LIVE at the Writers House

About LIVE

"LIVE at the Writers House" is a long-standing collaboration of the people of the Kelly Writers House and of WXPN (88.5 FM). Six times annually between September and April, the Writers House airs a one-hour broadcast of poetry, music, and other spoken-word art, along with one musical guest -- from our Arts Cafe onto the airwaves at WXPN. "LIVE" is broadcast on WXPN. "LIVE" is made possible through the generous support of BigRoc.

For more information about the show, or if you are interested in reading or being a part of the audience, contact series producer Alli Katz ( c/o "LIVE at the Writers House," 3805 Locust Walk, Philadelphia PA 19104-6150.

"LIVE" stands in a tradition of "new writing" on radio; Cid Corman, a poet and great supporter of experimental poetry in the 1950s, created his own broadcast, "This is Poetry," over WMEX-FM (Boston).

Episode 110 - 2/23/2015 - PHILADELPHIA WRITERS

  1. Michaela Majoun - Opening Remarks
  2. Nathaniel Popkin - Introduction
  3. Nathaniel Popkin - Performance
  4. Jamie-Lee Josselyn - Introduction
  5. Jamie-Lee Josselyn - Performance
  6. Sam Apple - Introduction
  7. Sam Apple - Performance
  8. Jonagold - Introduction
  9. Jonagold - Performance
  10. Julia Bloch - Introduction
  11. Julia Bloch - Performance
  12. Lee Klein - Introduction
  13. Lee Klein - Performance
  14. Jonagold - Introduction
  15. Jonagold - Performance
  16. Michaela Majoun - Closing Remarks

Episode 109 - 1/26/2015 - LOCAL JOURNALISTS