The Weather
(For Alan Licht)

1. Winter

A couple of breaks of sunshine over the next couple of hours, what little sunshine there is left. Remember, this is the shortest day of the year. Looks like the clear skies hold off till later on tonight. It will be brisk and cold, low temperatures will range from twenty-nine in some suburbs to thirty-eight in midtown. Not a bad shopping day tomorrow, sunshine to start, then increasing clouds, still breezy, with a high near fifty. Couple of showers around tomorrow night, er, tomorrow evening, into early tomorrow night, otherwise partly cloudy later on, low thirty. For Monday, windy and colder with sunshine, a few clouds, high forty-two. And then for, er, Christmas Eve, mostly sunny, but with a chilly wind, high near forty degrees. For Christmas itself, cloudy with a chance for rain or snow, high thirty-six. Forty-three degrees right now and cloudy, relative humidity is fifty-five percent in midtown. Repeating the current temperature forty-three going down to thirty-eight in midtown.

Well, this is a very intense low and it's, uh, located just south of Jones Beach right now. It's going to be sliding off to the east, northeast, here as we, uh, go into the evening hours, but the radar is just loaded, uh, from the city back to the Delaware River. You actually have to get back to Allentown to find the end of the storm, but it's not going to be moving in any great hurry. We probably have a good four, five hours of good, steady snow, and at that time, it's going to be coming down hard, and, uh, therein lies, uh, the problem here because, uh, it's possible that, uh, the snow rate can be so heavy at times, we could easily pick up an inch or two in just one hour's time. So you've got a couple of hours of that and this, eh, one to three, eh, could be exceeded, uh, but right now we're looking for one to three in the city and Long Island, three to six in many of the western and northern suburbs, and even more than that further northwest. So just allow for some extra time to get around here this evening, it's gonna be quite messy for the next several hours. Things will start to improve after nine o'clock, it will be diminishing to flurries from west to east, probably all over by midnight. Stays very windy right on through the night, and then tomorrow will turn mostly sunny, uh, but still quite windy, with some gusts to forty and fifty miles an hour, a high of thirty-eight. Right now we have snowflakes and thirty-three, and a north wind at fifteen to twenty-five miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature thirty-three going down to thirty in midtown.

It'll be gusty and cold the rest of the day, but sunny for the most part, high temperature thirty-eight. Watch for a refreezing as the sun goes down, clear and cold tonight, diminishing wind, low twenty-four in many suburbs to thirty in midtown. Tomorrow sunny to partly cloudy high thirty-eight, then a little milder for the weekend, reaching forty-two Saturday with sunshine and forty-four on Sunday. No more storms until next week, and it may not snow again until next year. Currently winds out of the northwest at twelve, gusting to twenty-four miles per hour, relative humidity sixty-nine percent, thirty-two degrees in midtown heading for thirty-eight.

We're looking at a fair amount of sunshine as we go through the afternoon, temperatures though, staying on the chilly side, looking for a high of near forty degrees today. It's partly cloudy tonight, dry weather continues right through the weekend. We'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine for tomorrow, the high of forty degrees once again. Sunday begins a, um, warming trend, looking for a high of forty-four with partly sunny skies, also some sunshine for Monday, with a high up to forty-eight. New Year's Eve we're gonna get up near fifty degrees. Currently in Central Park, mostly sunny skies, thirty-five degrees, the humidity sixty-four percent, and the wind is northwest at seven miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature thirty-five headed up to forty in midtown.

Well, we are going to have a very tranquil weekend for the most part, uh, today, uh, sunshine, some clouds, up to around forty degrees. Uh, more clouds probably tomorrow, uh, there'll be a few flurries moving through the area later tonight and first thing tomorrow morning, not expecting to cause any problems but, uh, nonetheless, a couple of flurries passing by. Thirty-two for a low in midtown tonight, then tomorrow, temperatures again up near that forty degree mark, uh, for a high with, uh, wind picking up during the afternoon, so a little bit more uncomfortable tomorrow, from a temperature standpoint. On Monday, a limited amount of sunshine, high forty-two. More clouds for Tuesday, a breezy, milder day high fifty, watch out for some rain at night, especially if you're headed out to Times Square. Currently in Islip it's thirty, twenty-eight in Belmar, in Central Park it's thirty degrees under a partly sunny sky, the humidity at sixty-three percent, winds west at ten. Repeating the current temperature thirty degrees going up to forty in midtown.

Well, mostly clear skies, cold conditions for tonight. We're headed down to a low of thirty in midtown, twenty-two in many suburbs, then as sunshine shares the sky with some clouds tomorrow, we're headed up to a high of forty. More, in terms of clouds, move in tomorrow night, setting the stage for a cloudy day Tuesday, but a southwesterly breeze will bring in warmer air so, believe it or not, we're headed up to a high of fifty-two. It may shower on Tuesday, but more likely look for some rain Tuesday night for New Year's Eve celebrations, as well as for New Year's Day on Wednesday, the high Wednesday fifty. Forty-one, mostly cloudy, as we speak, in Central Park, the relative humidity fifty-seven percent, wind northwest at ten. Once again, forty-one headed down to thirty in midtown.

We have, uh, cloudy skies, uh, we'll see a few light showers, a touch of drizzle overnight, uh, temperatures will be staying, uh, well above the freezing mark. Watch, uh, going, well, north of the city, though, across, uh, Orange, uh, Putnam, into northern Fairfield County, uh, temperatures, uh, right around thirty, thirty-two degrees there, and there is, uh, a bit of icing taking place right now. And for tomorrow, mostly cloudy and milder, with a chance of a shower, high of fifty-two. Tomorrow evening, uh, looks like, uh, just a chance of an evening shower but, uh, as we get on toward midnight, uh, it looks like it'll be dry, uh, with, uh, temperatures, uh, around forty-three degrees at midnight in Times Square with a light northwest wind. Wednesday, New Year's Day, turning cloudy, uh, we will get into some steadier rain, probably late in the day or in the evening, and that will go, uh, right on into, uh, Thursday, high temperature on Wednesday forty-four. Right now we have forty degrees and a cloudy sky, with an east wind at six. Repeating the current temperature forty going down to thirty-five in midtown.

Well, we are looking at a, uh, cloudy, mild evening, also foggy, uh, especially on Long Island, uh, this is just the mild air coming on a southerly breeze off of the, uh, cold ocean which is, uh, causing, uh, that fog bank actually from the Verrazano Narrows bridge, all the way out to Long Island, and, uh, temperatures tonight will be staying in the forties. It'll be around forty-seven at midnight in Times Square, we may see a shower or two about that time as well, because there is going to be a cold front moving through during the middle of the night. And then tomorrow, uh, a storm on the southern end of that very same front, uh, is going to paying us a visit. So what is just going to be a shower, a bit of drizzle in the morning hours, uh, becomes a steady, cold, rain as we go through the day. Temperatures aren't gonna move much, uh, we'll stay in the lower forties, might even drop a bit in the afternoon. It's gonna get to be windy, the rain heavy at times tomorrow night, uh, even the possibility that we have, uh, some icing problems, uh, before it ends very late tomorrow night, the low temperature of thirty-two. Then on Thursday, cloudy, windy, uh, some leftover drizzle, the high of thirty-six. Right now we have fifty-two and mostly cloudy with a light west wind. Repeating the current temperature fifty-two going down to forty-two in midtown.

Um, I'm currently looking at the radar showing rain of a moderate intensity, in some cases continuing throughout the tri-state area. Our storm system right now is located off the Jersey shore, and the general movement of these, well, they're not moving much at all. Eventually the precipitation will be lifting out to the north and east on Thursday morning, as will the storm, uh, but it's still quite a bit of rain to go, especially up in the Hudson Valley, Rockland, Westchester counties, northern New Jersey. And there are winter weather advisories in effect overnight for the, uh, potential for slick travel because of freezing rain and some sleet, so, not the nicest of nights, really anywhere, um. Union County, you're under a flood warning overnight so, um, a lot of melted snow and rain combined causing problems. We're going to get a break tomorrow by mid-morning, everything should be done, but it'll be a windy and cold day and then Friday, that's when our next storm system comes in, and it looks like it'll be a snow-producer that'll last into Friday night. Thirty-seven in midtown right now, relative humidity ninety-six percent, north wind at twelve miles per hour. It's raining and thirty-seven, heading down to thirty-two.

A cloudy, cold blustery day coming up today, uh, northerly winds, uh, bringing colder air into the region, and what makes that interesting is there's also another storm brewing, this one coming out of the southwest, uh, out of the middle of the country now, and we think that means snow will begin late tonight. It'll continue tomorrow, although probably change to rain and sleet for a while in the city and coastal areas, and then end tomorrow night. We think one to three inches of snow can accumulate, on average, across the metropolitan area. Go up to Interstate 287, three to six inches seems likely, and north of there, six inches or more. Saturday behind the storm, partly sunny, blustery, and chilly, with a high in the thirties. Right now it's thirty-two and cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going up only to thirty-five.

It's a messy start here, um, we've got, uh, quite a variety of conditions right now, ranging from just an all-out snowstorm in northwestern New Jersey into, uh, northern Westchester and Fairfield County, Connecticut, uh, but you get a little bit closer in, you find mixed precipitation, snow, sleet, even some freezing rain. And you get inside, uh, the Garden State Parkway into the city and out to Long Island, we're just dealing with a cold, wind-driven rain right now. Uh, this, uh, mix is going to be changing over to snow, from west to east, as we go through the night. Uh, in the city, though it's probably going to take until after midnight and, uh, at the same time, the storm is going to be, uh, almost, uh, over. So we're not not not looking at much in the way of an accumulation of snow in the city or on Long Island, maybe a coating to perhaps an inch, uh, but the further northwest you go, the more snow you are going to see and, uh, tra... uh, travel problems. Uh, temperatures, uh, in the city getting down around the freezing mark. And then for tomorrow, uh, this system will be up, uh, east of Boston by morning, uh, and then hustling away. All that's gonna be left here is a few morning flurries, otherwise a lot of clouds and a cold wind, thirty-six for a high, partly cloudy for tomorrow night. Sunday it clouds up once again with a high of thirty-six, and just a chance we could see a little bit of snow, or just some flurries late Sunday and Sunday night. Right now thirty-three with, uh, rain and a northeast wind at twenty-three miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature thirty-three going down thirty-two in midtown.

Well, it wasn't that bad of a storm in New York City proper and certainly not, eh, in south Jersey and on Long Island, in terms of snowfall or wintry precipitation. You go really north of Interstate 84, all the way up to Interstate 88 in New York State, and that's where all the damage is done, generally two, three feet of snow in that corridor. Most of it is done, we're still seeing on radar, a little bit of light snow in eastern parts of Westchester County and in Fairfield County, but accumulations are minimal. Just watch for slippery spots over the next couple of hours this afternoon, leftover clouds and a high of thirty-six. Tonight clearing, we'll get down to twenty-eight, so watch for icy spots, some of that slush refreezing in the suburbs. Tomorrow the clouds return, high thirty-six, and we may see a little light snow or flurries late tomorrow or tomorrow night. Then clouds and flurries for Monday, high thirty-eight, clouds and some sun Tuesday. At the moment, twenty-nine in White Plains, thirty-two in Islip, thirty-one with light snow in Central Park, relative humidity ninety-six percent, winds are out of the northwest at six miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature thirty-one going up to thirty-six in midtown.

And we are going to end up with some snow as we go through the afternoon and evening hours, uh, maybe it moves in sometime late this afternoon, and could go throughout the night tonight. A coating to an inch of snow is expected for most of the area with this event. Another storm moves through late tomorrow, into tomorrow night, and once again, brings a small amount of snow into the region. By Tuesday, flurries early in the day, windy with some sun in the afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday will be considerably milder with temperatures making it, uh, well, into the middle-and-upper forties by Thursday. We are looking at temperatures again in the thirties at this point throughout most of the area. We're looking at about, oh, thirty exactly, in White Plains, thirty-three in Islip, and thirty-three in the Park, relative humidity is sixty-nine percent. Mostly sunny right now in New York City, thirty-three right now, we are going to go to thirty-six in midtown today.

Well, it's mostly light precipitation that, eh, we're seeing on the radar, and it is all in the form of snowfall, in spite of temperatures getting up above, uh, the freezing mark today, it's going to remain snow. But it is continuing to taper off, especially across North Jersey, and there's most likely going to be a few hours respite within the, uh, snowfall this afternoon. High temperature thirty-six degrees, most roadways just staying wet. What I'm cautious about is later on tonight, a cold front marches in from eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, temperatures dip back down below freezing, to a low of twenty-six degrees, so you get what's wet, freezing, and you get a covering to an inch of snowfall on top of that. Be cautious outside. Tomorrow windy and cold, clouds, sun, high thirty-two, real feel temperature is only in the teens, still windy Wednesday with a high of forty-two. Right now thirty-three Islip, thirty-two degrees, flurry action Central Park, going to thirty-six in midtown.

It's blustery and it's cold outside this morning, and it's going remain that way throughout the day today, clouds and a few peeks of sun. The, uh, air temperature will not get above freezing, and when you weigh in the effect of the wind and the cloud cover, that real feel temperature is generally going to be in the teens. Tonight some milder air will begin, uh, to push toward the area. It will eventually make itself felt, but at first it will produce a period of snow tonight, a covering to an inch can occur, even in midtown, outside of the city, uh, an inch to maybe a couple of inches. Then tomorrow, turns partly sunny, windy and milder, up to forty. We'll take a run at fifty on Thursday, back to about forty on Friday, and then blustery and, uh, colder but, uh, dry over the weekend. Right now it is twenty-seven degrees and mostly cloudy in Central Park, the humidity is sixty percent, winds from the north at twelve, that makes the real feel temperature sixteen. Again the current temperature twenty-seven going up only to thirty-two.

And what we have here tonight is, uh, brisk conditions under partly to mostly cloudy skies, uh, relatively mild, uh, temperatures, uh, staying above freezing all across the region tonight, a low of thirty-eight in midtown. And a very mild day coming up tomorrow, partly sunny, windy, fifty in the afternoon. Enjoy it, it's going away, uh, cold air is going to be plunging in here tomorrow night and Friday, uh, Friday, once again, gusty winds but, uh, we will have the sun out, but a high temperature of only thirty-eight. And then we will step it down again over the weekend, lots of sunshine both Saturday and Sunday, but brisk and cold with a high both days around thirty degrees. Right now we still have forty-three, a cloudy sky with a west wind at eight. Repeating the current temperature forty-three going down to thirty-eight in midtown.

If you're a warm weather fan, today's your day, uh, but, uh, try to get out and enjoy it because it's not going to be repeated again for a while. It's windy today, that wind will be gusting frequently to thirty miles per hour, occasionally to near forty miles per hour. The temperatures will be up and above fifty in a lot of places, through the middle of the day and this afternoon. Tonight a cold front passes through, uh, temperatures drop into the thirties tonight, stay in the thirties tomorrow, despite sunny intervals. There'll be a gusty wind tomorrow also. As for the weekend, it'll be dry but cold. No worse than partly cloudy, high temperatures around thirty, thirty-two. Nighttime lows in the city down there, twenty, and down near ten in the colder suburbs. Right now it's forty-seven, cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going up to fifty.

For the football game on Sunday in Oakland it'll be cloudy, temperatures will be in the fifties. Could be a little bit of rain, uh, around the Oakland, San Francisco area as well. Around these parts, no rain and no snow in the forecast either, but plenty of cold. It'll be partly sunny, blustery today, the temperature slowly dropping, steady to slowly falling, probably down into the middle-thirties by the end of the day, into the low twenties tonight. The both days of the weekend are sunny but cold, with high temperatures only around thirty-two. Right now it's forty-one and partly sunny in Central Park, temperature today going down to thirty-six by evening.

Well, just a cold night in progress here, mostly clear skies. Uh, we'll start the day tomorrow with temperatures in the low to middle-twenties, and we'll see intervals of clouds and sunshine tomorrow with the wind picking up, and a frontal system, which is now in the upper Great Lakes, high around thirty-eight in the afternoon. That front will move through here quietly, skies will clear once again later tomorrow night, uh, windy, low twenties for an overnight low. And then just a blustery, colder day Tuesday with a good deal of sunshine, and a high of only twenty-eight degrees. Uh, we will be in the twenties again on Wednesday, clouds and some sun, brisk, maybe, eh, some flurries. Uh, there'll be another front moving through, and behind it, uh, a dry, cold day Thursday, with a high of thirty degrees. Currently we have twenty-seven in Islip, twenty-nine and clear in Central Park, a west wind at six. Repeating the current temperature twenty-nine going down to twenty-six in midtown.

We are locked into a cold weather pattern now that's going to last all week, and probably for the next couple of weeks. Every now and then we'll get a day like today, in which temperatures moderate modestly, we'll get up close to forty this afternoon, although there will be a gusty wind. Then a fresh batch of arctic air will arrive tonight and temperatures, by daybreak tomorrow, down to near twenty, with wind blowing, and despite sunshine tomorrow, for Wednesday we're only looking at high temperatures around thirty. So, continuously below freezing from tonight, uh, probably right into, if not through the day, on Thursday. It'll cloud up Thursday and there is a chance for some snow or flurries along about Friday. Right now it's twenty-six and partly cloudy in Central Park, humidity sixty-three percent, wind, uh, from the southwest at twelve, that makes the real feel temperature fifteen. Repeating the current temperature twenty-six going up thirty-eight.

Nice and sunny outside, but it's cold and it will remain cold for the rest of the day today, the rest of this week, and probably most of, if not all of, next week. Mostly sunny, though, for the rest of the day today, with a high about thirty. Then clear tonight, low twenty in the city, but down into the teens in the suburbs. Partly to mostly sunny, cold tomorrow, high near thirty. Increasing cloudiness Thursday, and there is a chance for a period of snow Thursday night into Friday morning. That's going to depend how far north the storm, uh... we do expect it to be in the southern states, if it decides to come northward, we'll certainly keep you posted. Right now it is twenty-three and mostly sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to thirty.

Well, that four day forecast contains much of the same, just cold weather coming up, uh, for the foreseeable future. Right now, cloudy skies across the area, they're gonna stay mostly cloudy as we go through the overnight, temperatures drop off to twenty in midtown, teens in most suburbs. Then for the day on Wednesday, clouds can break for some sunshine at times, and there may be a couple of flurries as well, but temperatures can only manage the upper twenties for our highs later on Wednesday afternoon, also only in the twenties on Thursday. Thursday is dry with sunshine, followed by increasing clouds, and then Friday morning, we may see a little bit of snow or flurries, but some sunshine returns for the afternoon, Friday's high twenty-eight. Right now it's cloudy and twenty-five in Central Park, the humidity fifty percent, and the wind is from the west at nine miles an hour. Again, the current temperature twenty-five, it'll go down to twenty in midtown.

Well, uh, on this Thursday morning, early we have a clear to partly cloudy sky and, of course, it's been cold, it is cold, it will continue to be cold, seems like forever. But, uh, the question now is snow, when will it occur, how much will we get? I think the amounts will be on the light side. Of course, what is the definition of that? An inch or less in the city, and perhaps upwards of three inches on eastern Long Island. When will it happen? Well, it should all get started about twenty-four hours from now, perhaps a little sooner than that. It's ba... basically gonna be a, uh, storm out over the Atlantic, which will be pointing some of its moisture in our direction late on this Thursday night and early Friday. We'll see that light snowfall, and the temperature heading down to nineteen in midtown this morning, later today, our high thirty. And it looks like Friday and Saturday, uh, temperatures will be in the upper twenties as the cold air, uh, snow or no... that's a mainstay. Twenty-two in midtown right now, relative humidity fifty-five percent, the wind west ten miles per hour, making it feel like eleven. Clear and twenty-two heading down to nineteen.

Well, uh, right now the visibilities are up just a little bit, uh, two miles, for instance, at Newark and LaGuardia, uh, the snow coming down lightly. It was worse an hour ago, but visibilities have improved a little bit, and this is a sign, of course, that the, uh, snow is going to be much lighter, and letting up here over the next few hours. Uh, really I think, eh, whatever, uh, slippery conditions there have been, well, by the morning rush hour, they'll be gone because the roads will be treated definitely by then, so, uh, not much of an impact on the morning commute. Still, though, when all is said and done, most locations getting around an inch of snow. Later today we will see some sun, it will become windy after a low this morning of twenty-one, the high later today thirty-two. Very cold on this Friday night, the low fifteen in midtown. Uh, we haven't been fifteen in Central Park in over two years, and there will be lots of readings in the single digits in the suburbs. Looks like a cold weekend coming up, temperatures Saturday in the twenties. Right now twenty-three in midtown, the relative humidity ninety-six percent, light and variable winds, snowing lightly. Twenty-three, we're heading down to twenty-one.

Well, it's going to be moonlit for the first part of the night, but we're going to see the clouds increase, as a cold front heads eastward across, uh, Pennsylvania and New York, and eventually, uh, there could be some flurries breaking out as well, low sixteen in midtown, six in many of the suburbs. Any flurries should depart by the afternoon tomorrow, clouds, some sun, brisk and cold, the high of twenty-eight. Mainly cloudy tomorrow night with a low of twenty. A bit of snow or flurries to start on Monday, otherwise clouds and sun, high thirty-two. And for Tuesday and Wednesday, bitterly cold again, with some sunshine, high both days twenty-one. We're at twenty-one right now, humidity forty-five percent, under clear skies, the wind from the west at five miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature twenty-one going down to sixteen in midtown.

Well, more cold weather today, and also more cold weather for much of the upcoming week. Temperatures, uh, in the mid-and-upper twenties for the most part right now, headed up to a high of twenty-eight degrees in midtown for the day today. We will see clouds and occasional sunshine, there may be a few flurries late tonight into tomorrow morning. Tonight, we're going to see temperatures drop down to between sixteen and twenty-two across the tri-state. Then for tomorrow, after the flurries move away, some sunshine with a cold, gusty wind, and a high of thirty degrees, lower twenties for highs Tuesday and Wednesday. Right now it's nineteen and mostly cloudy in Central Park, the humidity seventy-seven percent, and the wind is west at nine miles an hour. Again the current temperature nineteen, we'll go up to twenty-eight in midtown.

A cold afternoon it is, uh, the real feel readings right now between ten and fifteen. We have a fifteen to thirty mile an hour wind moving along and, uh, that wind will continue here this evening, and then drop off a little bit as we go through the rest of the night. But we're looking at cold weather here all week long. This is easily the coldest week of the winter so far, uh, maybe the coldest week that we're going to see as well. Uh, temperatures tonight, uh, dropping to fourteen, uh, and that's in Central Park but, uh, we will see some readings down around ten in many of the suburbs. Twenty-five tomorrow despite a lot of sunshine, uh, once again, uh, a pretty stiff wind, too, which will make it feel much lower than that. Uh, tomorrow night gets even lower, we're talking eleven in Central Park, uh, single digits everywhere else. Wednesday, mostly sunny and only twenty-three, Thursday, cloudy to partly sunny, uh, mid, uh, twenties, and then on Friday, uh, a cold northwest wind, partly sunny skies the high only twenty-one. Right now we have twenty-nine under a partly sunny sky, northwest winds fifteen to thirty miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature, twenty-nine going down to fourteen in midtown.

Well, we have more cold weather in store coming up overnight, and also through the end of the week, we do stay cold, looking for a low of fourteen in midtown overnight, with clear to partly cloudy skies across the area. It is going to be staying rather windy as well, making it feel like it's near zero for much of the night. As we go through the day on Tuesday, we will see a good deal of sunshine, that gusty wind is going to continue, and we are going to see a very cold day with a high of twenty-five degrees, back down to eleven for a low Tuesday night, a mainly clear sky. Still lots of sunshine Wednesday, but more in the way of clouds on Thursday, highs in the lower to middle-twenties throughout the rest of the week. Currently in Central Park, partly cloudy and nineteen degrees, the humidity fifty-nine percent, and the wind is west at nine miles per hour, gusting to twenty, the RealFeel temperature nine. The current temperature nineteen headed down to fourteen in midtown.

Well, cold continues to be the headline weather story around these parts, and that's going to continue be to be the case all week and into the weekend. It really... there really doesn't appear to be any significant moderation until sometime next week, but at least it will be sunny the rest of the day today, with the high in the middle-twenties. Clear and cold tonight, low, uh, about fourteen in the city, but down near zero in the interior cold spots. Mostly sunny tomorrow, high again in the middle-twenties. Clouds and sun Thursday, with a couple of flurries a possibility. It looks like Thursday and Friday are probably the coldest days of the week, with highs in the low twenties, and then sunny and cold on Saturday, with a high of twenty-five. Right now it's seventeen and sunny in Central Park, humidity's fifty-six percent, wind from the west at ten, makes the RealFeel temperature nine. Repeating the current temperature seventeen going up to twenty-five.

Yeah, it's definitely another bundle-up-before-you-step-outside, uh, morning, uh, sunshine not going to be very effective today, uh, the temperature only into the middle-twenties, as our string of days of, uh, freezing and below continues. Tomorrow probably even colder, we don't look for temperatures to get out of the teens tomorrow, and there'll be a wind blowing, that real feel temperature will be below zero much of the day tomorrow, there may be a couple snow flurries, especially tomorrow afternoon and night. Friday, it's still cold but sunny, windy, high of twenty-five. Sun, less wind, but still cold Saturday, and then Sunday we may get all the way up to thirty-two. Next week we should get above freezing, but right now it's thirteen and mostly sunny in Central Park, humidity sixty-one percent, wind from the west at fifteen, makes the real feel temperature four below zero. Repeating the current temperature thirteen going up to twenty-five.

Well, it continues to be extremely cold, uh, this morning. The sun is up but it's not helping a whole lot. We only expect readings to be in the teens this afternoon, the wind will gust to between twenty and thirty miles an hour, and that will make that the real feel temperature well below zero. Tonight the temperature doesn't drop a whole lot, but the wind stays up so it's going to continue to feel extremely cold. And tomorrow will be cold and windy, but the sun will help out a little bit more tomorrow, up to twenty-seven. About thirty with less wind and sunshine on Saturday, and then increasing cloudiness on Sunday. Right now it is ten mostly sunny in Central Park, humidity is sixty-three percent, wind from the northwest at ten, that makes the real feel temperature zero. Repeating the current temperature ten, going up only to eighteen.

It's a bitterly cold morning out there. That's nothing new it's, uh, very similar to the way it was yesterday, real feel temperature right now minus eleven. We're in frostbite territory. It going up to twenty-seven, though, this afternoon, some relief, but still, very cold. Tonight, going to to twenty in midtown, ten to fourteen in many suburbs. Tomorrow sunshine, temperature inching up toward thirty-two. We have a shot at thirty-four to thirty-six degrees on Sunday before the next cold front arrives. Flurries, or a period of snow late, Sunday or Sunday night into early Monday, and then partly sunny late Monday, high twenty-six. It's eight degrees, relative humidity fifty-seven percent, winds out of the west northwest at thirteen, gusting to seventeen, the real feel temperature minus eleven, the temperature eight heading to twenty-seven.

Well, uh, I'm looking at, uh, current radar, and it's still showing some of the light snow occurring in the city, and especially out on central and eastern Long Island. Uh, as you look to the west, though, across northern parts of New Jersey, this is beginning to taper off now, it's just a few flurries, for instance, in Morris County and Sussex County. Uh, this all associated with the leading edge of a bitterly cold air mass, of course, um, really much of this month, we've had temperatures below normal, but you haven't seen nothin' yet. Uh, looks like our temperatures tomorrow will be in the teens, we're headed down to thirteen in midtown overnight, and real feel temperatures tomorrow, when you factor in the wind, they will be below zero. So, uh, basically we're spending the, uh, entire day tomorrow, albeit a sunny day, between thirteen and eighteen degrees. Very cold tomorrow night, temperatures moderate somewhat Tuesday and Wednesday, we could have a rain or snow shower. Right now twenty-nine in midtown, relative humidity ninety-two percent, the air calm. It's snowing lightly and twenty-nine, we're heading down to thirteen.

It's exceptionally cold this morning, twelve degrees in Central Park, the wind is, uh, gusting, that real feel temperature is near zero. It's a pretty-looking morning, and it will be a nice-looking day with sunshine, but that sun is gonna be rather ineffective as temperatures will only be in the teens this afternoon, and the wind will continue to be gusty. Tonight will be clear and very cold, with a low of eight, but down near, and even below zero, interior sections. We could have a five or eight below zero somewhere in some of the, uh, snow-covered areas north of the city. Sunshine tomorrow, less wind, it will feel better in the afternoon with a high in the twenties, and mostly cloudy on Wednesday, moderating up to thirty-seven, and maybe there's a little bit of either snow or rain. Right now it is twelve degrees, mostly sunny in Central Park, northwest wind at eleven, that makes the real feel temperature zero. Repeating the current temperature twelve going up only to eighteen today.

Temperatures today are going to moderate, albeit slowly because of cloud cover. That cloud cover could produce a snow flurry today, but the temperatures should get into the low to middle-twenties later in the day, and then not drop very much tonight, might not drop, uh, below twenty in most places, but there'll also be, uh, a little enhancement in some snow tonight, not a big storm, but there could be a covering to a fresh inch, or at most two, by the time it ends tomorrow morning. Clouds linger the rest of the day tomorrow, but temperatures moderate into the thirties. Thursday will be mostly sunny, cold about thirty-two, and then increasing cloudiness on Friday. Right now it's twelve and cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going up to twenty-six.

Well, uh, our radar continuing to show light snow scattered around the metropolitan area right now, uh, there are breaks in the snow pattern, but it extends all the way back into, uh, central and western Pennsylvania. So we've got several hours yet in which there will be intermittent light snow, certainly not piling up, uh, an inch or probably less in Manhattan and across most of the five boroughs, but there might be a little bit more than an inch, uh, on, in some areas, uh, west and to the southwest of the city. All in all, a light kind of a snowfall, and the important thing is that the cold is nowhere near as intense as it's been. With clearing tonight, we look for low in twenties. A partly sunny day tomorrow, high thirty-four, up to thirty-six Friday, chance for some rain or snow late Friday night into Saturday. Right now twenty-nine degrees, cloudy, there is some snow around the area, uh, in midtown, the temperature today going up to thirty-six.

Well, we're going to see mainly clear skies now as we go through the overnight, lows going down to around twenty-two degrees. Then for the day Thursday, we have some sunshine coming up, and a high goes to thirty-four degrees in the afternoon. It won't be quite so cold as we get into the weekend, Friday's high is thirty-eight as clouds increase, looking at temperatures going into the forties for both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. On Saturday, we may see a bit of rain or snow, Sunday is dry with some sunshine. Right now it's clear and thirty degrees in Central Park, the humidity seventy-eight percent, and the air is calm. Again the current temperature thirty, we'll go down to twenty-two in midtown.

Ah, yes, indeedy, and actually it's a... uh, you know... fairly tranquil as well, with sunshine getting dimmed by high mid-level clouds, high temperature thirty-four degrees. Clouds easily thicken tonight, low thirty. That's the easy part of the forecast. The question mark is whether or not the, uh, rain that's currently over the Delmarva Peninsula will actually come this far north, or will it get to a certain point over central Jersey, then pivot offshore? It's gonna be a close call, we could see a little bit of light flurry action or freezing drizzle first thing tomorrow morning, if that precipitation's here. In a best case scenario, it doesn't do anything until tomorrow afternoon, and by that point, it would just be rain and drizzle, with a high of thirty-eight degrees, but watch out for air and dense fog. A secondary storm system on Saturday brings in rain or wet snow, with a high near forty. Right now it's thirty in Caldwell, thirty degrees and partly sunny in Central Park, headed up to thirty-four in midtown.

Well, uh, of course, uh, T.G.I.F., uh, that applies to the work week but, uh, not so really in terms of the weather, which will be going downhill later on today. We've got clouds now, thirty-two in midtown. Well, the temperature at daybreak should be, in most places, between twenty-eight and thirty-two. Now it'll be later this morning, probably around ten or eleven o'clock, we'll start to see a little bit of light rain and snow breaking out. I think that by the afternoon rush hour, it's just going to be plain rain in the city, but again as you go farther north and west, especially north and west of I-287, could see a, uh, wintry mix, uh, but everything should go over to plain rain, if not late on this Friday night and early Saturday. Once we get this wet weather out of the way, we're going to be treated to temperatures in the forties. Remember, the last time it was forty in midtown was back on the thirteenth of this month. We should start off February with a high of forty, going up to forty-eight, we think, by Monday. Right now thirty-two in midtown, the relative humidity sixty-four percent, wind northeast five miles per hour, cloudy and thirty-two, we're going down to near twenty-eight.

Well, we have a damp Friday afternoon ahead and, uh, some rain and drizzle in spots. There have been a few sleet pellets recently but, uh, it should be well above freezing, so no problems for travel, a high of thirty-eight. Now tonight, periods of rain, and that will be for tomorrow as well, low tonight thirty-four, high tomorrow forty. However, a winter weather advisory, where the rain will mix with ice and snow, northwest of Interstate 287, could be a coating to an inch there. It'll turn out partly sunny, up to forty-four Sunday, and then Monday sun followed by clouds, breezy, mild with a high of forty-eight. Right now we have some light rain, a few sleet pellets in Central Park, thirty-four degrees, the humidity ninety-two percent, the wind northeast at six. Repeating the current temperature, thirty-four headed up to thirty-eight this afternoon.

Well, we are looking at clouds and some sunshine today, and we're also looking at an area of rain which is in eastern Pennsylvania now, and looks like it's, uh, tending to shrink as it comes eastward, but it's certainly gonna move into northwest New Jersey within the next hour, and I think there will be some rain in areas north and west of Interstate 287 today. There certainly could be a shower in parts, and other parts, of the metropolitan area, but a mild day getting up to around fifty, highs tomorrow in the forties, with a mix of clouds and sun. And, most importantly, it's Ground Hog Day eve, just one day before the big holiday and, uh, the weather today looks like it's going to be just fine. Clouds, there's a slight chance of a slight sprinkle this morning, but there will also be sunshine, and the temperature getting into the forties. Tomorrow there may be a couple of hours of either wet snow or rain as a cold front passes through. Right now, cloudy, forty-four in Newark, forty-three in Central Park, winds out of the east at six miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature forty-three going up to forty-eight in midtown today.

Now Staten Island Chuck did not see his shadow, meaning that Spring is, uh, getting ready to spring. But of course, Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow, indicating six more weeks of winter. We've also heard from, uh, from, uh, Buckeye Chuck out in Ohio, and he agrees with Staten Island Chuck, and they're against old Punxsutawney Phil. So, uh, we've got battling groundhogs here, and I guess time will tell, as it usually does. As far as weather is concerned, another mild day today, but then it turns colder tonight, there can be some rain and snow this afternoon and evening, maybe a few hours worth. At this point, we are not anticipating any snow accumulation, but it will be a whole heck of a lot colder tomorrow, despite sunshine, high temperatures tomorrow will only be in the thirties, and maybe not too far into the thirties at that. Right now we're thirty-three degrees in midtown, headed down to twenty-two tonight.

Well, uh, on this Tuesday morning, we still have a temperature of forty degrees in midtown, uh, we're not expecting the temperature to change all that much here over the next few hours. We have clouds, the radar showing a bit of rain going on across the, uh, Hudson Valley and in Connecticut. Later on today, uh, that radar will be filling in throughout the tri-state area, I think after five a.m., and, uh, we'll be seeing periods of rain right through the morning rush hour on into, uh, midday. Probably the rain will be wrapping up around twelve noon or one o'clock, uh, but we're to be, uh, undergoing some big temperature changes here. It should rise to fifty-two later on today, with a mild southwesterly wind, and then the rain stops. Drier and much colder air will be rushing in later this afternoon, temperatures, probably winding up near forty by the afternoon rush. We're headed all the way down to twenty-eight on this Tuesday night, and we'll stay cold and mainly dry the rest of the week, other than for a flurry on Friday, I don't expect much to happen, temperatures will be in the lower and middle-thirties. Right now forty in midtown, the relative humidity seventy percent, the wind south, six miles per hour. Cloudy and forty, heading down to thirty-nine.

It's going to be windy and cold today, uh, that wind gusting still close to thirty miles an hour at times, uh, and actually are one or two little very light snow flurries scattered around, but there will also be ample sun today, with a high in the middle-thirties. Clear tonight, a low twenty-four in the city, teens in the suburbs. Sun followed by clouds tomorrow, and there's a chance for a period of snow tomorrow night into Friday morning, if it materializes. It doesn't look like a major storm, but there will be a pretty important storm along the middle Atlantic coast Friday morning that we're going to have to keep a watch out on. Then clearing later Friday, the weekend looks dry and chilly. Thirty-one degrees now and partly sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to thirty-six.

Well, we are not going to see any weather troubles for the Thursday morning rush hour, but the Friday morning rush hour could bring a very different story. Clouds are going to be increasing as we go into the day on Thursday, then Thursday night into Friday, we're going to be watching low pressure, uh, swinging up the mid-Atlantic coast. It's going to be throwing some snow our way. Looks like overnight Thursday night, into the first half of Friday, is going to be our snow chance, and there can be a couple of inches on the ground by the time this storm is all said and done later Friday afternoon. We'll dry out, though, on Saturday, mostly sunny skies, the high thirty-four, but there could be a bit of snow and flurries again by the end of the day Sunday. Right now twenty-six and clear in Central Park, the humidity forty-two percent, and the wind is from the west at nine miles an hour. Again the current temperature twenty-six, it'll go down to twenty-four in midtown.

About two inches of snow on the ground in Central Park now, three to four inches of snow, uh, just about everywhere else, and looking at our radar now, heavy snow covering the metropolitan area. It's gonna stay that way for at least the next few hours, probably until around noon, it'll snow at the rate of a half-an-inch to an inch per hour, and that means we think we'll wind up with a pretty solid average of six inches across the metropolitan area, a little less than that, of course right, in midtown Manhattan, a little less to the north, a little more to the east and to the south, six to ten inches worth out toward the, uh, Nassau and Suffolk County, uh, line, and also in Hunter and Somerset and Middlesex and Monmouth Counties in central New Jersey. Snow ends early to mid-afternoon, it'll be clear tonight, sunny tomorrow, high of about thirty-two, clouding up Sunday with a chance for some snow on Monday. Right now, twenty-eight degrees and snowing in Central Park, with the temperature today going up to thirty-two.

Feels pretty quiet across the country this evening. We do have a front, uh, draping from Michigan back into the Central Plains, and curling back up into the northern Rockies. Also a low over the southern Rockies is generating some rain and mountain snow. We may eventually have to deal with that one, uh, come Monday, but for the rest of the weekend it's just dry, cold weather. We'll have, uh, temperatures in the teens tonight, to around twenty in midtown, thirty-eight tomorrow under partly sunny skies. And then that system from the southwest, uh, runs over to the southeastern states, and then up the eastern seaboard, and likely to deliver a little bit of snow here on Monday, uh, with a high temperature around thirty-four. Behind it, another shot of some very cold air. Tuesday and Wednesday it's going to be blustery, uh, we will have some sunshine both days, but temperatures only in the twenties. Right now twenty-eight and a clear sky, with a southwest wind at nine. Repeating the current temperature twenty-eight going down to twenty in midtown.

Yeah, well, things are relatively quiet right now, though we're going to be seeing an increase in those clouds as we go through the afternoon, and into the nighttime hours. High this afternoon thirty-six, low tonight twenty-eight. Then by tomorrow morning an area of low pressure off the Carolina coast will throw some snow our way. Snow may arrive at some point during the morning, perhaps between seven and nine a.m., and continuing into the afternoon, accumulating a general one to three inches, possibly, uh, a few higher spots, uh, a few higher amounts, I should say on eastern Long Island, high thirty-four. Tons of clouds and sun for Tuesday and Wednesday, it'll be windy and cold each day, the high Tuesday twenty-five, and on Wednesday there could be a few flurries, high twenty-eight. Thirty-five with some sunshine in Central Park, humidity forty-five percent, the wind west at fourteen, gusting to twenty miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature thirty-five going up to thirty-six in midtown.

There's a low pressure area on the North Carolina coast, another one coming from the Ohio Valley, and the two should combine to give us snow during the afternoon hours, most of it falling between about two or three this afternoon, and seven and eight this evening, so the evening commute is the target time for most of the trouble. And the first snow will simply melt on the streets, and the reason is that it's well above freezing right now. We're expecting one to two inches when all is said and done by late this evening around the city, two to four inches in many suburbs, as much as six, perhaps, on eastern Long Island, because the storm will be strengthing as it moves away from the coast. The temperature steadier, slowly falling this afternoon, it should be down to thirty-two degrees by four or five p.m., then down to twenty-four tonight. Tomorrow's high twenty-eight, then blustery and cold Wednesday and Thursday, the high Wednesday twenty-eight, only twenty-four on Thursday. Currently in midtown thirty-six degrees, relative humidity fifty-nine percent, winds out of the south, southeast at eight miles per hour. Thirty-six degrees in midtown, heading slowly down this afternoon.

Well, we're looking, uh, partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight, uh, we'll see some flurries here a little later on this evening. There's actually a pretty good area of snow coming through central Pennsylvania at the moment. It should weaken a bit as it approaches us but, uh, we could, uh, see a dusting of snow here a little bit later on. Uh, that will probably stop only to renew again, uh, toward daybreak as an arctic cold front arrives on the scene, a low temperature of around twenty degrees. Uh, flurries tomorrow morning, maybe even a heavier snow squall as that boundary moves through, and then the rest of the day, a cold wind with some sunshine, a high of thirty. Uh, just a windy bitterly cold night coming up tomorrow night, clear to partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper single digits to around ten, but it's gonna feel like it's well below zero. Thursday partly sunny, brisk and quite cold, a high only twenty-two. Right now we have twenty-four, a partly cloudy sky, with a northwest wind at six. Repeating the current temperature twenty-four going down to twenty in midtown.

The, uh, story of, uh, afternoon weather, in fact, the weather right through tomorrow, is that the wind is going to make these temperatures that are cold anyway, feel even colder as this arctic air pours into the region, uh, behind this morning's arctic front. We'll see intervals of sun this afternoon, temperatures will slowly fall, twenty-five by day's end, but the winds gusting up to forty will bring our RealFeel temperature down to near or below zero by the evening rush. Same story tonight, bitterly cold, ten in midtown, single digits in the suburbs. Brisk, very cold, only twenty-two for a high tomorrow, could see some snow then by the weekend. Right now it's partly sunny, thirty-one in Central Park, humidity forty-one percent, a west wind gusting to thirty-one, gives us our real feel temperature of about nineteen. Repeating the current temperature thirty-five and it's going down to twenty-five.

Clear, brisk and very cold overnight, uh, we'll reach, uh, fourteen in midtown, ten, maybe eight degrees in some of the suburbs. And then a partly sunny day tomorrow, with afternoon temperatures around thirty degrees, a little lighter wind now that the high will be on the eastern seaboard. Uh, the next, uh, system we have to tangle with is a big storm which is, uh, causing precipitation over much of the West, actually all the way from California, now spreading out into the, uh, mid-Mississippi Valley. And, uh, we do expect to see some snow to come in here around or shortly after midnight tomorrow night, and go into Saturday morning, we could pick up to, uh, two, to perhaps, four inches accumulation. And then Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night, into Sunday morning, cloudy, windy and cold, temperatures will be in the twenties, and we can see some snow once again, Sunday afternoon and Sunday night. Right now eighteen and a clear sky, with a northwest wind at six. Repeating the current temperature temperature eighteen going down to fourteen in midtown.

The clouds are going to be building as we head for the early part of tonight, and by later tonight, some snow could arrive, our low down to eighteen degrees. Snow amounts will generally be on the light side. It could cause some problems if you're going to be traveling tomorrow morning, um, as much as an inch, but a lot of places see just a dusting. Later tomorrow brisk and quite cold, clouds should give way to some sunshine, the high twenty-three. Mainly clear, brisk and very cold tomorrow night, low ten in midtown, single digits in the suburbs. And clouds return on Sunday, and we could have some snow arriving later in the day or at night, and this time it could be a more significant storm. Details are still sketchy at this point, you'll want to keep it tuned right here. High twenty-two degrees, windy and cold on Monday, some snow or flurries possible through the morning hours, and clearing in the afternoon, the high thirty-two. Twenty-nine and mainly cloudy in Central Park, the wind from the west at about nine miles an hour, and the real feel temperature twenty. Current temperature once again twenty-nine headed down to eighteen in midtown.

And we see a little sunshine popping out of the clouds this afternoon. Overall not that bad of an afternoon, a couple of spots a little windy, actually at JFK winds, uh, north at seventeen miles an hour, gusting to twenty-two miles an hour right now. We are going to see some inclement weather as we go through the morning, now, clouds do increase tomorrow, that's in advance of a storm that will bring six to twelve inches of snow later tomorrow night, and into the day Monday. By Tuesday and Wednesday, things start to warm up a little bit, we should see a little sun as well. Twenty-four at Newark, twenty-four at LaGuardia, and twenty-three in the Park, cloudy in New York, relative humidity fifty-two percent, wind north at nine miles an hour gusting to twenty-two miles an hour. Twenty-three now, we'll go to twenty-six this afternoon.

And what a forecast it is too as we're, uh, hearing here the snow is starting to fly around the region. Uh, it will become steady, uh, over the next couple of hours, and inch its way northward through the, uh, tri-state area. Uh, the storm is a very slow moving system, we're looking at probably snow in the air for at least the next thirty hours, which is why we're talking about so much snow and, uh, part of the problem too is the fact that it is so cold, uh, with temperatures only in the teens right now and, uh, they will slowly rise up into the middle-twenties, uh, but we're easily looking at easily a foot to a foot and a half of snow. There is potential for a couple of feet, uh, before it finally tapers off around midnight tomorrow night, uh, we'll probably have three to six inches on the ground by the morning rush hour, and around a foot by the evening rush hour. So it going to be tough getting around here tomorrow. In addition to the snow on the ground, we're gonna have a lot of blowing and drifting, because we're gonna look at a very strong northeast wind, uh, poor visibility during the height of the storm. And then on Tuesday, uh, clouds may even break for a little bit of sunshine, thirty-two degrees for a high. Fifteen and cloudy right now, a north wind at six. Repeating the current temperature fifteen and temperatures, uh, steady and or slowly rising in midtown tonight.

It continues to snow hard, uh, very hard in parts of the metropolitan area, and looking at the radar, there's more heavy snow from here southwest all the way down to the Chesapeake Bay area, and that snow has got to come northeastward, so we're going to continue to get snow falling at the rate of an inch to two inches per hour from now, probably, until early afternoon, maybe two to three o'clock. And that means that we could get another four to six or in some places, even eight inches of new snow on top of what we've already got. The storm total in Central Park will wind up pretty close to twenty inches or so, with some places winding up with, uh, probably over two feet, and then you've got to add in the drifts caused by the thirty to forty mile an hour winds. It will end this evening, tomorrow turning partly sunny, up to about thirty-two. By Thursday it will be up forty, but right now it's twenty degrees and snowing, the temperature today only going up to twenty-six.

Well, uh, partly cloudy skies here for the rest of the night, high teens in the suburbs, uh, for an overnight low to, uh, twenties in the city. And we will have a decent day tomorrow, uh, a dry one with sunshine followed by clouds, upper thirties in the afternoon. The next, uh, frontal system is, uh, a relatively weak one now, causing some flurries out in Wisconsin, uh, down into the Chicago area, that'll be passing through here tomorrow evening. Uh, we can see a, uh, few flurries or sprinkles, and then it will clear late tomorrow night. Some nice weather, then, Thursday and Friday behind that front, milder actually, lots of sunshine, Thursday forty-four, Friday sunshine followed by clouds, the high of forty-six, and then a shot of rain Saturday, with temperatures in the forties. Thirty-two and partly cloudy with, uh, a light north to northwest wind. Repeating the current temperature thirty-two going down to twenty-six in midtown.

We're gonna get a break in the weather, not only for today but for the next, uh, well, three days as clouds, uh, thin out for partial sunshine today. We'll get the temperature up close to forty this afternoon, certainly above freezing and well into the thirties. Might be a sprinkle or flurry this evening then clearing tonight. Tomorrow a mostly sunny day. I'll tell ya, if you're outside tomorrow afternoon, there won't be much of a breeze, the sun will be out, temperatures into the forties, it will feel good. And then a, uh, nice day Friday but increasing clouds. Rainy and windy Saturday, and that combination of rain and melting snow can cause street and highway flooding Saturday. Dry Sunday but blustery and colder. Right now it's thirty-two and partly sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to thirty-eight.

Uh, yes and, uh, gee, where have you heard a cold forecast before? I think, uh, basically this entire winter, uh, really exceeded our expectations, or maybe last winter was just so darn mild, uh, that you wanted to believe, uh, winters would stay this way forever. Well, we've got arctic air tonight, some clouds, thirty-four in midtown, we're heading down to twenty-four. We'll be hard pressed to get, uh, close to the freezing mark tomorrow, looking like thirty, thirty-one degrees, with some sunshine and a brisk wind. Now, tomorrow night when that wind dies down, we're going down to the teens, about thirteen in midtown, single digits in many suburbs. A cold and dry pattern takes us through mid-week, but the storm system organizing in the southern states, where have you heard that before?, uh, will be providing us with some precipitation Thursday, Thursday night, early Friday and much of that will be in the form of snow. How much? A little too early to tell. Right now thirty-four in midtown, relative humidity fifty-nine percent, the wind light and variable. It's cloudy and thirty-four, heading down to twenty-four.

Our cold weather continues, and despite sunshine today, the temperature won't get above thirty-two in most places, and it'll drop down into the teens throughout tonight, single digits in many suburbs. Tomorrow, uh, kind of a mix of clouds and sun but, uh, by the time we get to Thursday, it'll be cloudy and we've, uh, got snow again in the forecast later Thursday, Thursday night, into Friday morning. This next storm still way out into southern California, so it's got a long ways to come, and we've still got a lot of time to watch it. It's not going to be the kind of a storm like the President's Day blizzard, but it could be a formidable storm, enough snow to get the shovels and plows out again, and we'll keep you posted. Right now twenty-eight and sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to thirty-two.

Uh, it's that old Christmas song "Let It Snow, Let It Snow," not so this afternoon. A lot of cloud cover, twenty-six degrees but, see, this is just one piece of our latest storm system. It's actually going to move farther away tonight, so the clouds part company, low fifteen to twenty, then the clouds quick to return tomorrow, with the high near thirty degrees. It's shortly after midnight tomorrow night, through the first part of Friday afternoon, that we'll have that accumulation, most areas, at least from the, uh, nearby suburbs, from the city on eastward across Long Island, three to six inches. North of the city, it'll be one to three inches and that's probably a similar, uh, bet, uh, north of I-80 as well, but once get on into, uh, central Monmouth County on southward, it could be as much as six to ten inches worth of snow. I got my shovel. It's sixteen this hour, White Plains twenty with clouds, going to twenty-six in midtown.

Well, if this were a baseball game, we might call this a, uh, swing and a miss. Uh, this is a pretty good storm, but most of it's going to be passing us by to the south. It's been snowing most of the day down across Washington, Baltimore and getting into, uh, the southern half of New Jersey, and that corridor is looking at a good half-a-foot, some places as much as eight inches, before it tapers off tomorrow morning. Uh, but the northern fringe of it is having a hard time making its way up through New Jersey, but eventually we are going to see some snowflakes in the pre-dawn hours, uh, but it's not gonna last long. It'll, uh, continue on through the morning, but will taper off to flurries again during by lunchtime, and we may have to scrape together the snow to get up to an inch, uh, we're calling for one to three. Of the three, I think it's definitely more likely south of the city. Temperatures will be in the middle-twenties to start the day, thirty-four in the afternoon. Over the weekend, upper thirties to near forty both days, uh, Saturday a little bit of sunshine, Sunday looks to be a cloudy day, we may even see a bit of wet snow or rain. Currently thirty degrees and cloudy with the northeast wind at nine. Repeating the current temperature thirty going down to twenty-six in midtown.

Well, two things we know about this weekend, one, we're not going to have the big washout like we did last weekend, and two, cold air is going to be held at bay, for now. It will be arriving here with a vengeance on Sunday night, as an arctic cold front moves through, and temperatures, therefore, Monday will be no higher than about thirty-three. Tuesday will be even worse but, eh, Monday and Tuesday, well, that's still a long way off we hope, uh, let's enjoy the weekend and moderate temperatures. Temperature thirty-three right now, heading down to twenty-eight, clouds will limit sun later today, but still not all that bad with a high of thirty-eight. There'll be a few showers with rain and wet snow, especially on this Saturday night and early Sunday. Sunday's high actually will be forty-two, but then that much colder air moves in, and as I gave you the details earlier, Monday and Tuesday, lower thirties. Thirty-three right now, relative humidity seventy-two percent, light and variable wind, cloudy, thirty-three, heading down to twenty-eight.

Well, we've got a little bit of everything here, uh, over the next forty-eight hours. Uh, at the moment, uh, we have an area of, uh, both rain and wet snow breaking out from the Pennsylvania and upstate New York, uh, some flakes have been, uh, on occasion, across Sussex and Orange county, uh, they might even pick up, uh, an inch of slushy snow there before it goes over to rain very, very late tonight. In closer to the city, we do expect to see a bit of rain at times here tonight, uh, there could be some wet snowflakes mixed in as well, at least though midnight or two in the morning, and then it's, uh, too mild aloft to support anything frozen, a low temperature of thirty-five. Tomorrow though, it's periods of rain and drizzle for everybody, forty-four for a high temperature. That'll come to an end tomorrow evening, then it's a shot of arctic air tomorrow night and Monday, uh, strong winds and, uh, temperatures only in the twenties on Monday despite a lot of sunshine, but it's gonna feel like low teens or single-digits. Tuesday, without the wind, it won't feel as harsh, clouds, a little bit of sun, and temperatures recover into the mid-thirties. We have thirty-six and a cloudy sky, with a south wind at seven. Repeating the current temperature thirty-six going down to thirty-five in midtown.

A kind of a damp day out there today, well, periods of rain will continue through the evening hours, some of that rain may be heavy for the next few hours, we'll have a high of forty-four degrees. Winds will increase tonight, it becomes much colder with clearing skies, falling back to nineteen. Watch for some slippery patches if you're out driving around late tonight. For tomorrow, brittle and cold wind with sunshine, we'll have a high of twenty-eight, but the real feel temperature is only in the low teens and single digits. Not quite as harsh for Tuesday with times of clouds and sunshine, high near forty. And now Wednesday, cloudy and windy with a chance of rain, a high of forty-six. Currently thirty-five degrees in White Plains, thirty-four in Bridgeport, in Central Park thirty-eight degrees, relative humidity one hundred percent, and the wind out of the northeast at six miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature thirty-eight heading up to forty-four in midtown.

We are awaiting some bitterly cold air that will be arriving in the tri-state area in a matter of hours, the current radar showing a few light snow showers, flurries, really, uh, for instance right now, Sommerville, New Jersey getting those flurries, while Teterborough Airport is getting a few sprinkles. The arctic front moves through, and even though it's thirty-nine now, we'll be plunging all the way to twenty-two later this morning. Later today temperatures stay in the twenties, and it'll feel like it's in the low teens when you factor in the wind so, uh, not, uh, good stuff, more like early January rather than early March. It'll be eighteen on this Monday night, we'll recover to a high of about forty Tuesday. Just when it looks like things are gonna be better, and it'll be around fifty or so Wednesday, we could see some rain in the afternoon. Thirty-nine in midtown right now, relative humidity fifty-seven percent, wind west ten miles per hour, gusting to twenty. Fair, thirty-nine, we're heading down to twenty-two.

This is, uh, a little silly here with temperatures around twenty-one degrees. We should actually be in the mid-forties at this time of the year, so some twenty-six, twenty-six degrees below normal this afternoon and, uh, tonight, uh, we're gonna need several logs on the fire too. Fifteen in midtown, ten in a lot of the suburbs. Clear skies, uh, the better part of the night, but it is going to be clouding up before morning. Uh, tomorrow, clouds, some breaks of sun, but, uh, we'll finally get the air mass to moderate a little bit, thirty-seven in the afternoon. Uh, tomorrow night it doesn't drop hardly at all, could even see a bit of rain late tomorrow night. Wednesday, intermittent rain, but at least it's a little bit milder too, with temperatures getting up to around fifty in the afternoon. Thursday, though, it's, uh, windy and turning colder once again, clouds breaking for some sun, high of thirty-six, and then Friday we'll bounce into the mid-forties, as it clouds up once again. Twenty-one and sunny, the real feel reading is nine on a northwest wind, ten to twenty miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature twenty-one going down to fifteen in midtown.

It is cold again this morning, although not as bitter as yesterday, and the leading edge of warmer air, or a warm front, is pushing through the area today, uh, that's producing cloud cover now. There are even a few light flurries around, most of them are north of the city, Sussex, Passaic, northern Bergen counties in New Jersey, and then Orange, Rockland, northern Rockland, Westchester, and Putnam counties. Uh, there, uh, it'll be a couple of light flurries, but there'll also be some sun as we go through the mid-day and afternoon, and it will get milder up into the thirties. The temperature won't drop much tonight. We will have drizzle, rain, and fog tomorrow with a high forty-five to fifty. When the rain begins late tonight, it still could be cold enough north and west for there to be a little freezing rain and then, uh, it clears on Thursday, uh, chilly again with a high in the thirties. Right now it's twenty-one, mostly cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going up to thirty-seven.

Well, yes and, uh, we should plan on most of that rain occurring between the hours of, uh, five o'clock on this Wednesday morning and around noontime, so it will have an impact on the morning rush hour and, uh, even more so, we're concerned about some of that rain freezing on some surfaces north and west of the city. Many counties in northern New Jersey, Rockland and Orange counties, Westchester, northern Westchester, New York, are under winter weather advisories for that reason. Keep in mind, even though it's thirty-nine in midtown right now, and there's been no change within the past couple of hours, many suburbs near thirty. So we've got that to contend with. But everybody'll getting... it will be getting milder on Wednesday afternoon when the rain stops, highs will be close to fifty degrees. We'll turn drier on Wednesday night and Thursday but also colder, Wednesday night, the low twenty-nine, Thursday's high in the mid-thirties, Friday forty-three, and rain may return, especially late in the day or at night. Mostly cloudy, thirty-nine in midtown, relative humidity seventy-six percent, the air is calm. It's mostly cloudy and thirty-nine, heading down to thirty-four.

Well, we're looking at, uh, just a stray shower this evening, but otherwise mild, uh, here early this evening. It will be turning, uh, chillier during the night behind a cold front, with temperatures getting down around the freezing mark by daybreak. Uh, for tomorrow it's a cloudy, brisk, colder day and we've got a storm, uh, developing over Arkansas, with some rain breaking out that's going to be spreading northeast. Word now is that there's some wet snow starting around daybreak, uh, probably ending during the afternoon hours. Right now, looks like a one to three inch, uh, snowfall, uh, with the roads wet and slushy, as temperatures just kind of hover near freezing. It'll clear out tomorrow night, and then it's a stretch of some nice weather Friday, through the weekend, uh, at least partly sunny skies, and temperatures getting back into the forties. Right now we have fifty-one, mostly cloudy skies, and a southwest wind at twelve. Repeating the current temperature fifty-one, going down to thirty-two in midtown.

Well, in the wake of our, uh, generally three to six inch snowstorm we had earlier, uh, skies are going to be clearing out. Now, the rest of the night, uh, high pressure, which stretches from Michigan all the way down to the Mississippi Valley, is going to be sliding eastward and giving us very cold conditions overnight. The wind will settle down, that'll help because right now it feels like it's down in the single digits, temperatures are going to drop eighteen in midtown, ten in some of the suburbs. Underneath the center of this high, not a bad day coming up tomorrow, sure it's chilly but, uh, lots of sunshine and lighter winds, the high of thirty-four. And then we're gonna warm it up as the high moves offshore this weekend, Saturday partly sunny and forty-nine, Sunday fifty-one degrees ahead of the next front, uh, it'll be a windy day on Sunday, uh, maybe a shower early on. Right now we have mostly cloudy skies, twenty-four degrees and a north wind, fifteen to twenty-five miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature twenty-four going down to eighteen in midtown.

We're looking at a, uh, nice, uh, weekend weather-wise. Tonight partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper twenties in the city, low twenties in many of the suburbs. Uh, but milder air is going to be on the move here for the next couple of days. We'll see afternoon temperatures in the upper forties, uh, both days, uh, featuring a little bit of sunshine and breezy tomorrow, uh, tomorrow night, actually late tomorrow night or first thing Sunday morning, we could see a shower or two, as a front moves through, uh, but, uh, with that front approaching, tomorrow night's gonna be quite mild, a low of forty degrees. And then Sunday, uh, becoming windy behind the front, clouds, some sunshine, and high of forty-nine. Colder air does come in then to start the new week, um, Monday mostly sunny, brisk, and a high of thirty-four. Clouding up Tuesday, we may even see a little snow, especially Tuesday afternoon, a high of thirty-six. We have thirty degrees and mostly cloudy sky in Central Park, a southwest breeze at seven. Repeating the current temperature, thirty going down to twenty-eight in midtown.

Well, temperatures aren't going to be falling too much this evening ahead of a cold front, in fact they may rise a little bit as we head through the overnight hours. Uh, we're gonna see those clouds start to increase, low near forty degrees, maybe a shower or two by dawn and early tomorrow, with a cold front moving on through. In the wake of that front, it turns windy for tomorrow afternoon, some sunshine returning, high forty-nine degrees but, uh, temperatures should fall during the afternoon. Mainly clear, windy, and colder tomorrow night, low twenty-one. A cold, gusty wind continuing on Monday, sunny to partly cloudy, high thirty-four, partly sunny on Tuesday, the high thirty-eight. We're at forty-two right now, mostly cloudy in Central Park, humidity fifty-seven percent, the wind southeast at thirteen miles an hour, and repeating the current temperature forty-two, going down to forty in midtown.

Temperatures continues to drop like a stone here. We're down into the middle-twenties now, easily going to be getting into the teens in many locations, maybe around twenty in midtown, enough wind to make it feel like it's down into the single digits overnight. Right now the real feel reading eleven and, uh, we will see, uh, a cold wind continue right on through the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine. We'll struggle to get back near the freezing mark, and then drop back into the teens again tomorrow night. Tuesday, as this, uh, arctic high gets off the East Coast, we'll start a moderating trend, get back to forty in the afternoon with sunshine. Wednesday, a windy day once again, as another front moves through but, uh, otherwise, clouds and sunshine, expecting temperatures in the mid-forties. Currently twenty-seven in Newark, twenty-six degrees and, uh, clear skies in Central Park, we have a northwest wind still, fifteen to twenty-five miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature twenty-six, going down to twenty in midtown.

This is going to be the coldest day of the week, and tonight a very cold night, but after that the temperature trend will be upward, modestly, but upward nevertheless. Today, uh, only in the twenties to near thirty, despite plenty of sunshine, and, um, the wind, uh, certainly this morning making it feel a lot colder than that, that real feel temperature even, uh, near zero at times. Tomorrow, uh, and Wednesday will be partly sunny and it will get milder. Tomorrow, temperatures take a run up toward forty, on Wednesday they'll run into the forties, and may even take a run toward fifty. Next chance of any rain, or any rain and snow comes along about Thursday. Right now it's twenty-two and sunny in Central Park, humidity forty-three percent, wind from the northwest at ten, that makes the real feel temperature sixteen. Repeating the current temperature twenty-two, going up to twenty-nine today.

Well, uh, I guess, uh, this is a tranquil weather pattern from the standpoint that we're not talking about any major storms this week, uh, but it's still cold, bottom line, twenty-five and clear in midtown, we're heading down to twenty overnight in many suburbs. We'll be in the teens early tomorrow morning, seems like about the, uh, hundredth morning, uh, since November that we've been in the twenties or lower. Well, uh, tomorrow somewhat of an improvement after a high of just twenty-nine today, with a partly sunny sky, high will be close to forty. Tomorrow night, not as cold as tonight, lows only in the mid-thirties, and with a southwest wind. Wednesday, we'll, uh, get temperatures up to a very mild fifty-two. Thursday, though, it looks colder again, a weak weather system may produce some rain or wet snow Thursday afternoon or night, and then Friday clouds break and we'll, uh, settle into readings in the mid-forties, not too far from the seasonal average for this time of year. Clear and twenty-five right now, relative humidity thirty-seven percent, northwest winds six miles per hour. It is clear and twenty-five, we're heading down to twenty.

Well, we've got some nice weather coming up for tomorrow on a southwesterly flow ahead of an approaching cold front. Uh, we'll have a milder afternoon with temperatures climbing into the fifties, uh, clouds and some sunshine, but once that front goes through, we're back down into the thirties later tomorrow night and Thursday. And in addition to the chillier air, we're also going to have to deal with a system coming all the from way the Pacific Northwest, uh, which is likely to generate, uh, a cold rain, perhaps even some wet snow on Thursday with, like I said, temperatures, uh, in the mid-and-upper thirties. Once that gets offshore, we will be clearing out, uh, with, uh, temperatures back into the forties on Friday. And it looks like some nice weather for the upcoming weekend, milder once again, mostly sunny Saturday and fifty-two. Central Park reporting thirty-six degrees under a partly cloudy sky, we have a southwest wind at eight. Repeating the current temperature thirty-six going down to thirty-four in midtown.

Well, we have a cold front, uh, which is on our doorstep. This'll be slipping through here this evening, uh, with, uh, little more, uh, than a sprinkle. Uh, our radar showing just some light echoes, uh, near the city and just to our north, a lot of this is probably not even reaching the ground, uh, otherwise mostly cloudy tonight, a low of thirty-six. Uh, tomorrow is a much chillier day, we're looking at temperatures staying in the upper thirties, uh, there is a wave of low pressure, which is gonna run along this boundary. We expect to see some rain develop during the morning hours, that'll, uh, change over to wet snow from north to south, as we go through the day and could, uh, amount to, uh, a slushy coating to an inch on the non-paved surfaces as, uh, temperatures will be staying above freezing. It's going to have a hard time sticking to roadways, and the best chance of that, obviously, higher elevations across northern New Jersey and into, uh, southeastern New York state, uh, actually in that region there could be an inch or two. Uh, tomorrow night we'll clear out, it does get cold, the low of twenty-six, but then some nice weather Friday through the weekend. Friday mostly sunny and forty-two, and then we'll jump into the fifties with sunshine Saturday and Sunday. Forty-nine and cloudy at the moment, a southwest wind at eight. Repeating the current temperature forty-one going down to thirty-six in midtown.

We do have some rain and snow on the way today, but still not yet for a couple of hours, uh, and so, uh, we'll be O.K., uh, getting through the rest of the morning rush hour. Then it'll begin to rain, uh, the rain will change fairly quickly to snow late this morning in the northern and western suburbs, continue this afternoon, north and west of Interstate 287. In the usual spots there can be an inch, or two, or maybe three, that accumulates. In the city, rain could mix with some sleet or some wet snow, but the temperature will be above freezing and the, uh, sleet and snow will melt when it hits the ground. We're not anticipating any accumulation. Clearing tonight, mostly sunny tomorrow, high around forty, at least partly sunny Saturday with a high near fifty, into the fifties Sunday with increasing clouds. Right now forty-two and cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going down slowly to thirty-four.

The weekend's going to get milder, so hang in there. We'll get through today, uh, it will be a partly to mostly sunny day, but the high temperature only in the upper thirties, and fair and cold tonight, low in the twenties, probably the teens in the northern suburbs. Tomorrow it will be partly sunny, and it will get milder, up to forty-eight. The trend toward milder weather continues Sunday, with a high in the low fifties, although Sunday there will be an increase in cloudiness, and on Sunday, there will also be a breeze off the water so, uh, from the south, which means the Rockaways, uh, the south shore of Long Island, the Five Towns, that area, will tend to be cooler, probably staying in the forties, then some rain Sunday night and Monday. Twenty-two and partly cloudy now in Central Park, temperature today going up to thirty-eight.

Well, uh, certainly the weather will be treating us a lot more kindly over the next few days. I mean, sure, we're going to encounter some cloud cover, and even a bit of rain early Monday perhaps and, uh, more rain can occur Wednesday and Thursday, but there will be long stretches of time that will be dry, and no arctic air is coming, that's the bottom line. Eh, you may remember two out of the last three Sunday nights and Mondays, we had a visit from arctic air. Not this time around. Temperatures will be near forty later on this Sunday morning. Today we're expecting a high in the mid-fifties in midtown, cooler on Long Island, warmer in the western suburbs. It's always that way this time of year, whenever you get a warm-up. Now, uh, as I said, a bit of rain possible Monday, but still a high will be about fifty-four, and we'll be near fifty Tuesday and Wednesday. Right now in midtown forty-eight and fair, and that relative humidity fifty-eight percent, the wind variable seven miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature forty-eight, heading down to forty.

Well, we will see some clouds increasing through the evening. We'll actually turn out mostly cloudy tonight, and we do expect to see some patches of fog and drizzle, especially after midnight, low forty-six. Tomorrow, cloudy in the morning where there is fog and drizzle still around, then clouds may break for some afternoon sunshine, bringing in another mild afternoon with a high around sixty. Patches of clouds tomorrow night, low forty-eight degrees. Clouds and some sun on Tuesday with a high of fifty-seven, partly sunny and noticeably cooler Wednesday, high forty-eight degrees. Cloudy on Thursday with a chance for rain and drizzle, Thursday's high again, around forty-eight degrees. Sixty right now in midtown, the relative humidity is sixty-one percent, winds light and variable. Repeating the current temperature, sixty going down to forty-six in midtown.

Well, for too long the air felt like it was coming from Greenland, but for today it's coming from Shamrock, Texas, Cloverleaf, and also Greenville, South Carolina. It'll be mild, going to sixty-four, partly cloudy tonight, low forty-eight. Tomorrow partly sunny, high fifty-seven, chillier Wednesday, with clouds and sun, high forty-six, it's likely to rain on Thursday. Currently in midtown forty-nine degrees, relative humidity eighty-three percent, wind northeast three miles per hour, forty-nine heading for sixty-four.

There's going to be some sunshine today. The temperature will get up to sixty, uh, interior sections could get into the low sixties, maybe not like seventy, uh, like we got yesterday, but still, pretty comfortable. Then tonight will be partly cloudy, it'll chill down into the thirties. A cooler day tomorrow, with the wind off the water, and a mix of clouds and sun, high tomorrow forty-four. Clouding up, followed by some rain Thursday, especially late Thursday, Thursday night and into Friday, Friday night, with Friday's high back into the fifties. Right now it's fifty-six and partly cloudy, or partly sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to fifty-nine.

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