Paolo Pedercini / Molleindustria

From Issue 1

"A fast paced interactive storytelling piece that tries to be a meta-platform game based on the stream of consciousness of an egodystonic homosexual hero, but it fails miserably and becomes a piece of non-linear kinetic visual poetry written by a teenager obsessed with post-structuralist French philosophy." -- Paolo Pedercini

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Author Biography

Paolo Pedercini is an Italian artist, game designer and educator. He often works under the project name 'molleindustria' producing video games that address various social issues such as environmentalism, globalization, labor and gender. Molleindustria's games such as Oiligarchy, the McDonald's videogame and Faith Fighter have been played by millions of users over the Internet and exhibited in art venues around the world. Paolo is currently based in Pittsburgh teaching Game design for artists, mavericks and troublemakers at the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie MellonUniversity.