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Clark Coolidge
from Space
(Harper & Row, 1970)


Bontecou Chandelier

guiding (along the) studio to black soapbar
to city to lumpy to county to straw    (heads)
"class" knive there tines            (Brewery)
fist emitter, nates or staples
cow over january    (Of Hag)     the Bell be belt to whist to lab

Benson's Balloon   (brown rust slats)   cap bouncer
topples brass lag of genuine       (ten last coral keys)
picture grips frame lost in sounds in candy    (soundings)
Barrel.     & have it the ten "tells".       Money.
lots contentment, grease or asp
the white like      the cancel

jars    jars    jars    oil     staples    donuts
wire, at the wrist, the Hey

Crenulated.     Absolving.      Holiday Swells.
meant snake to draw      to slight slide to it
cuss snow car crust      (drainage, Albany)     rubble
can in sincerity               (lumps, jeers)
bent nose ends fires      (mattress, Iron)
          Jersey, Jersey



The So (Part Two)

backed hole, the night rip, the stand sags
so you?    hedge & lance, the right rip
so bound & leaf lance, hedge
hedge the right stand, rip it & sags
smacks lands, cart backed & the hole
right stand so you?    sooner?    melds
the night stander rips & so you sags
echo glancer type & rips? stands so.

patch conning hedge & the right sog lance
rip it? stands. the leaf in night so bound
leaf thru you to right stander spits & sogs, if?
smack lander carting, backed & stand
ing it right you so? lands, hedge & stands so
over caution rip & blend, meld, launch stand & rip

hole the backed rip, stand cart you?    the hole so
type rip & night type blands, smack stands & stander
echo glancer stander lander, if?
night in the right rift, glancing & lanker
soon to meld & echo you, if, rip, sands
the sand so, oh you?    & rightly in the rift
land echos smack midrift, right.
so you sag leaf lip    & the night stand rips so
                                ripe cart the sands
                                echos sooner
                                you if
                                                   so if?



miss      ship
tow new
a gray
               thin are under
a blacker
                             G road
stand grayling powder none
                             stiff coiler some
trouble an
                  pin     pin     pin     pin     pin     pin





country an of      plan gar tine        three plow low S patting
     then by when      thrown remarked        pall tennis the in
why the but an      sees urge twos    grant lot pond band
     phenolphthalein       lock ate ease         truths fences
fen tome days knees   purr load hob        in on or is as
     these once bout        educational done       an among or lye
down new of an      pen how chap       pole ease noun nine
     sort tho too thing             veins the yet       that in of get
washbasin the on      there thrush then        balustrade lets
     half too over            the such some        pin argonaut
this past liked          wan N moan enamel       every so latch no
     rainy add only             cost pin last            say hock odd main
lob of a a hour         am air one         all of on cone mine your
     reveal were chop          low rook fame no    gone plane brim
my from even or mate      dents while live         ham this so
     them hemp             first last some dome          main there fire
walls so bill           dwindle sent said mint                crew dent
     of unless                 was with to it         took at else
vanilla shall straw               down told           apart din frill be
     grow vans stock         seem roll ale           not not than pins
cogs are say            spoken leave nor         room at to may
     passage just side                full are am end       fame churn saw in
mix aboard motto         should were west         other see or bell
     long much both             it lap what do             ten stout vague
in had on brings           the in stairs in like           back about little
     was any it low           cam cap do ohm     that them than is
plant or then           of of there scepter          how pith whim vein
     noun gopher          then by be which no     pint wills when if
trifler providence add              cent says den           ever match been
     roll opaque an           sign sigh angular           arc earn bias
face roof clad       at tilt an quash teller               out put pull do













cull band loom bound



















prune acrylic whose
marls pays loops watts
         lock mix deem
                      white apart
















































is so

















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