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Nicole Brossard


Born in Montreal (Quebec), poet, novelist and essayist Nicole Brossard published her first book in 1965. In 1965 she cofounded the influential literary magazine La Barre du Jour and in 1976 she codirected the film Some American Femnists. She has published eight novels including Picture Theory, Mauve Desert, Baroque at Dawn, an essay "The Aerial Letter" and many books of poetry including Daydream Mechanics, Lovhers, Typhon dru, Installations, Musee de l'os et de l'eau. She has won the Governor General award twice for her poetry (1974, 1984) and Le Grand Prix de Poesie de la Foundation les Forges in 1989 and 1999. Le Prix Athanase-David, which is for a lifetime of literary acheivement, was attributed to her in 1991. That same year she received the The Harbourfront Festival Prize. In 1994, she was made a member of L'Academie des Lettres du Quebec. Her work has been widely translated and anthologized. Mauve Desert and Baroque at Dawn have been translated into Spanish. In 1998 she published a bilingual edition of an autofiction essay titled She would be the first sentence of my new novel/Elle serait la premiere phrase de mon prochain roman(1998). In 1989, a book of her poetry in translation, Installations, was released, translated by Erin Moure and Robert Majzels. Nicole Brossard lives in Montreal.



Aube a la saison ("Dawning Season"), pub. in Trois, A.G.E.U.M., 1965.

Mordre en sa chair ("Bite the Flesh"), Montreal: Esterel, 1966.

L'Echo bouge beau ("The Echo Moves Beautifully"), Montreal: Esterel, 1968.

Suite logique ("Logical Suite/Sequence"), Montreal: Hexagone, 1970.

Le Centre blanc, Montreal: Orphee, 1970 (also see below).

Mecanique jongleuse, Paris: Generation, 1973, trans. by Larry Shouldice pub. as Daydream Mecanics, Coach House Press (Toronto), 1980.

Mecanique jongleuse; Masculin grammaticale, Montreal: Hexagone, 1974.

La Partie pour le tout, Montreal: L'Aurore, 1975.

Le Centre blanc (collected poems; includes "Le centre blanc"), Montreal: Hexagone 1978 (also see above).

D'Arcs de cycle la derive, etchings by Francine Simonin, Maison (St.-Jacques-le-Mineur), 1979.

Amantes, Quinze (Montreal), 1980, trans. by Barbara Godard pub. as Lovhers, Montreal: Guernica, 1986.

Double Impression: Poemes et textes 1967-1984 (collected poems), Montreal: Hexagone 1985.

L'Aviva, Montreal: NBJ, 1985.

(With Daphne Marlatt), Mauve, Montreal: NJB, 1985.

Domaine d'ecriture, Montreal: NJB 1985.

(With Marlatt) Character/Jeu de lettres, Montreal: NBJ 1986.

Sous la langue/Under the Tongue, trans. by Susanne de Lotbimier-Harwood, Montreal: L'Essentielle, 1987.

(With Marlatt) A tout regard, Montreal: BQ 1989.

Installations: avec et sans pronoms, Quebec, Forges: Trois-Rivieres, 1989.

Langues obscures: poesie, L'Montreal: Hexagone, 1992.

Typhon dru, Paris: Generation, 1990 (?).

Langues Obscures, Montreal: Hexagone, 1992.

La Nuit Verte du Parc Labyrinthe, Laval, Quebec: Trois Rivieres, 1992 (trans. by Lou Nelson and Marina Fe pub. as Green Night of Labyrinth Park).


Un Livre, Editions du jour (Montreal), 1970, trans. by Larry Shouldice pub. as A Book, Toronto: Coach House Press, 1976.

Sold-out: Etreinte/illustration (novel), Montreal: Jour, 1973, trans. by Patricia Claxton pub. as Turn of a Pang, Coach House Press: Toronto, 1976.

French Kiss: Etreinte/exploration (novel), Montreal: Jour, 1974, trans. by Patricia Claxton pub. as French Kiss; or, A Pang's Progress, Toronto: Coach House Press, 1986.

L'Amer ou, Le Chapitre effrite: Fiction theorique, Montreal: Quinze, 1977, rev. edition, Montreal: Hexagone, 1988, trans. by Barbara Godard pub. as These Our Mothers; or, The Disintegrating Chapter, Toronto: Coach House Press, 1983.

Le Sens apparent ("Surfaces of Meaning"), Paris: Flammarion, 1980, trans., Toronto: Coach House Press, 1989.

Picture Theory (fiction), Montreal: Nouvelle Optique, 1982, trans. by Barbara Godard and pub. by New York: Roof and Montreal: Guernica, 1991.

Le Desert mauve, Montreal: Hexagone, 1987; as Mauve Desert, Toronto: Coach House Press, 1990.

La Lettre aerienne (essays), Editions Remue-Menage, 1985, trans. by Marlene Wilderman pub. as The Aerial Letter, Women's Press, 1988.


"Narrateur et personnages" (play), first aired by Radio Canada, 1971.

"L'Ecrivain" (monologue; first produced at Le Theatre du nouveau mode, Montreal, 1976), pub. in La Nef des sorcieres, Quinze, 1976, trans. by Linda Gaborian pub. as The Writer in A Clash of Symbols, Toronto: Coach House Press, 1979.

"Une Impression de fiction dans le retroviseur," first aired by Radio Canada, 1978

(Editor) The Story so Far: Les Strategies du reel (anthology), Toronto: Coach House Press, 1979.

Journal intimes; ou, Voila donc un manuscrit (first aired by Radio Canada, 1983), Les Herbes rouges, 1984.

"La Falaise," first aired by Radio Canada, 1985.

(Contributor) Emergence d'une culture au feminin, Editions Saint-Martin, 1987.

(Editor with Lisette Girouard) Anthologie de la poesie des femmes au Quebec, Remue-Menage (Montreal), 1991.

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