This is then how,            

                                  very struck by this arrow
                                  so struck by this arrow


                                   very struck
                                   so struck





One said, for example
                                     make, let, look, etc.



                   ? (this cataclysm) I have read the description
                   ? the cataclysm that I have read the description of

                                                            I read the description



             ?? the arrow has

                                         touched the target

                                                                      strike or touch
so much depends upon

                                                       a sole arrow


                              just one, each / just one each

the eyes closed
"ready to go" = on the point of parting
and see how

                     One recalls

the years past; all the days; the summer; the winter; Thursdays;
the final day; tomorrow; a day

                                            sky blue

                                                              one prepares and parts


                                        the menace of rain

                                                         disperse/dispersed, open/opened

                                                                reunite, disperse, etc.

                                                    the rain
                                                    the rain


     reunite, disperse, dissipate



the sky, the skies
(this idea) has flown                                   

                                        very clear



we part in three days

                     I ignore if this project pleases you

respond toute suite

y-es, y-es, y-es,


                                  what then!

                            ta ta ta !

(silence.) dead silence. (grand silence.)           

                          I will come; -- I've come


                                                                       This is not all

                        is it that I part tomorrow,
                        will you come with me

the beautiful sky

                                       grey, native


and essay a look


                                                          that reveals itself
                                                          * that is itself revealed
to me

appear, reveals, etc.,


                                                 external, extreme, unique, etc.



of the same blow

                                               a sole arrow,

when all's sunk

see, intend, sense        

                losing one's head



                                              the role of profound objects, etc.


All's explained
All's explained

                                          agreeable and evident                             

                                                                                    it is clear,

                    all's sunk

don't have fear, someone will get you out of it (= I will get you
out of it, or maybe even: we will get you out of it)


                  to me




the wind socks the trees. what is it that knocks the trees?


                     by the evenings blue of summer

                     the same causes produce the same effects

                                                              Enough noise; more force



in the sky blue

                                     this is beautiful to see (= to be seen)

           -- "in the airs" --

                                  the sky is
                                  so blue, so

                                                                retain well this

                                the how, the when, the where, the why
                                enough, also, as much, a lot


                                                      better 'n' better


                                              adieu! pardon!


                              appear, risk, etc.

I am certain to succeed


Section 2