mean it's intriguing to get through to 8 gazillion people at once but something this big stands for something or maybe nothing. But what do I do in Cyberspace? Maybe my old-fashioned pen-and-ink brain just doesn't have room for another, so we woke up this morning and we were no longer who we had been for the previous part of our lives. We can't exactly say that we were someone new because if that was so we wouldn't have the knowledge to write this -- we remember all too well who we were -- it was what got us here today -- but it's no longer who we are, the pungent odor of cranberry sauce makes you hurl but you must take a big bite and smile trying not to let the goo slip out of the corners of your mouth. Then after the ever-so-happy cook leaves to get the next course you let the glob of wretched food fall into the gaping maw of the family pet Spotty the llama;