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Clark Coolidge
from The Maintains
(This Press, 1974)


such like such as
of a whist
a bound
the mid eft
the mode
own of own off
partly of such tin of such
the moo
which which
lably laugh
meter it's too
too maybe
lately too
same the marge
by down which say
such way
ken ablative
sand's off
the lend the so
can which of
the one the last the none
so so
which so such as
how lately
more stem
the go the stowed more
the such the pour as as
ton the hum
tire you
such tire
loyally views
the dodder one of the other
the love too
time as to way also
worn the such
such that shines which
said of small case
friction of about
the may which
that next over which
said so which
as to look to flow
such as about
in striking about to
grain in such as are which
the laws pose
such as about which one poses
the mile hence fuse
more and
that this as to
to but as form this
such that frames this frowns
last or is
such's steep about
which ton too maybe
term as in
is lately bound of a same like such
like such which things croach
by for to
as as
mean implies ing as often
means by which
made for also
by ever
a picture or picture
light on and then in as which
then such
amorphic not either
as even the like from
the loan the gram the duck
so so by such
as is
is which the stop
then that is first this
deals with parts
since at that
with into made such
it's too noun
off such
and has one is
the having own
having nut it's such
units of the number nut
it is
low where the no all time
this with the wherewithall
such's which stirs
which one is though
no since no

mother order
for general past part the feet
each upon which its tone
often a like even
the stump stock from the pole like
such's tonic
than stop off or the like
a may a close
a one that some close
likely in grayish type
by fill hold back
having as means the such
has used for which even so
so that's
so through such
so what's even that
as such said so as much
which this seats
as stope works

stone hence period
as if such would come
that's one for fish
check adjective piece
one due to move off
which fill out this
much much
hence such which as much
as few point the touch
zinc were then since
off as is
these which spice
down sands the lend one go
so which say moo maybe
arcs at such even names
it so
so's this
that say
says circle
round the even
might yet state
pound the may
maybe such yeast say
such says the last same off
means as
or if evens
any of
acting on
down to some
last at the same the done
much as such
the last go more through same
as it's that is
more as one that this hence was
done that this so it's moo
circle yet say which so
such even more hence do
lead henry

a pounder that's
certain as same what's
which though such
for lengths for enter sinks
that often as singly
bound to left to
its light as such
even off the part thumb more through
to put all in hence to dash as
in or to every lastly part all the way from one
the covers one
such small thing of which
is this with term though
such as stirs likes its such not
none as there

that's what often meant
among meant which said about which so about such
tars the one
ends the other
nines the done
say so
even's well
may as

such as
which's said to
part to
done done done as what can was is
a par for such which's even now in
as on is on
the much a might the so
the bend's through
which though even noun
about such even lately yet
so as to said so maybe
that next over which one lasts
even or as
as yet
part the like such's close type
grain one
even so having as means
which what such's this means are about
the left more the left sinks the so

pun glean apter much sunk
more than through
can which it might one is
yet shines the so about said so
maybe though might
so off the can part even over
about with this that such
a yet a too
might that which's even now
this which is so
such and even
done and that
means and maybes
so to say as so's said the one more more even than as to such so
since such's close to since
since such a such is close to
it might yet pose such since this's such about which one poses
so and such an ever

a nouner
that then again
a mile or such
a maybe moo which say sand's off the so
maybe town down
which as to look about as poses its fuse
a main shines about which ton frowns
this maybe yet even a then hence
its so even pieces
that other such even as one closes
on or in the next over which one's even like
and has one this is
deals much down that say means
say yet again this though
a stowed more since as the tonic seats this tense
through this hence more moo
it is
as no one
has one
says so as so such's through
as rose a more and then this look to flow done
through over which clear as move
such as whole about
such as it came
left like to that cross that side as like side
such that said so what's even that
is through in it
such loss most likelihood used
as if piece much
off as if out in
one such which thing of tin due
leans that such as one stirs likes
sinks hence the done said of a roof
that's what often meant among meant said part done

might that this which is so mean so to say as even since this's
though's so and might such since the more the more
from stop either also done and that even about such
to current plants it might one is yet
very such small
the very so
such a such
lasts even or as means are about the so
said so to say mingles means and maybes
the such's part close type part the as yet grain one
yet is more close to such's since a means a like having
a sure so and such an even ever through
a yet even too over part of an even said so through
so's just about then one more once this



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