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Clark Coolidge
The Book of Stirs
(Seeing Eye Books, 1998)

                         Ex Libris Prospero

Make all from a string of puzzlements
the hum of your needs, a thread
none of these persons are hopeful but bejeweled
harmful but neat in plan and doze to the limit
of solaces to have not, this is one ball
of the pending matters, entrance

Made of aim, part to steer, to stow be sure
enablement bends in air, the wall against ourselves
fell not at all at the hospital's whistle, which grasp
a bend for your cares and pipe hearts, much as
hours come true haps astride the blast, go
and speech itself the ground that runs us

Rings it, I see lights that make up more
of a block here than night, corybantic nods?
selvers many, the cause is rather a power
not the pause between skips
of a lunging helpmeet brought waffling to the veer
a Typhon over there keeps our year

Blown on and through, which room tends the winds?
you know not as hell so haul in appliance, a testing
of the wins to see which dares, a spine to up and flee
as hell is connective, connection all near and spells by
so I draw myself a finding sheet, wintry

What name the sea in its silence of color
I work to hear such present peace, I burst
I bow into the room, ride down into styles of silence
I could haul down silence, impress the peace in core
of putty chance authority, a sovereignty serviceable as dull
it winds and my talk and I stay it all so long
the plumb tongue will not twist
shift, though it's bound to

Such a plucked assembly is this?
the breathing of things will always have you down
give me a bally slot through which to run things
wash, then tuck smile as if there's the place
where I tend and hiss the matutinal gabardines

Here on this landing the transparent tree
is a door to many trees, as this is seen
will this be where we live now on to teem?
be this howling advantage most perfect hoop of
my brain as leaky as a nutshell and as barring
the placing of least drowned oral men, are there others?
women to be near so now we split, the hand then opened

The sky is full of sills, beaks then careless aclog with furlongs
turn a barren back to the loose stuck seas, holding of widening fears
must the stern song of a cold bird be up?
the time must be merely, the split against where lies
the map browned in bowsprit where the sprung limb launches
the dryness it is that maps me, the throning grids of brain
scald, peer, hold split ground when the surest lie
tend then leave them, the will's done

Grounded hates, as she does a bird that walks, then shies
down racing tongues, the clarity of a looseness enables
a heart in its knock to final pieces, labels thus turned
to the everly more done at the double to pour at its mounting
the earth has come freighted, none to bar our fright
fire pole to parallel god of stance
put woe's own harm to it, splits tapping at one stone's pitch
my marker down to the pray collected

Aftermath overtops, we only deal in results ramify
not at the count of act, now take home a tablet of furry war
your peck, the hard though filmy habit stays then stays
let's start, the mark is at the meet with doubt, straight loss
a particle of no mating, stop at the owl of the circle
ovum of the date, it's cold where we stand down and clear
I see the date then it's lost, the clown in the plural blurs
planet grown shore from its blows

This stone is my mood at noon in point of chamber
woken to time's fool's wobbles, wide as a ladder to the hand
the brain of the lungs, the too heavy nail to ray slides beyond
there is no such metal forever outside the brain
and here where it comes we are, the sea mounting to its fire
the ashes brought to their stones out
persons only crowded to their handles

That the cheek of its scent is sweeted, roundly planked
crowned to the prong, we're moored with the men named zinc
gone ashcarts in the dew, villanelles of avoided subsequence
cough dust whose apple stays to the one cell viable, my cell enterable
in a bell lean list of closed places, erasable centers
where I stand all that lands to a thought but meddles

It's the flyaway tear of this sheet that perturbs
or had you not seen the rocket that happened?
the sea within the earth that got vented, away boats
sit and wink as may be, hours among cells to pay
remembrance is slatted and set, none may pay it pass
hour's come the loaf dropped into the arms, be you out or no
I fear there's no standing beyond anything, robust beard that you are

Must all those dreams still live on my mind?
is it dark behind the pass of time? or stranded as
the play of fish, the mist of universal heaves, turns
to listen, you'd best though asink, then caved the keg
in my trunk for all the samey sentences I trash
escape so long it trills to even be, help bleed
what is the position of time on flooded ground
though it marry itself twist and bond about, replant
instead of roofing wheels the skies in shred to last
so I may be, you may time me

Pray what's the substitution there? inkwells flaming in again
hover it to strain my lines, nothing so bold it lacks drinking in
to topple the towers there's no screen behind, no totaling bid
to hiss him back that tarries with scoured funds
let's dry no payment of ignoble scraping, the only of it
most is the rock of the pen on matter, wing by screw
score and bend and fix a comet to his crown who deals
condition in its fineness a buckleload of books
braced and sculpted, fired from each its sounded well
I turn to spell you back so don my enemy suit
will burst amount to absolute discharge, brightly final

The world's the room and the none that knew it
file by throaty in toddled hymn, abridge these chairs
the final sea is due the rubbage on your cast of hue
robed or knifeless scored to the tone of cables baring
this to tap the nascent heights of a strontium
called barium by bears, run down by seals, starving
in laced hookery and mock trepan, iridium
I knew not, pelican never, rage of dumb on high
a case of ends in premise, lock envy on repeat
mocked as the one brother by his falser mind

These waved wings so prick the rats will sigh
it's a month of loving lack put wrong to trouble
the loam and the deck of the furl and hide of that
all keeps a burden bellied, the sea to drop in ash
to our devises? bugger the sign, rooms are furnished with books
see you? sea to arise in your stomach if you loan your skeleton
prow to the weeds of masterless providence, harbor of the hours
would the visages of that night prate a time, the price
the accidental star, acme sapphire to raise this sea

Might be it's made of purple mischief this staff
ability rays around your treacle, wind welcome, mass of my hoping
and blades will dull as your spirit bade you, told to a tree
then high and been weighed the vorpal paid then zazzed out, remount
the sack to your twaddle I ready now for you
for all the good its coming does

Task is I'd bid those any of the pack clouds to curl
toil, that's the mask kept hollering back and built boardways
might hap I can fly yards milk by mast by placky care
the joining of meats was there, sell mine and then sue you
the cause is in the moving, carcass for afternoon and the puzzle fled
before I incline to flame directly, cod of my handsome flake you
fire in the cracks through your hair

There's muscle there, at the waist where yards of burn do meet
and the cod-dancer answers arrows, brave and fond as true coil
just the thought to leap upon my garments, yardarms spread
and not a hair was touched, cap gown and lanced parsers
retort'll be caught in my main tree, the leveler of answerhood
that and a raygun map of paradise, sure and unmemorized

Haggle for a close snatch of this north shore area too, middle wave
the air of such sighs now kept in my lamp, my aim so poor
to play know-arms with part away averages up to brought himself sitting
with sighs also, stub foot with a math note, a combuster
let's take down and listen to what ships

And sun all stowed to sleep beneath their catches
I have no more memory of a year
then a vein of snow in the marrying, time of covetry
warms and boils and gives answer arms, tug at the cooling of this isle
your neighbor my answer, rest your feet, able stuck sass
I candled up my hill of vexness, arbor twitch it and tell
they mayhaps join the capes with ropes all in antlers
ivory of the iron keeps the bell, a bound additional wonder
chaired miranda of the belted wonders

How can demand? and then moody of that how toil?
more? glass must be grave, more passed than tossed
you handle garments feign a stick geology, antepenult diviner
barked the scads off my liberty, pretty mistaken erasure of toils
make tails and trail me true year all positional loss
ooze deeper than salt loss and she just does fret
to enable and forget

She does run a sharp sword across the north deeps
does a hill's business in baked veins, marled heels
but this here tangle the hoop that lies, the bitter drooping cue
cage of your dogs, mistaken hearing bunkum to clean clocks?
miles dull at your hake, Mulligan walker and straw killer
hast you forgot on your bearing the canticle well swooned?
for one thing true is that this is not truth
be made bare and wait for it

Maybe one that the sizzlers shake on, styles that go pale
the closer to the hill's woven cells, far in the broken keen
avail you, hide where it all waits, pile in dull van
nohap it still rolls, buries but moves hoist in a bowl's lap
I had that half answer, botherer, came down a few
or ring them so to, had to earthly command her pod-hunting nest
then years in wheels, whatever her servant can and in spite
of the whack and smile of double rules, helped silver and grates
I'll remain in turn to groan this island as the miller strikes
as a con man to define last laps

There be three keys to the cabin, one of fur
one of the labile densities and one in case, do you dig?
someone makes of pine and lets it out, the flash invisible mine
you slept in vanishing hash away, the dream out of doors
the seldom wait nodding in veils and standard to the construct
earthly feels go bidding no matter an ocean and its coals so
what to say what shall I do to grace the stamp of an eyeball shape
it's well to go through encased in cap and belly larder
start increasing loud and make the pelt of story's weight lag true
some kinds in this yield to the shake

A bucket of prime and brim with me
lest sand cap its former beauty send on
no truck with the failure of its answering mates
a tongue of the thundering face set back, a lump
interiority to spare and rave the sent palaver show
must get that kneecap brushed, spend in wades
and term a farm awash an end, no prattle furthers
a tortoise, when?

A time of comedy, turn and it prospers
the compass activity of monkeys in a cemetery
a blow then a matter of whether you marry
the brain to come to, the average in a hurry
you brawl until you bury the shoe, Palooka

Stand here, foolish as a placement in rock
the air hammer you keep from me, it papers masses
enables the lands as peopled else, neither is
either of the other's own, the more taught the less light on you
more would be done, superior in sand, mount a rake
and pray the sun more capable of ill, still as each hour's capable
daily mounted in rock, the center of each sun, the more the moon
the rest is creature, one's own meaning the steepest pain made through
and taken in the mask, direct brute report of broke dark thing
its aviary waves as purposed as words be made

Directly dull and in simple pull the edge on any match for all that
tempts with ability curses, the seeds of cramps, larval natures
come fiery surety long and spent confined to the level subjects
where is duress? the miles of profit beyond any farm
support a shot of the diurnal service pressed beyond units
then learn me that and leave it, the hook's to other businesses
aches to color in my bone's own dimness coming

A veritable seed caravan, power slave my man
he put that yellow in the ceiling so that hands will handle sands the better
preemptive cutter strikes, then will it sweet the plan enforce
chambers of the strutting strain enabled to earth or its airy centers
best to charge, neighbor shine or kick the latch, the cause
waters of to follow then I'm gone
and the lands thereof will draw to

The air that it begins, the seldom in which to settle
bell then gone prime down lest nothing begins it all again
my head's in the answer the heart is all question, following able
waiting on the music of time's construe, a mastered sole wrack
bitter in leaves from all those shoes avoiding skates and tuck inch
a dual role to savor, sweet as rather and as sort
a prescriptive shelter bet I thought would hold the match
but is gone, the head held up and nothing moving

The balcony to air this beyond intention, variegated livid
darned to saddle that that middle to its median lies
nothing to be made of such eyes, sponge effect of future levels
interment bends so watch it kid the dial to a spy charge
nothing but will trade on a late change, a strafing note
so wide it windows and villages let below exchanged ocean
its elements cut with rope, bell division and crested dives
one over from the sterling sun or meddle pan or duty hole
we fell within all fright once capped yet corsetted
down, enough will rise to catch your pride and have it
a neighborly strangeness of the eyes to hide

Nor no one sound was sung to be made
we lived all that night so much more to be said
a limpness sharpens in dreary happens, these dreadful dressers
salt so many ants to that mile hill, his sweater swallowers
they are evenings, those spent hollows of aim and skirt distress
a novel to be opened and met with light, melt, shake true
free novelty belie its barriers though stable so near them
then shades will show, lumpy in effect most familiars
live on lozenge though they call it stew, make away

So to be made about, they come it goes on, advances
harbor the fringed senses, host partitions of something stained
of which circling the very language is made, and made about, on loan
the curvature a simple, lay knowledge of an endless stowing
not so simple as that prayer it remain, the struck divulged
answer again an arrow volute against sadness rapt
a freeness of the primes gels not till the freshest remains
do tell, then veer from whatever void the more

These gain hot perfections, know such numbers lost to pronounce?
a gallant hand pay in? stumble up to bear what must remain
there are numbers of things, elephant lands of glare and plot
it's gone off under, gone on bounder again and told escapes at speed
you mind relating in temporary gifts the goal that hems and such
be spread in a tuck for, vespers alarm in trunks that stick
the latch, so spends it well this hitch you take in junior time?
it snaps me, and so in broken speaking shall, a novelty
and novel so to pour it through

I see a redness where in air should be a softness
one single thing too long that it be wondered at so
somewhat over the neckbone and blown then on a long peer
and gone, it's done that once I led to the tune
the knowledge of never in beheld control, cumbersome that
to map the whole rapt route of one's throat, whatever
rate or stage of habit, no more than
in the first sight of a word one's powers
too light and one is charged with the matters
the close of a race of solace with spoken holes

Spaced as a mess upon the shores of your eye
I think I thought I heard you smile
so comfortable in sorrows you are their master?
this the millions wish, to wind up watching the wit of another strike
will not give in or up, one, or tell what enters speech
enough that it is what the true liar spent, rock as a cog
in its burial wall of this isle that once was a desert
all a matter of knocking

Then when someone named Doctor Wood comes we'll all slow down
let's be temporal, forget the delivery, forked off the map
is nothing to be real? a light goes on, the island again a desert
leans in like air and learnedly, who's stolen a watch on such compasses?
apply salt compresses who would not breathe through rotten lungs
rather poll the winds than snap at half the advantages
swollen I peered but full or no there's little knowledge in it
leave the road totally, the truth entirely then snap

Whose heart is full of harp, that kind of miracle
with bends you must avoid and turns you make to cap the illness
of an easiness its overtures have pockets hold temporal chairs
his chin on the vine, who would ask him that in faith
nothing impossible is miraculous in due time, does it clear?
apples in the beveled island home, make a pair and I'll carry you
keep your pain from the very sowing of it
house walls and house well in good issue, be meant forth
not in cram but in being against, the number's up, that fresh
but any like spoken for now is closeted, would I had
rubbed it hard for sense

Heard that nothing, whatever might be said to mind someone
vested each in turn to your keeping, held the water and main
slammed combed slatted and keen whole hauled it
a raisin to its own music might be shot a higher lick
bold though bowed to the shore that sent thee, sorry
made up a couple but they could largely stand, hooked
sanded throttled and kept that which orders it true
no doubt is gone

Hang the forest throat for it to soothe you? may bear
on what interim volt skies off the rifling of tatters to tune
firm in the inviting though gone fluid to ground, loosely styled
and brinked abrupt each pulpit step, a short in the head remember
it keeps its own orders? please to map the staff of all
the ores in each its landings sprung to hand to hang the mind
a heavier mirror to every end needs the multiplication to quell it
I hold marriage in team though it winters not well

Doing the conspiracy number, is that far from draining keyboards?
unheld and during, this absorbs you into plaster radiation
that the tried is blamed for, you're under wave banishment?
I'll have a higher way than your window, blunt striker then
are added up avenues off-sense? bulk kept hitting you
flung in the belt in the head bells of all able answers
would have to bring a cake of off for you, branch stashers
this is alluvial this call, one rubbing of the plaster of sores into waves
this raising of an island very foul

And sore imagined, place to fly from
take the enabled cave or similar parasol cell
son of Arabia the Production Man, his give-away lariat to start
the inevitable stalling, pocket mat by leash cast, dark to have it
a middle of the midnight old cash nag is darning from
the china of stewbell and wheatraise decked a whole London of farms
passed by the fault's own plaster choreography, Lard Dentista
dropped a couple carnivals anyway

Are you enjoying something? everything, my joker, comes
from the mouth, in perfection of the eating at nothing
we oil our cares, who does or is laughed at, would
you bring among your subjects a sun? not a need?
another whole grain quiver of questions vented, but
then nothing marks this talk for who could spell it?

Mixing it up for a sun extinguisher, are you so
natural and alarming, poisoned by the perfections and high to
the north of all abundance, slammed in blame of all innocence
the rostrum is endless, the voting booth dim
so how can we care beyond the latest averages, would you rather be
left on the sun, a product of the moon's engines and brain dry somehow?
not such as a nipple on the lung to laugh at, accident calling
nimble reeds of relax and plot the marry continuance of the fooling
a long flat thing, had vulcanized the moon in its spheres
change about the change driven

Was that it and was I soon asleep at it? sleep's an adventure
soon shut up in the thoughts, the eyes' closed reprise
and no account debate, you'll lose it, all, as inclined to be safe
the drowse takes down, the achen burnish of plowed adare
will rate the quality of it one, and then again at Turkish velocities
the climate dries, all such optical sinks and once again brims them
but my sleep is not so disposed

Have you heard it said, did you hear me speak?
soon so to do my habit is to flow, brained to make
a waking strong drop, you'd swear there's meaning in this rattle
overborn in a wind row as standing water, I'll show you its repose
matters whileways, double ebbed minewheel or so its claim
a bucket of such and then drown its embers
we swear by placements of the broken wink

Get it nodded laid on in the morning, sun pump
hung to the spring with that final G, even spattered
with weakness in tune and off a mile from care
a sort of chalky porcelain lean toward memory in spigot
that's the ticket, but only this button cheek's alive
beyond life at such a nimble rate that he's gone

And on in wash pants, hat rack in spares, a gum of no identity
how to sharpen a space above every cry, the wall birds and where
I go but this moon's too slow, aching for an opening
gate to an act in which what's past is proof is a rating space
a tongue in every cubit, how come he rules and then he sleeps?
see that? from whom what and broke and just slowed everything
as if in a sleep to bore understanding

In such woods I'd be content with hot wax
said need for a mind that would do
mines a few horse operas in scumbled black crying space
an onyx for my vest, don't you advance? the highway
is for gamblers won't you tender me a context
bare of that? an offload and paid by your sense
a cement of the load minds, erasers and their coppers
defilement of the garments more set than before
stow such feats as have befallen you brother my man

It's an hour of night up to milk the clock the cat says
modesty in eyes of sleet are drawn then depart
did we make out what pieces, the liars are going three inks further
as ever, the candied lie's a horror of obedience and flair
the earth of norm lays to, opens to the bed bow in behavioral glances
little drinks of peat in rows where open farms and diamonds
jack, unlatch your package and stay now you know what's in it
Pycopay wasn't it? that bleary tag beneath the beckon stone

We're just up the hill here, nearby they call it, abide by
hand the one word tribute, cake of my preservation foresees
ghastly then dies, or reaches up to where matter is drawn from and
then he dies, thought laughable to the master of the castle of danger
all slanted in his dry haps, shake off the plumb bob humming
then fear nothing, pending is the nothing this noise tried to open

Are you sure you heard it roar? it's an each that not
quite matches, a courseless place of opening weapons
started here then searched the beasts to there, canny weather
the where the sleep of the sun dog waits on high reef and chattery
a melt's foot dare the nothing to go on or to seek, but mine
eyes in their padded shade did

Avuncular this that heard you, a card outpaid
as if the paint house of this lore hoisted loose
imitation firebrands are coming, drawls hasty by the inch
and to reach, I rehearse the noise of wood that it settle me
but there are sneaks wear no stones yet the sun sucks
the stones flat in team and in mist meat curse
I'll pitch but you must tumble to these apes that may bite
no matter the must of your fiery wish, no spirits to hear me
no tubas slung in treetrunks, these woods are houseless
are they not leather in their truck and lent to a centipede standing
I make the aim but similar all I add I must wind to madness

I don't sweat a hair but must hang on here numberless
liaress avoid my pailfuls, a featureless world one should think about?
an awful without which no sliver of a man, wrong bells
lamed in the hallway waiting on a spot of water smart by share
a misery gathered in trance doesn't it name the storm
or at least the bed its under

Shiny man strange play unable beast but chosen one
to glow on and subsidize an undertow now loose enough to sing of my shoe
or its chair, its wed to a holiday deadness, these fish have ears
if no toes to rattle under then shed yonder by huge glasses
arm the waters to warm them, abscond with a pump for the clouds
the Indians have been given and now there are no drugs left

Strange web of folding functional, ferry wheel there's no charity
only remnants of the ocular itching song, pitch it up down or go hang
a man with no ground a million legs will not do him
spell it to the devil here in relative tongues, relieve
yourself in shears, is there a language for our age?
stop looking and fly apart, we'll hold the wool until you strand us

Couples of torment, where be your phallic hatch?
I'll build further faster, moon at the aim of my standpoint
are you larger there in seep fields and thundershutter?
wonder if the taste of my bottle would fit his
it's all a removing task, this marble of the hate men
larval entry to a monstral cover bath, come in later
and save, your chaps will gape, send fractured speech to
the bottle fixture accompanying skull

That way the battle over the nebula, this the mouth from which to spoon
backward speeches, the moon over the wall, the skin on his window
elbow shrimp I must care to take in some other mouth
the one to the north on the hill that rises, those northern hateways
it'd be pressing of the devil to snap back bent, a liver
you hear? it's best not to fear what trickles from the hollows
though there blazon your key mottos

Bubble, and then blow to escape the siege of legs
the smell of some bugs to plague me at their essence feet
milled to a pith, were we not all drowned in gabardine?
to his lights the moon itself oversmokes, the lists of sailors
from a twisted bark and the brains of the gods sent
no celestial tickers, we're huddled here in monkey drag
round the coastals in grasses read the pachyderm news
and wait on our stomachs' own turns, it's ratio finding
and if you haven't squared the art of life you have not lived
in the penetrant wastes where the death is constant
that brightened word among the roasted words

Must I fling this bottle back to shore?
or must I tame it back to? I would fly at this slap
make much mission of these slipping hands afleck with sharpest torque
the liquor does it save you earthly? my cellar is but a rock
where my kinds and those of dither others slam and same
have you a whole moon dropped from nether taste?
collision I assume there where it doesn't

Come swear over the contents of this book once kissed
and give me chance of the lair, that I do the most good
in the poorest light, afraid of the very island to stand
and find me a further moral monster snoozed to rob, wrap in haste
collapse the bug-out lights, stick yourself to shadows
roll weak-kneed credulous, you must prime the moon
drink from the foot of

But this glass in hand is acid kind, do you drain not agree?
I'll drown my nails over these crabs grown wild with pigs
no alarm scabs loose from the rock for our mothers
all were divers and sank like settled roundrock vials in rows
a planet of neatsfoot vows, rose pod by tritium fountain
make like the plummetry of all our candled company
but the howling one will hear us here, we better slow
lead fish to fire the freedom of this day

Laid out alembic in a grunt lap of symmetries, stay
we are mantled here and the stocks come out and I must load
or rollicking pill dodgers assume the whole
the pile that burns wastes our day, redoubled through fresh returns
such moves are ever airy, each novel of a pack to be doubted
or we remain in a sun of the same set awaiting proof
the world is broken down behind the stuff in raise received
a bed stead, a broken coral well, three nodules for the use of worms
it's savage perhaps but stable, you gaze warily on it
globule where the precious creature ends

Here there's time for a world, pull the pin
most regarded of several harmonies, a puddle stitcher
master of health bondage, is there a carrier beyond?
striken this calcium then wrapped in its foil, no defect
perfect put as if to the other you, the one removing
my own sex from the glass, room from the drill of arrow
this place a graft of healthless jewel dearness
whose image is but another form of shape? be set
to call that one a friend who stocks the moon

A wind came waving, wooden drawn and set to
the flesh blown loose from the mouth, an answer barely
the trod-upon sake to instantly suffer any longer thing
with the patience to reside just this in condition of soleness
nothing less sound beyond hollow cased in stall
for the head is left behind drafts when it sleeps
at rim of invert mischief taken clothing long to cloud
a fool world base enough to firm no answer

All matter is encounter, I must escape to keep in kind
this rarety breed of a rain grace in sprained elastic marry
an offer of a bigger trifle set to the staring between them
cunning, isn't? hence till I'm bigger and the bulk
made plain so it shows on my thighs and knees
to die of this seeking to hide the more it does

A plenary endowment of itching asperity, the local
welded in its view to the heart of, the mention to
let's not skin a minute, when you find my hand
my heart will be in it on a limb with the sentiments
from addled bondage to the freedom of a hundred thousand bubbles
thrown as if gold against your facial hoard
to phrase but nothing zip up your aim
then to stop my book

I'll drop then serve up the monster in my head
it's made to be a gnawing you must hear, plangent
blender grown well by our casement, yellow in hold
what else could be brave, at the last I will drown my light
will straight to neither holden care nor nod in my sack
it's late and I will ail, the leagues of my ignorance a stricken standard
now go lie, not interrupt my spell with gold

And have your pick of sand fish with hairs
batrachian in sediment and pelt with piles irradiate
the mereness buckles and sandwiches invention with type
of a case destroy your dark and up the hill of shoes to tear
involves a sound to stir, months till the next tree
please you, I repeat it all I kneel in bass drone of echoes
a bath mate of the suited monster's

You can't lie to my thing here, crest and dance
a louting rock will cancel, destroy all sourceless monkeys
will you be pierced or kept by the in-glow
case of such cunning haunts, teeth below your windows
where it'll dare to come in at you, on
is the same, eldritch reach to
the plotted where the thing dare not

I imitated the island most certain, shed
in favor of the yield asleep, the tension put
as clapped out through his ear most freshly paid
I assume you dropped it back, faded friend at the hinges
more shown this patch that blows is gone, further
the bottle let by nail cannot stalemate its freshness, clatter
and rate, a mile above which all wits forsook, a player
cancelled or balanced, I can't relay which

I do not make up such a drink with fingers
it comes in at or not pretty beats of another time
his mother his father there the mutilation night withheld
to settle enough as is, then his water took some further stock
where land or not a greatness filled the edge
so to give of all the lie some further time
apology stands further off plumping

But this brain to the inners of his skull must stick
a craning loose to temper it, not, little is the pause for innard
slot in which the root grew clenched, his codes to take out
with a knife will move to startle at the edge, largen day
the disfunction of a liver brood bedevils the utensils
but his so-called books he calls them volumes in skull space
hat rack for the vizier, customary dizziness to drown
the man comes up varlet, his greatest least to be doing
hand over head in a haze to recover the depths

But I drink back spread and flout am full of monster
scraping in the night ways sully a burn I call books that
do hate me they're callous to unload, too tall to duck the sun
when I'm thus full I'll give my hand to sleep
off this tongue to beat in my head, does anatomy
make you merry?

After made length this is the last game to catch
jugged post tussle, full parrot to show yourself like
a tablet at the beaching of nobody, dying to play no one
this stone signed by the picture of not a thing, get a bed
I'll keep no razors hovering, sleep blown from a string
the mountains of dreams show riches as I'd woken on a cry
the drops began to cloud, I longed for voices to reopen my wounds
instrumental showing through the musical for nothing
quick fixture of moss upon the honeys

I will long hum the story of a sound sleep, stir you
the makings of its laying to lead after
slowness has trod these near bones to a maze
is mocked in proportion, rested in the quest for flatter liquids
but see how dull these seamonks attach
the bone to the ache precise, a liver to twitch from
brain pressed to a further thirst, wear to whack
the very privates of vigilance stay not so fresh
matters to the math shape of my brothers

Tree way in the door slope made grain its guarded sweetness
last, about it one candle to credit our belief, your cast
clogged humans of the monstrous gentle, assuming people ray shape
ponder wreck as their manners slant I'll come to both bottles
note the shape in its infancy long from tangles trots the space
makes hair of which you will find the worse
rising from fire mates with a sounding muse

But to this taste sent airs braid no tongue
where are their breasts, their heads stand out of their flesh?
whose hamster gains the stars then regains its habits
I care not a hang to which to bring you, though it be my last
the pristine vanishes, then the hollow marble sea revolves
made mad to so sling down, scratch up a fool then
in half flood an instrumental fit to your life
a drowning from what belched up then lowers, from the sound
I'd think Aladdin had coursed the bride of a madness

Then there are oval deals closed over your tables
a starting well of sword long drifts to the play of entry
not but diminishing stabs so found interminable
remember the uplift exposure, the nerves still to close
the strength to click, I give you powers
to the death in priceless drops, tongue over margins
answers to the wheel, draw up and top the sea
make stumbles quit the sands, shore lakes and creeks encumber
a barrel all of ropes repose, I renumber your strengths
straight upon your heads in nothing but falls

Cold is this grace at nothing done
had the object fit distracts my charms
so prodded the life entirely up banisters
down rows of the knit up and sundry the caliper snares
avaunt the chimney, I love to suppose and match what's dawning
though so far in stare, do you hold?

Though drowned in when spoke my charms click higher
bedded in a simple deep so prime and touched on end
there are areas storm the last of till be tuned to
latch the pipe, renew the ooze to deeply plummet
gold has the sound of that which lies mudded
and we all go crazy later

This spare gulf where not but a prism matters
lifts us from the poisons in great time, its chock halls
its racks and centrum pairing freeze to a bounty restless
this spirit is desperate and dials over dials to a dulcet

Mystic topical Onan blistered straight from the magpie pens
this is not of, but an autonomous punishment mode
yodled for you, inimitable bleaters of your own hands
empassioned in ash house you trill loose then catch again
I'll forgive not a third of your trials, lapse as may be staunch
let go the lariat and cringe, here I stand by height and treddle
vexed, that all will be made to halt behind the one I fear
stands out, the deep bleak knots grow terrible
and not take lostness as a gift

But when I crawl to bed I let fall the lamps
my April which is not a month but slung off barrens
coiled in a cup to complete the oracle, a sunday
in the space of no date, this time, collars are buried in the union
of weeds lit might stay latch out wide on the brim, dodderer's brink
the heed you take before the heaves let fall these gaining drinkers
that heed the words of mutterers at the scrounger's pale tic

Have you noticed? silence is longer at each end
a fairer drop of strain than the mistral's noises? bunko
to come the worst to opportunity's ledges, a farm on the turn
blows free and on, to be divided later as seed palaver and until
the baiting of the ender at an edge of day be solved
hurumph over peas to a completeness daily nods avoid
let's celebrate the chains beneath our founding favors
ducktail of a night's lodging, the spokes come free and peering
I'll dandle my own, take away what too soon melts to the last

Could you do another trick with these capes?
do a favor thus to most potent matter, a clapper at the gate
much pretense in the lungs at the veins of art the climes of falsehood
will you remember your bony early pens? I'd hose 'em off
and come together talking with whatever air, the bubble mistook
stay off a bit, mime on vanity, a treetrunk as hitter
as can be swung and in shifty coupled mereness the right price
be just the plink to expect, dark eye or a dash
but this is a cling for presently

The boy there is boiling under, do you lean close enough
to dead to mean it? doxology, there will be rivers in the hall
and what the incoming may say of it, bounce looseness and hanging drain
a window vertical in the roof, we approach the docks of dread
shifting answers on our hands, through the real most rich to place
is this an atrium where romance wrestles with the find?
love it, but when the snow blows through your stain, arrest

Build yourself a granite racehorse, use it to negotiate
drag stairs to a certainty, I have not known what you meant
leaving as how a broom nibbles our brims or shadows only the sponge
make a sea of what your self does arouse, penalty's keen
and we fly with our cups to all the watery arches, model kits of tongue
                                                                                                         and stone
I am proud of my blue bow to the unshrubbed earth, portions
so lacking in horizons of scarf to decorate, or tucks arrange
we have lasted so many, dropped astray into testy plots
freshened to have on our hands, and tonight the attentions

Where is the bed light, is it attached to anything
that wheel of an arm, that clutch of pillars, the hoist
drop your done torches and shoot right out, placements broken in on
all the map laid stead in the skull, my honors are marrying
do you all lurch from gardens, waltz the packs over your nebs?
I would be honored to issue and so it is with you
cornucopiad candle floss faceless in its poisons that never empty

I have soul, the heat boy trod, and it is most masticated
lumping from hereafter in the art of mines, I have never
wondered as much as a wife, sweet withal to put the silence on the snap
these books are harmless-looking where the least avenue would harm
their spells, crisp the earth-leaning canon and droll, command
the greens, wind their entireties, blend with what handles may attach
light feet will come free to celebrate any contact
legal by heavy and hollowly vanish

The cars most to come were never confident of their minutes
this the beast near forgot, a temptation no stronger life to avoid
by bell lap answer by crystalline ladder smasher we lift
but he bands behind, lashing in the hall blow and temperature cap
are these smallnesses to so distemper the day logy?
and half in the winds half in the hand, the doling out each from his town
we have most of the each way there, our air is so

But sly our portion now is quicked, in space of blenders
as imported you blurred all mentions scad gold to the hilts
or molds of hills, guarded as melts in sound comparison
their simples raised to thins, shy a cambric wrist of tea
scored as baseless placement the hoard so globe and pouches
shown as the all great itself shall dissolve or print back whole
in gated substance, ratchet but a lean upon, no rack
someone here has stumbled to it, coupled clear as raid

For we are stuff to the wheel on which our baited days
that our flighted rolls the marvel of overhaste bedazzles
a smallness of the round that it be round, its size is left behind
we deem, are left to, waiting on and nothing precedes
the troubling a silence, a turn taken on and then we're out of it
a few cells of weakness still to show and then I'll walk
just such a further mind so in its turns to beat

Come to think, thin metal of such cleavage to arrive
who will prepare the flesh? come to watch, I doubt
and flute it through old chips and spare most matters
the person's dome goes off and what comes seething in
enters not so his anger won't be, hits rims and steers
inevitably hieratic in its twist and ground beat with sure nuts
it's arrived at in the kissing of the breaths as their faces shorten
bends of that project be tabled, prosaic these wreathes
and settled these weathers, I'll seal their magic in such lids

Go to thievery and pool what sells above your rafter
the very ground a bending fatality in the wake of what cells
your lake up to the chin is left, let that bird's feet stink
the whole house a thievery so gotten to, throttled on
the devil is born in a stuck on it nature, the one minds lose
evening up till it all roars, the body to show up on parallel lines
it's made in halves as is known, a wet show, a paddle finery
particular and lonesome, a map of all the cankers to come

But the largest blind footfall in the staring hole, why
an entrance behind a fool be thought harmless? play jacks with horsepiss
my cell will wither and tangle sprouts along its flanges and win
do you say it is better left great than played with us? and until?
even a horse would not piss near its hall, you are lost?
I speak the price onward and handle hardly at all, the chance
I wink at own fault? there's no chance to the heat of monsters
therefore fuck softly lest you lose all your rattles in the pool

But my bottle is the huge one of infinite loss, carry you?
not much more tell to my wetting, be it quiet at the mouth
the fool born stands that none may write it by, settle on
whatever thoughts may belong to my hand, the wiser by the wish
grown inept belongs to trash, vapors, loose cachet, emollient stew
to catch a breakdown the stuff of such luggage, make piece haulage
reached such a peak the skin be filled with pinches
those audible wedges

Will this mash you yet another line to lose?
there's little time to level and lure of it yet an excellent prattle
the barline swerves in this humming, granted-its own castle pew backwards
yet we grate and lose time to those apes wherefrom the catch
come put said line away among the rest, take a blending firm
and shed to carry, we know no setting but the silver mountains
say those, the ones who plumb the swings of a hearty tarrying

Grind, then turn to help your head on low, dapple hands
cream the storm loose of its cogged laughter that salts and shoals not
we convulse in the morning full to our sinews the nerves do plant
the arrival of cramps brings up spotted, pulled a hank of the roar
these unusual earths take some jarring to carry, wall by fillboard null
off to the zooery though I shorten, take the blinking in a tad
to the joins let us wind all sound, no sign to phase an hour's air
and we land free it whole to take in with us

Most of all things that slur by without shape, we seem them then
to have a project crack, obtain first the head then table it going
tip the alembic in half his task, overblown moon may teak my share
oblong wedges the galleries token, there is no carriage to this day
the one in which nothing drops or encloses finish either, hallmark
train and lose you, whenever will the small ones cease
no share at which time should drop, fashioned in bitter confines
we have at last our laughter brought out of the strain of talk
raise battles of a health in strife, the weather to rehearse your cell
I'll go hover the brim to, brains encased in beads and soft
the elegant lids engage then soak in their going

This charm will only give me back my sorrow
so strongly drops to be tender, veils of self leach a touch
the faults of the day run down, are you sent such in thought
none of mine of an air but that air, be you selfless
a passion not only of the quickness is struck, be all
the more sharply whistled the more short of a drift this purpose
I hear the scratch of it down

Where even the sky is chaos and we don't, when all
the evening parts are torn, the boy there is and soils
what is it and does it live clad enough to dry and shore it
in entropy, there would lie slivers of a ball, heating and other
metal elements, polls in the draft and what the encomium sags past
a steamroll to slice a hoof

These are the dolls of an ingrown scene, a larger standing
dread of what starts on grounds and learns with the hands
an unoval hard of wrestles with the find, or a nearly
atrium bud sufficient to core it, state what ebbs on floats
or the hurled deals when the chase comes back, once we do fly
though the moon take no print of the foot, came back without a stir
these edges whose aid collapses terrible coinage of the true maze
it's corpseless but trying and the crows of sow blue bite
come leaping out of their highwire cars ready with the closing storms

These beds though weak in tread are rimmed with suns
apothecary realms sift back and the adjusted vault strikes oak
till told in fires between the seas a green poke comes to root
and we snap and have flame and wanders jerking the tails of cumbrous
and sundry noon till this plan war, I'll take the mute point
and sit like a murmuring master and jut, rattled in bolts to the amazon seal
and clamored wet and stubbed though be called forth a sea
a marmoreal lagging after made shiver by curfew toll
then live in the stone and form it

Have the ones who may measure keep watch on my skull
though only one there be who can master it
more milers will take on my senses till they break
sound and merge a total mine of charms and heeds
this senseless brisk of rough and lead emergence
coils this depth is for, a music only formed to drop
these buries as if drownings cups of shoring up do take
and light and the longer the lamps themselves do show
I'll stop the act, I'll stick this book
chalcedony over heels and belfry flies
the flagon agate of a vagrant art

I am, and no sooner flies creep than dance
the whole of all that tune and slide the threading through
occluding anvil thought, I'd bury very air and skill
though notching armfuls claim our vow, a nod in a nip to potence
in a sailing lump too skim to bear, laid open till another hear
will ride down further from this low-end music, the bending of staves
the end of this night where my arrow lies
clusters shoulder a shorted nature's share

I make it be seen then I stow it, lock it
down into the plenties of earth paven wallets a smell rises
as the circle is cured they enter, the ones, the moving
steels of a dark charm run in disturb of the melting senses
I have thought these risen clearer, the halts and their blends
you wave over the coast of world and heed, where home is a broth
and I seek no blood for the flesh, I want news to rise
whose cells go muddy in the thumb, there spell I

More than the quick spirit is present, shown off in lacks and sends
the belly of an owl on a bat's flat back, how increase
the crinkle lies in an ease no tenement to leap from
or browse in silent earnest, they scowl through liquid blossoms
under sucking of the blouse, its radiant missing sleep under snatches
woken plants are kept, air my few, engage my raid
the dawn is inevitables invisible in a freedom from what hatches

Or was it thought that beat pulse in two out of
aim the drink and return, do we reside in the twice-beaten?
all trial in the doubles a maze of discernment tongue over till
the mind of such a fear is wrong in assurance, to or fro placement
the minerals hold a madness in my blood, I crave to brood
is it so wrong to be living and not swear to pluck a brace of
confidence so minded, for there's no time to the latest

Or is it the fault of rank mouth, so strewn is its sod
lost the hours must restore, the rest not think
come wracked past cure are we shoved and surety cracked
the memory's no cue past this curve once twice, as you like
this stretching lack of grace? where it's put time wears
but there are weaker fears, much loss of wind to that ooze
that bares then flies stop the sound of your daughters growing scarcer

It's the throne of water where words jut no further than their breath
a mop up it is of, a waddle beyond the waltzes churn your senses
is this not the landed brown of natural day loose in its onions
and strangely though its better series are welcomed as a wreck is landed
and not yet more of this to the asking which notch of this cell wish you
do you care to look again, a bargain on the ramping of all wants
the lamp's spit out, the wall is gone and I play with all my falseness
inscrutable dark before the fire's remove

Then are continental gems and coverings oil to all my willings
broke, the context is not faithless but another tongue to loose
the sharing of nothing breaks off and we shut, cursing the merciless causals
such a wonder such a world be new, again as normalcy vaunted
her scowl bled off at such a cost the world to remembrance buckles
and stretches from such that a compass comes about in relay
the solving of the dare of a people in play at the coming of it

We waste more mortal advice on a scad, it's been told
the rest is reknown, sound and restless havings, dulcimer
received a second life though stopped oddly before the mast
I reach nothing but a heavier heaven and drop the chalk
lets have us a tune of a bigness with common pillars, cranes
umbilical dash to the heart in own hands, iron ponds
stretched human of given witless, a list to be filled
a number to be filed, okayed in dust delayed

What is the new if not the mouth to have, this rig
to embrace, this frogged and yearly tight of a service relapses
all such to be done since it went, are we rafts of hirelings?
capped to a trick the natural strange to think of, metal does sound
has us jump to please and no stop outside to lock up the dream
for all and good the several noises, sort of codicil liberties taken

Heap it to the bridge with unbended bars, make a seldom
and on it train the loath to fly among, buy all the fruit
I can hear in my head to sling it, down for the rest and steady on
nothing to plan that it flow and ebb about as matches half
the flavor a tongue may rinse from memory risen and tangling
the two things of darkness meet the demijohn of light
it takes some having, the acknowledging down of mine

Or be touched with shortness at a later half, the due
is come to light the lamps that score my bones a track to dice
or overly stirred proportions stung under lamps at the hall of eyes
they lay, each cell an island for the thrift of shifters
pardonable jugglers of the mast for the fist, the face for the mass
or from it comes double true, the grace of this dull
to fool away, steal a vein to go to

So gone particular for discourse this accident of story plain
no such plans to be made quick away, enobled in surmise
of the better oxygens no aim to skip each thought my third
these shall be grave and long the hearings to be strangely thrust
I link at all, I polish the gales, the mess for partner seas
a wally gale so fleet the marble nations catch on call
to charge at a click the snarey fault drawn so free to near

But little is in my having lacking your direction, scenes
barers of style, shown catches and ears no rubber glares
while least teams come to strength in one's owning
a paster of lots on realms, bystander of placement, ogler
of the confidence faint, on plurals airy knolls your takes
but I, by and largeness melts my aim, let me not
in charm so big cast the spell of it bare, down its lists
wasted bonds, noise me on the skull of your hands
good opener you, project me the flames to chanted coals
the keys to please, the price nonended rites, a clamor
under the sun of a peeled disappear
the only stop to a prayer that pierces
the fault that closes, else the metals of a spirit's hell
sound indulgence when a pendulum nears
now go you to, then let me be

                              -- 21I92

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