metallic stitches introduced one by one

                                                                    remove the sinews
               and then section the tendon near where it is attached
            --Open, on the metallic stitches,
                                                all along the side. Then isolate

eye socket by the whole

                     lightly undulates in S
                                to 3 millimeters inside
                      at its cranial exit

                                         The nerve

ahead and outdoors

                              In its trajectory
                                        the optical nerve has its direction
                          penetrates in the eyeball
                                         posterior pole. --It recoils

               the vertical part
                       which the summit, or angustia, is to 1 millimeter
                     next makes a dilation
from where the horizontal portion begins. The conduits
            by a common conduit
                by two distinct orifices is exceptional

                                  Its superior convex face
                                                             reposes on the surface
                                              --its anterior border
                                                             --its posterior border




                      coloration very variable
                              of the blackening, presents a number of folds

                              spot circular and whitish of 1.5 millimeters
                                            or macula lutea, of elliptical form,
                                                               at 3 millimeters outside

                                     The spot, yellow,
                                                     situated at the posterior pole
is hollow at its center of depression


                                                                                      free border

                                      the whole surface
               is divided by an indented (= serrated) line, circular,
                              the equator of the eye, and called ora serrata

The tears are conducted

toward the free border of the eyelids
Each of them is then divided
one follows from inside to outside the free border
the other turns away at the border's periphery
with the former near the external angle of the eye



so as not to break


                                     often states similar to sleeping



Section the plan vertically
                lift up the internal flap
           its deep surface and one also exposed

                                                                                  the eyes

                                     free border

                                                     to enable to dissect more
                                     In dissecting from top to bottom
                                                                      it exists, a zone

          If one wishes
somebody will preserve the two
                of the eyelids, otherwise someone will remove them
easily the underlying plan



                         free border of eyelids; close up
                                                        in and on the outside. One sees
                                            --Dissect the vessels
                                   these are, from outside to inside

                                                                                   In order to see
                                             One must decide to make the cut

                 Before commencing

           curved pin
              which surrounds them, the muscles
internal border of the latter

                                                           reunite, disperse, dissipate

                           To make tilted
                                  the fragment
                                         One will see then all the face



One will find it easily in this part or its trajectory

                                                        following a circular line

                                  the incision
       it is useful to uncover before
                                        on a small part of its extent
                     up to this point or part
       close-up in front and in back the two flaps. --Section


above and inside
the origin

              nervous toward its termination
                                                   (nerve ending)

                                       to decide to make the cut,
                                       one will examine the corpse


                                                              mortal, circular, etc.

close-up the two flaps
with precaution


                                               so as not to break

                            then look for
                                           and follow them

                                                   to some distance on the inside



Section 5