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Just the Knox shit is what you add to jello to make Knox Blox amaze and confuse your cats chickens banana slug aunts etc. You guessed it perfectly. Have you ever eaten? I believe it turns you into a wand of self-evaluation so in other words you become an actual argument expression like a command in language. Then as soon as some other fortunate fuck happens along and sees you his eyes unlock your secret and you self-evaluate and/or apply where needed and spring back into being again! Of course you don't notice any of this because it happens when you're not looking. Like when you get up for a Weidermann's Bohemian Special or a Lucky Lager with the ol' rebus in the cap -- those were the days. Are you getting all this down? When does the Jello texfile come out? Plus this. I've been thinking about all that auto-evaluation shit for quite some time now and (get this) I think there must be all kinds of places where there's a little node of self-evaluation delayed-argument stuff just waiting to be seen or referred to. Like say there's a spot on somebody's shoe which is rigged to explode itself into a whole series of nearby events (disguised as everyday life!) and this will be triggered when somebody looks at that exact spot. But say no one has ever ever looked at this EXACT spot on the shoe OK before in history. And then you walk along and glance at it without even planning to and this causes uncounted untold things to happen like some little girl in Bangkok stubs her toe and a man drops his hat in Davis. See? I believe the whole world is rigged like this and everything is stuck together in one big web. Everything has little imperceptible receptacles embedded in it so that it is ready to accept information from someplace else and trigger more shit than ever before. And one of the things that can be triggered is the setting up of new evaluators someplace else so it's a self-sustaining reaction! Neat huh. Actually this is just a metaphor for quantum mechanix huh? Now the best part of it all is that these things can sometimes rarely sort of "invent themselves" without any input from ANYWHERE. This occurs most often with Jello and chicken although the probability of it happening with any one item is vastly increased by the presence of sweat socks. I tried it once with a whole fucking lot of socks and succeeded in creating a 300 foot tower of ice with a little observatory on top and a set of stairs going up to it ... I went up and everything looked different from there but a migrating flock of chickens was coming so I had to get down in a hurry. Just one o' them things ... sign me rat in a presser;