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Bernard Brown - survivor testimony

That Bernard Brown survived is truly astonishing. A Rumanian, he was in a forced labor battalion that was sent all the way to Stalingrad. He was one of the few survivors to return to his family. Five months after returning, however, he was deported to Auschwitz. From Auschwitz he was moved to Mauthausen. Whet the Americans liberated the camps, he was one of three Jews to survive in a camp called "Gunsckerchen," a camp of Russians and Poles.

Thank God, I don't complain; I've done pretty good for myself.

What pulled me through, during the war was that I knew I had two younger sisters and I felt it was my duty to come home and take care of them. Too bad—they never came back. My commitment now is to work for Jewish causes and to try to help the unfortunate. I know what it means to be hungry and not to have clothes. I know what human suffering is.


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