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Clark Coolidge
The Names
(Active in Airtime, 1997)


Billy Nestler
on the run but sitting still
shaking the origins

Onyx Hinkley
positioned over a drain

Bud Vaut
nobody wanted to listen to him

Hiram Trunk
the balls were housed in the low backs of his thin grey past

Dad Longworth
trained on the town where truth came to zero

Roger Pellet
in town the day the coffins came through Penalty Hill
horizon train hydrangeas in cement flames

Parly Baer
terrible in hair

Overage Staroopian
found the codgers some fine pine lodges
coughed, but in name only

Diddley Pace and Scott Dust
hankered into a pyre of rust

Ridgepole Dick
a nestler

I saw Crumpeter Cave invent a body wallet
yes, in tossed topaz and lime
so beer were his streets the veneer came completely
Ollie was his other

Occipiter Veinload committed a crime
but then there was nothing
a gem glow beneath all polizei pockets
he got wheatlamp rockets and flies and just so

Attadime Mainway
over by the cow platz
colored inky and felt himself stern
to know the betrayal of openings

But this was all an unknown to old Billy Partial
the groaner at dated entranceways
concessioner of nods
the companion and barrelroller of Billy Sentence
covering enabler of a balance in waiting

There is always trouble in a bone nose
says Sidalia Saddleweigher, frond fancier
member of the Empty Elbow Gang, simperer through
maybe the Empty Olson Gang?
don't reveal yourself

Stymy your hour of walling loose
I have kept the catch cap from all luckiness
saith Parusha, collector of rum babas
hangings of old skin in the shade
a wormless haunt of zeros
and the streaming slant

Can I borrow Betty Carioca for one hour?

Ballwinder in stiffly positions
the octet he had, had dumped
a Caruso of the barber stone
so wholly

The man who was a buzzer in a doorway
the one who drained a silver pea
what was his?

Cologen in peals, whose name will you take?
whose then can you shake?

Copycat Wheel of the whole hallway
he was wide, I think he was cash fed
how many Waltons can fit inside?

Vauntrot Newmoony
a Necessiter

Rhodochrosite Rose remained veined in the box
its symmetry box
its elephantine contender
with the curtains
with a weigher
Phyllis was the number of its composition

Elfman in a disco nightmare
I heard his bubbles screaming
lower the loaves, the symmetry sun
descend to print the meat
pretend to cuff the newt

Elbow Winder, come down
here, seat
come unfraught
I have come plumb affair
the night after is gone
Elbowmaker of crumbleware

The singeing of Cotton Mather
in a pumpkin match
it was hoards over anything you could taste, lock
or prove with tooth depending
magus with an empty tack
unemployed later by Cargyle Heavy Liquids

The Vitamin Whelmer
collapsed into a Betty Pager
limp tongue, bygone fair
coframed with the Emaline Lister
where you typecase fences and do come on

Neverpayman, the named one
Barcalounger the Misanthrope, a tuck in it
Berry Eats, my haut-laugh reconnoiter
Barberry Bill, the ointed mill
placement to call back and sap you

Greg Lake opens a rockshop in Half Lake
a flat top, he removes the bra
on the crowdside with more than a licking sky

Harmolimiter, Backsfondteller, Amounted Mick
we'll all go off and remove roads
with the soda burn to catch up again

Keats Flanagan at the fraud base
as if they were all millers and we put them
the door went in and here came the Dogsbottom from Remulak
Bullawayo Killowatt, the Thoughtbroader
Ormaviluant Pose, the Homonid Goal

Crawl, the Eleusinian Damagehound, takes his house
you must study it all through the carbon variations
a bit big to indulge, free on a nail
Surinam Dabbler voted it
you took a bridge course?

Ma Violence had her own practice cage
the Lord of All Gone Fallow fancies
Mataculture brims, Maneuvian sticks
slat weights that were slate picks
Pendulo Galoroofian, he's in
a practitioner's cape, marble
to the ankles in skis
those pinned-up glasspenny dooms

Kid Landover roars, he ventilates
works with the everything nothing ends up with
Delila Borovate taking a hunch and bending at the slight
sash doubling as bell key of take in stumble friend
I don't know where you're going all this hollow from
the car ripped at the horn capped it

Too many elementary names, street frontal
to end this book, a clearing of the nose ends
in circular stasis, Geek Electroid on a walking pin
he practices pinching caps and Walter Cellars

Tooted up berated I waltzed too many sands
a beard not the hen's common width from a breath
calling Jawbrad from Babyville, North Coulee
there the membranes were sailed
he stood with Sally Bendrow and vamped
there were Negroes and a shot of the sun
made it look like Abner Can had bunked in late
but, man, the blue vein of those hose-on flatteries
planked to Sodus Death, mere lamp from the ash
post causing me

Organ Powerdad had launched his laces and limped away
dog gone, little to speak, a punchboard under his take
blond and unavailing his dynamite, his teak rose
then Brandon strolled and unhitched the team
polution of shovels, apparition of holiday

Armenian Ones, the variable touchtoes
free radical tag team tormentors, Sluggos
of gall radiance you could hear the cheering
the chaining to a rag marked Mop Drain
they were good polished soap horses
mounts of silence, those doubled ones

Visitacion Apted, slow down
curl your glows and raise haste beyond
violet little doll wheels embrace
find the Victorian dormers in all their
fine down the nation into
prenatalize the pumpkins

Agateman as the Son of Sam rises

Carniverous Pearhawker stumbles, bunches

Stirrup Don Amity folds

Tomatoes into tourmalines, Bedroom Eric sizes

You may have rust on your lapel but the Doubleyou Duck
remains at your arrest, undertongue depressed
there are windows in Radar Barn prism facings of RKO USA
and a lunch on every hip will stop all these streets
--The Preluded Parker

A router, Bumabner Paul
A router, Pianissimo Highwayman
A router, the collector with the clock missing
A router, Adarmo Pad

Would you mortgage his army with a gum eraser
Permanente Doll?

Marble Dando is not the name of anything

Flash Coolihan, the Hamadryad Bactrian
or kneedeep bouncer from Limerick

Insouciance of the Steed, that's a name

Billy Neuter was a hod carrier, no, a nose thief, no,
a rod of justice, no, bartender in a wheat row hallway, no,
the embolism at the end of your cow, no, a veer,
no, there is no resemblance to this name

We sit in a transparent green room and view
Heady Carrier
there is nothing on the floor but a new dog
and nothing further to say but amplitude

Berigmo Clahm, or Clam, an outing father
bottle list pere, overcoming another overcoming
another house has been opened in his name

Fingers to lips of another crowing sensibility

Name this table, name these hairs
make a mean mink mix of the connective stablers
Troxy Nowhere stems from the goods, brings
letters appearing out of a brown-out

Hear me, Flattenyard, maybe
the fragmentary is getting to me
the call of inebriation a kind of horse seam
these calipers fell from
a whole nation eating late then

Everybody there was a delicate crew
The Down Boys meet The Drown Girls
a wicked weed strutting normalcy
The Born Boys and The Brawn Girls
lead-in no good but the socket's OK
everybody known was down there

Shud Bank and Goody Benman
held up the accuracy at Bart Penetralium
there's a collapse to what's loose on your pages
Montrohixamene and its slippery residues
we're new for a beaut one
or trains beyond fences to go unnumbered

Stop it stop it I'm not hiring you Prixene
bountiful vein the real stuff is the cancel it latent
castoff accuracy wanders clarity turnfront
Bud's whole ball of hinders let's frame
the lentil input of Luddy startles me
to start the hall bulb with gardening tines
Adrian Wines

At the collapse of all waiters we'll rattle on
starring the Colostomy Waders and sundry partials on the pat

A Wailaway Fastener more mordant hydrant
thermocouple uproariant Normo, we moved
harpy frustralian idle loom form of tackle
Cardamon Follower the hinge boot
manacle me up and out, a major short

Flagon Puppy hitched to the corn moon
bore reacted, stumpy inch well
Hightail Mason of the Canyon routed
the bums have been ousted in the sun they were born in
tangle trip leveled, doubted, double doubted

Shot out a whole rasher of mains, Sailor Soon
stiff hoped the picture to Brain Else
caged up a very
alfalfa mist stone, an age game
this is the Peristaltic Rialto
one they bury snow

He burned the gate case in swell of Herms

Soolidat Farmworker monkeyed on the bevel
and I am in the march of it all barely
horizon hoisted the tiny parkers you see
Song of the Carkeys they say he was mental
conditional care on the float

Kind of thin this side of Hades
Partitionment Syndrome calling all foxes
Haidy Boy is here, representative, sinking
I see his camp, a single thigh
thought shot

Brandythorn Appetizer, lore of the shovel
a born lister he covered it, plural
forget his name, hear his lingo
thematic travel double closed and thumbing
a cork in the mist

Wester Petrel and Hiram Weight flip
and you get a wet green lantern on the other side
snow is coming off as not that good of a decal
but Wester and Hiram lead Manhattan by the wrists
and so you will catch them

A plastic container, Will
and we're in trouble
with the timing chain blues

Chronic Aches, a Bandonian Setback, left me open

He was a thrill killer but bungled his deeds
Amato Smudgeon

You lit when you turned me?
I am Bellyglo Imitation, I am Was
of the Defter Tunes

A group called the Creole Barkays skipped much
better than Sunset Snap
Cried Want and the Millenarians
striped mouth by barged clockway

I kept trying to break through into the park where they fired
Cubby's Blanks

plunged through the Dart Car
Clad Wool Buriers
are you threatening me?

Dog enters bar car, young
glass, impressions and gangles
Starly Hoipner is food
to the stupors he hoses

There are Poofs, Pfuis

Sonic Tooth and Trend Deposit
someone has listened to the Emetic Nun
triple your hollows and bell up on sound
this is Divots Day

The Slut of the Normandy Coast is acting in this compartment
how so?

The Brunt of It All composing and discommoding
the part and its parts
wallet, hand, thumbnail corrector
I am the load of my own insufferance

The high wind at the torque spot
I see this without connectors
shell-less, inflated with remove
does this jet in the direction of Everything Named?
I carry you away from all coasts

Larval Man brims to his hand
Kalimba Ramus or Vedic Columbine
whatever the route it rained out of spite
be sure

This is becoming something I hadn't wanted
a nimbus finally nameless
must I give up the utter moniker?
the onyx bracelet in the silent bell tower

The man with the name washed in the empty water



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