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We're guaranteed due process except in cases internal to the military or the militia. If the militia is defined in such a way that all able bodied adults are considered members we're not guaranteed due process. We fought WW2 because Great Britain was under attack and because we didn't want Russia to conquer Europe. America never opposes genocide for it's own sake. America's middle class owes whatever prosperity remains to it to deficit spending and government opposition to corporate hegemony. (Must be tough going through life getting no respect eh?). If you oppose the government in this you will facilitate your own enslavement. The inevitability of death and the prospect of possible resurrection comprise the entire set of topics worthy of serious pondering. Sex is good too. Your mother wears combat boots. Capitalism enthralls the masses by conditioning them to anticipate an uncertain reward in return for interminable effort. ("Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck."). Gambling casinos operate in exactly the same way and likewise impoverish most participants. American culture is inferior to others because America was built by people who ran away from their problems. (Lissen up boy. If you must have an alter ego at least make it a more interesting one than your usual dreary self). Today the problems have come home once more that in other nations were resolved long ago. America's wealth is ultimately attributable not to her ideals but to her hypocritical willingness to profit from genocide. It will not serve her again as the supply of unspoiled planetary hemispheres has for the moment been totally depleted. The UN will descend on your country like avenging angels! We're going to give your country back to the CHINESE! (Procure the head of a fish. Freshness not too important). The spoiled little bratty crybabies of the West talk about freedom when they mean money and justice when they mean blood. Republicans these days like to say "Freedom" but ask if they want fewer prisons. Democrats hope for peace in our time. (Lately my whites haven't been too white). You're eating marshmallows off the ends of their bayonets! You fools! P.S. I have no information regarding the callous disregard of men for the sexual needs of women (I'm separating all of my laundry but they still come out of the dryer an ugly off white shade) and I remain totally free adorable and available to any girl with the proper answers;