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December 26, 2006

Part One: Ron Silliman
Part Two: Various - MP3
Part Three: Various - MP3

Aaron Kunin
Adam Fieled
Sasha Steensen
Dennis Barone
Aldon Nielsen
Ben Friedlander
Bill Howe (quartet)
Bob Perelman
Brent Cunningham (phone call with "Chris")
Brian Kim Stefans
C. A. Conrad
Camille Martin
Cathy Eisenhower
Charles Bernstein
Christian Bök
Eduardo Espina
translation by Loren Goodman
Elaine Terranova
Ethel Rackin
Evie Shockley
Frank Sherlock
Hank Lazer
Herman Beavers
Jena Osman
Jennifer Scappetone
Joan Retallack
Caroline Bergvall
Johanna Drucker
John Wilkinson
Josh Schuster
Kathy Lou Schultz
Lamont Steptoe
Laura Moriarty
Leevi Lehto
Linda Russo
Linh Dinh
Loren Goodman
Matthew Cooperman
Michael Tod Edgerton
Nat Anderson
Nick Monfort
Norma Cole
Patrick Durgin
(Patrick introduces himself as Charles Bernstein)
Rachel DuPlessis
Ron Silliman
Susan Schultz
Timothy Yu
Tom Devaney
Tom Orange
Tracy Morris
Tyrone Williams
Carla Harryman
Barrett Watten
Walter Lew
(odd sounds are first, Walter throwing himself
across a grand piano, then later rushing out
to cut Aldon Nielson's tie in half, then finally
throwing himself back over piano)
Will Esposito
Yunte Huang

December 29, 2004 at the Highwire Gallery, 1315 Cherry St.

Part One (1:01:09): mp3, RealAudio
Part Two (1:01:42): mp3, RealAudio

Will Alexander (Compound Hibernation)
Kazim Ali
Rae Armantrout (2,3)
Alicia Askenase (Osso Buco)
Dennis Barone (Wishbone)
Herman Beavers (Taking Up Base, After April 15th This Won't Matter)
Steve McCaffery (Part 63)
Lee Ann Brown
David Buuck
Mark Wallace
Louis Cabri (from Becoming Kitsch)
C.A. Conrad introducing Gil Ott Recording (Stingera)
C.A. Conrad (The Department of Refusals and Constant Wartime)
Brent Cunningham (City of the Sun, Truth is the Flaw)
Michael Davidson (The Public Sphere, Poor Yorick, Arcadia)
Tom Devaney (Blindfold)
Linh Dinh (Continuous Bullets Over Flat Earth, No Biggies, Holes)
Greg Djanikian (Buying a Rug)
Rachel Blau DuPlessis (Forward Slash)
Patrick Durgin (For Jackson MacLow)
Norman Finkelstein (Collage 4)
Kristen Gallagher
C.S. Giscombe (The Old Northwest) (cut off)
Loren Goodman
Bill Howe
Jessica Lowenthal
Pattie McCarthy
Chris McCreary
Jenn McCreary
Mark McMorris
Mike Magee
Camille Martin, "continental sweep"
Brigette Byrd
Charles Bernstein, "Ballad of the Girly Man"
Laura Moriarty
Eileen Myles
Jena Osman
Bob Perelman
Ethel Rackin
Kathy Lou Schultz
Frank Sherlock
Ron Silliman
Juliana Spahr
Chris Stroffolino
Kevin Varone
Mark Wallace, from "Clowns Against Fences" [working title]
Barrett Watten

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