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Welcome to WriteOn!

WriteOn! is a children's literacy program run by the Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania. We work with the Lea Elementary school and the Penn Alexander school to bring Penn students and West Philadelphia youth together in a meaningful way.

What do we do? Every week, about 45 4th through 8th graders come to the Kelly Writers House (KWH) to work on creative writing, poetry, public speaking, and much more. The students work in small groups - generally two Penn coaches for every three or four students. They laugh, they write, and they always eat snacks!

WriteOn! is always changing and growing - a reflection of just how much the coaches care, and how much fun the kids are having! While we spend most of our time at KWH, we have taken some special field trips to visit places like the Weiss Technology House, the Penn Bookstore and Bucks County Coffee. WriteOn! also participates with the One Book One Philadelphia campaign and have brought authors such as Lorene Carey in to work with the kids. We try to provide our students with a fun, safe, and educational extracurricular activity. Not only do we help them write, we also help open their eyes to all of the different things they can do with their lives.

Come and join us at the Kelly Writers House! We are always looking to bring on new people who are committed to making a difference.

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For an application to get involved with WriteOn!, contact Austin Levitt at