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Clark Coolidge
from Polaroid
(Adventures in Poetry / Big Sky, 1975)


of which of which it's of then which
is it not that's of
where not
of is it there's one is
not where of then of the be all
or and for all that's what of
done as

a be all
is then of
a for you even it's

I mean I means I mean it
is one
that one is one means that it
does you
once it were
that I'd
that one this means
of thus did once it
were it yet
done that's
it did





one on below out until within
through once those even since
you the what say kinds
bolt what hence when such both
will it you I tending get to seeming see
the about by over beside and post
what like never forth yet those either
on never or

the what's put other till
as an ever you are both willing
its even whole stills how
part whole it's so you whence down
one does out
tends to whole both
you stay one also out both on yet
as tend it done
not one said but nearly on side seeming
end and one's you not as you that one
saying events it were a while do
it below it
some before they
saying do one's then
what then be
both by does do
post means as still ones
as then it's past even an out
then one whole one it does both yet





a what as then as it how has

                                    been of


        some when how of it

can it what

                             do than does

a not to coming seem


left as it as then

                            one can seeming stay do

what as might

                             as it could it

as seem how one had been of it did

mean about by on of what

                                then than

         on some

                                thing did


                                a once

         a then it

                                of one some

         could did


         what's has

                                then as

         a what then part



                   as ever as a once is part it







as had as then it had from

                   much whence did

though as

                     how much

a one a did had


however as the far had a do

                         what whence

does such and has it

                  and and has as it

did it one as far as a does did

           but or

                         then of

comes the come






all such do in a way can it does since
the ones between very much everything points
to twin time all such as a thus to last time
seems all as such and think to see along such then act
may get all standing staying the lost some as such
all such times and seems stay that bending a thing
time what a case can will those as all act such as
matching beyond either into means that an act
singles all such some do in open apart right seems
timing such all and then what come going as
doing near either all or such that standing wills
parts once as ever an all that matches such
stands as thus and such and all as say a tend
that thinks as past a during such all pointed
to pass last as all could such in a back match
looming tends that act in such a thing as all comes
and acts or does when doings act as means of all such
a down till a mean before long for an all very such
could lap or twin a case will of meaning last all
done to
this cap as a say tends all such to matching a during thing
a bend staying all means such as thinking does to
a single as the will as a thing to meaning all
such really during caps the bolt of seeming to say
all such might as might head an aside timing on
and on all this meaning such as to doing
a single somewhat really matching can
do pass all such as only one can
all because the last such all looms within
itself all such as itself
all looming all as such a one all bolts and such





during often and plenty near to
during as such till itself nor with once pass
one this out that often may a during
since whiles about that same as often a
during amid while stands hence tend as seem
and some a what often during stays seems
ever so some which ever often right abouts
could point and said tends to often as much
as during can everything same as stand to
match so yet often of near a whole during
heading backs to during such often as done
at a one just above as ever a during as
comes say a tending out to often a whole one
really as at some same nearly past match often
single will by then downs often means during
stand everything last as whole can often kind of
twin may will send some during via last or whole
even amid then some along while during yet often
a seldom a very other as where as either could during it be
past tending where during it seem opening sent points
out by the coming open clad dial tends to
other having fewer means besides means during
the often match it stands for
may it get for times in case matches
everything and during the once along opens
the during seemed dials as may beside the points parts
singles that this during some that often bend acts
seeming that may get has got during an often whole
and just stand there having fewer means some tending nearer
often during apart further then even could it can



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