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Valentine Files
Introduction What We Have Here
Miekal And (RP7) desire
Martha Cinader
Reiner Strasser
Jim Andrews (IE) Millennium Lyric
Tom Bell This Space
Patrick Burgaud (SWD) Valentin
Martha Cinader (SWD) Love Test
Duc Thuan Monologue #6
Loss Pequeño Glazier mi pequeño amor
Jack Kimball (QT) Heart Time in Faubourg
David Knoebel (SND) Uh-oh, love again
Jennifer Ley (SND) heart(h)
Bill Marsh heart bits
Reiner Strasser (SND) b r e a t h e
David Knoebel
Dan Waber (SWF) yes, love
Ted Warnell Cardiac D-I-Y
Electronic Poetry Center
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