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Luellen Fletcher

Luellen Fletcher chairs Penn and Pencil and is a long-time member. She completed a BA in English with Honors from The University of Iowa in 1979, attending the undergraduate writers’ workshop for 7 concurrent semesters. Her junior year she studied Modern British Poetry at St. John’s College in Oxford, England, on a Sloan scholarship from the UI English Department. She completed an MFA in creative writing in 1986 from The University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. Her poems have appeared in: Poetry Motel, Spitball, Metaxy, Wisconsin Review, Passages North, Muse Letter, Black Warrior Review, Continental Drifter, The Spirit That Moves Us, The Blue Hour and others. She helped coordinate Potlatch, a free city-wide art festival In Iowa City, spring 1978, taking inspiration from the Oregon Country Fair, sponsored by Ken Kesey and friends. She was on the organizing committee for the Tucson Poetry Festival six years, and served as Co-Director for the annual spring poetry festival in 1994. Luellen has worked at Penn in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine since 1999, currently serving as Associate Director for the Path BioResource, a consortium of service centers that provide biomedical technology and expertise to researchers. Before moving to Philadelphia, she taught writing at community colleges for many years. Her daughter Maya is a graduate of Friends Select School in Center City, and is currently studying international relations and Chinese at Boston University. Luellen is also a proofreader for the Philadelphia Tribune, the nation’s most longstanding African-American newspaper.


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