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I hate the old corner grocery that always sells stale Hostess snacks. (Happily they are slated for demolition and it serves them right!) I hate my optometrist I wish he would trim his nose hairs and stop bringing up Holden Caulfield I hate self-righteous cats that think they are too good to come when you call -- and they just sit there LOOKING AT YOU I hate guacamole boxing Healthy Choice family vans in the drive-thru Carltons Presidents' Day Gripes (p. 250 of 314) sugar-free gum people who chew gum one piece at a time fuel injection anything painted light green "Lite" Twinkies haybailing drivers not doing what I think they should fat women obsessed with their weight thin women obsessed with their weight filthy bathrooms (unless it's mine) laundry shopping religion GMC pickups and Jimmys talk shows obsequious new hires bits of grizzle or bone that ruin any future;