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Clark Coolidge


1939:  born in Providence RI, Feb 26
1953-1956:  attended Classical Highschool (4 years of Latin)
1956-1958:  attended Brown University (majored in Geology, one
                 English course)
1958:  summer, left Brown and hitched to L.A. (Kerouac, Thomas Wolfe,
1958-1959:  lived in Greenwich Village (Horatio St)
                 first writings
1960-1961:  back in Providence, bebop drums w/Buell Neidlinger,
                 met Jonathan Williams through mutual interest in
                 H.P. Lovecraft
1962:  married Toni Carbo, worked in Order Dept Brown Library
                 experimenting with cut-ups/chance generation
                 (ex: Bond Sonnets)
1963:  attended summer poetry seminar at UBC Vancouver (Olson,
                 Ginsberg, Duncan, Whalen, et al)
                 met Michael Palmer there
                 met David Meltzer in SF enroute
1964:  began editing JOGLARS w/Palmer (thru 1966--3 issues)
                met Louis Zukofsky
1965:  attended Conference on Little Magazines at Library of
                met Aram Saroyan there
                attended Berkeley Poetry Conference that summer
1966:  marriage broke up, moved to NYC, w.85th st near Saroyan
                met Ted Berrigan
                first reading at Folklore Center under Ted's aegis
                first book published (Flag Flutter & U.S. Electric
                   from Aram Saroyan's Lines Books)
1966-1967:  Fall/Winter, shared house in Cambridge w/Saroyan
            April moved to SF to join David Meltzer's Serpent Power                     band
            married Susan Hopkins in December
1968:  daughter Ceclia Elizabeth born
            met Bernadette Mayer
            met Philip Guston
1969-1970:  produced weekly poetry show (WORDS) for KPFA Berkeley
            made word-tapes at Mills College Tape Center
1970:  Moved to Hancock Mass, Berkshire Hills
            Rock Notes  collaboration w/Tom Clark
1971:  The Maintains
1972:  Polaroid
       began collaborations with Philip Guston
       began collaboration (THE CAVEWORK) with Bernadette Mayer
1973:  story collaborations w/Larry Fagin
       began "The Long Prose"
       Quartz Hearts
1974:  watched Spielberg shoot Jaws on Martha's Vineyard, wrote
             Subject to a Film
1977:  first Naropa Institute summer
1979:  Melencolia
1981:  traveled to Galapagos Islands, Peru (Machu Picchu)
1984-1985:   taught winter semester at Naropa Institute
             Writer in Residence at American Academy in Rome
             travelled to Egypt in January 1985
1986:  Translation Session at Royaumont Foundation, France
             readings in Paris
1989:  traveled to Soviet Union w/Rova Saxophone Quartet
             met Arkadii Dragomoschenko
1990:  readings in Scandanavia and Russia with American & Russian
1992:  visited Berlin Literarisches Colloquium
             readings in London
1993:  formed MIX poetry & Jazz group with David & Tina Meltzer
1996:  edited Jim Brodey's poems (Heart of the Breath)
1997:  moved to Petaluma California



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