The Weather

2. Spring

Oh, we are looking at, uh, weather, uh, across, uh, Iraq obviously here for the next several days, uh, we have, uh, actually some good, good weather is expected. They did have a sandstorm here earlier, uh, over the last twelve to twenty-four hours those winds have subsided and will actually continue to subside. Uh, there will be enough of a wind across the southern portion of the country that still may cause some blowing sand tomorrow. Otherwise we're looking at clear to partly cloudy skies tonight and tomorrow, uh, the weekend, uh, it is good weather, and then we could have a storm, uh, generating some strong winds, uh, for Sunday night and Monday, uh, even the possibility of a little rain in Baghdad. Uh, currently we have, uh, uh, increasing cloudiness, uh, forecast locally tonight, uh, it's gonna be brisk and chilly, temperatures getting down into the middle-thirties, and then some, uh, intermittent rain is expected tomorrow and tomorrow night. It'll become steadier and heavier late in the day and, uh, actually a pretty good soaking tomorrow night. Uh, temperatures getting into the mid-forties tomorrow, and then staying in the forties tomorrow night. Friday it's a breezy and warmer day but, uh, still a few more showers maybe even a thunderstorm, the high of sixty degrees. Currently we have sunshine and forty-four with an east wind of ten. Repeating the current temperature forty-four, going up to forty-six in midtown.

We still have clouds, we still have some fog outside of the city this morning but, uh, during the afternoon the sky can brighten, the sun can peek on through, temperatures get on up into the sixties. A couple of showers and maybe a thunderstorm this evening, and then the weekend to follow looks pretty good, at least partly sunny. It'll be breezy tomorrow, the high about sixty and in the, uh, fifties for a high on Sunday. As for Middle East weather, it continues to be favorable for military operations, and that'll remain the case through Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday, there may be another episode of strong winds, poor visibilities, and, uh, even some sandstorms. Right now fifty-seven and cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going up to sixty-two.

Well, sunshine will be mixing with clouds as we go through the day today. It is going to be on the mild side again this afternoon, the high up to sixty-four degrees in midtown today. Tonight, we're partly cloudy, dropping back to a low of forty-two. We're gonna stay dry tomorrow and Monday as well. Partly to mostly sunny skies, highs in the mid-to-upper fifties, and then back to sixty-four for a high on Tuesday, with increasing clouds. No chance of rain in sight until we get to the day Wednesday. Dry weather in Baghdad for the rest of the weekend as well, partly cloudy skies Saturday night, and also some sunshine across Baghdad on Sunday. Right now it's fifty-four degrees and sunny in Central Park, we're going up to sixty-four in midtown today.

With sunshine, the temperature's headed on up to sixty-one for the high this afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy tonight the... or clear to partly cloudy tonight, I should say, the low forty-six in midtown, forty in many suburbs. Tomorrow another mild day, going towards sixty-four with sunshine, then a cold front will arrive Wednesday with a couple of showers, high sixty. Rain could follow Wednesday night and Thursday morning if that front stalls and a low pressure area forms along it. Afterwards, Thursday afternoon, high fifty-four with some sunshine. In Iraq, the winds are likely to be picking up in the next twenty-four hours, raising more sand and dust into the atmosphere, and that's going to be a problem through Wednesday. Things should settle down after that, after the current storm from the Mediterranean moves past. Currently, the winds are light and variable, the relative humidity forty-six percent, fifty-five in midtown heading for sixty-one.

A nice evening, clear to partly cloudy skies overnight. We'll be in the mid-forties come daybreak, uh, tomorrow another mild day but, uh, clouds and, uh, limited sun, a couple of showers around associated with a cold front which will be moving through, especially in the afternoon and evening. Clears out later tomorrow night, and Thursday and Friday lots of sunshine and only, uh, a bit cooler, fifty-four Thursday, fifty-eight Friday. The battlefield forecast, uh, the weather is nasty over there right now. Strong winds accompanying a powerful cold front, uh, really kicking up the sand and making for poor visibility. Uh, that wind speed will gradually come down over the next twenty-four hours, but it'll still be causing some problems. Rain, in mountains, snow in northern Iraq on Wednesday, a couple of showers still down in Baghdad, uh, then better weather Thursday, right on through the weekend. Back home we have fifty-seven in Caldwell, fifty-three and sunshine in Central Park, the southeast wind at eleven. Repeating the current temperature fifty-three going down to forty-seven in midtown.

Well, not much on the radar, literally, just one shower up over northern Bergen County, and also over northeastern Morris County. And as they move off to the northeast, the balance of this afternoon is on the dry side, so you really don't need the umbrella for the most part here, sixty-eight degrees for the afternoon high. What we'll see, in terms of showers, will be for the evening rush hour, through the remainder of this evening, but already by daybreak the clouds are parting company in the wake of our most recent cool front. We're in at forty degrees, and, yeah, we're gonna cool it, now, that's what a front does. Despite the sun back there'll be a breeze tomorrow, high fifty-six. Sunshine, patchy clouds Friday with a high of fifty-eight degrees. As for our battlefield forecast, one or two showers left over the northern two-thirds of, uh, Iraq during the course of this evening, but better weather ahead later tonight and over the next couple of days, as the wind dies down. Around here, not much wind, it's seventy in Morristown, sixty-six Belmar, sixty-four and partly sunny in Central Park going to sixty-eight in midtown.

We'll look for sunshine to be with us, uh, all day today, and temperatures will respond and get up to about the sixty degree mark, and then it'll be partly cloudy tonight, low forty-four. Increasing clouds tomorrow, a little cooler, thanks to a breeze coming in off the water, high tomorrow fifty-six. Rain at times Saturday, Saturday night, ending Sunday morning, but brisk and, uh, pretty cool the rest of the day Sunday, with the temperature not getting much at all above fifty. Weather conditions in Iraq, uh, and Kuwait have improved, ur, improved considerably over the last twenty-four hours. Skies are clear, visibilities are much better, winds are much, much lighter, and it does not look like weather is going to be, uh, any kind of a major player for at least the next few days. Around these parts, it's forty-five and sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to sixty.

Sunshine still with us and temperature still climbing, and it should get to sixty, and even into the sixties today. It'll be coolest on the south shore of Long Island and the Connecticut coast with a southerly breeze coming in off the water. Then it clouds up tonight, could start to drizzle. We get drizzle and rain at times tomorrow, especially tomorrow night on into Sunday morning, could be some heavy rain and maybe a thunderstorm. The rain, um, er, probably at least the steady rain, ends Sunday morning, but there still may be some rain showers around Sunday afternoon, and it will be noticeably colder with temperatures no higher than the forties. Right now, though, uh, it is fifty-six degrees and sunny in Central Park, and the temperature today going up to, uh, about sixty.

Brisk and cold today, clouds and sunshine. We're going to have a high temperature near forty-two degrees and, for the Mets home opener, the real feel temperature upper twenties and low thirties, so definitely a bundle-up time, but a dry afternoon. Partly to mostly cloudy tonight, low thirty in midtown, twenty-four in outlying areas. Tomorrow turns out cloudy, and as a warm front approaches, we'll have some rain in the afternoon, could start as a little wet snow, but the temperature by end of the day, forty-four northern suburbs, fifty in central Jersey, well up in the forties in the city. Wednesday variable cloudiness, with a shower possible, high fifty, then into the fifties with a few showers on Thursday. Meanwhile on the battlefield, sunshine, seventies today, but nineties by the end of the week in many areas. Currently in midtown thirty-two degrees, relative humidity fifty-one percent, wind west northwest at twelve, thirty-two heading for forty-two.

Clouds thickening over the next couple of hours, then we expect some rain during the midday and early afternoon hours, could be some wet snow mixed in the beginning but it won't stick. High today forty-two, tonight's low forty. Tomorrow, some clouds and sun, perhaps a shower, high fifty-four. Then we'll be close to the boundary between cool air and warm air on Thursday and Friday. We're calling Thursday, clouds and sunshine, maybe a shower, high fifty-nine, then Friday partly sunny and warmer, high sixty-eight degrees, with a thunderstorm possibility in the afternoon. On the battlefield, temperatures in the eighties in the afternoon hours through midweek, getting closer to one hundred as we close out the week. Currently in midtown thirty-three degrees, relative humidity forty-nine percent, wind north at five miles per hour, thirty-three heading for forty-two.

Uh, it looks like the next couple of days we're gonna be close to a boundary between warm air, with temperatures in the seventies from Philadelphia southward, however, in upstate New York it probably stays in the thirties and forties, hopefully we get into the fifties today and tomorrow with a few breaks of sunshine. Central New Jersey and on, uh, inland, it can get into the sixties. It can always sprinkle or shower but, uh, at least through tomorrow we're not looking for much in the way of rain. Friday, rather cloudy, cool, high in the fifties, uh, chance of showers, maybe a late day thunderstorm. And then pretty cool on Saturday, may not get above fifty with some rain likely. Sunday partly sunny, but chilly, with a high of forty-eight. Right now it is forty-five and mostly cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going up to fifty-four.

A mostly cloudy, cool day coming up today, the temperature will get to about fifty, or maybe or maybe the low fifties, and that's about it, drops back to about forty with some clouds and patchy fog and drizzle tonight. Then it'll start to rain tomorrow, probably late in the day, we'll have rain tomorrow night on into the day on Saturday, with a high Saturday into the fifties. No, uh, genuine prospects for sunshine until Sunday, but even then it'll be chilly, a high around fifty. Uh, battlefield weather is sunny and hot in, uh, Baghdad, the temperature into the low nineties at this moment, and it'll be middle-to-upper nineties tomorrow, and over the weekend with one hundred degrees plus, in the southern and eastern deserts. Some gusty winds over the weekend could cause isolated pockets of, uh, blowing sand and reduced visibilities, but nothing near as widespread as last week. Right now it's forty-four and mostly cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going up to about fifty.

It's going to be overcast, drizzly, with some fog today. We'll have drizzle, rain, and fog tonight and tomorrow, uh, temperature today not going to go up much, it may even drop a couple of degrees, and the lows tonight will be near thirty in the northern and western suburbs, and that means there can be some freezing rain, as well as just rain, high temperatures tomorrow forty-five to fifty, Sunday mostly sunny with a high around fifty. The, uh, battlefield forecast, the heat will peak Saturday, with highs in Baghdad near one hundred, then not as hot Sunday and Monday, but windy at times. Those gusty winds will pick up some sand and dust, and cause areas of reduced visibility. Right now it is forty-one and cloudy in Central Park and our temperature today going up only to forty-three.

Oh, just a damp and chilly day underway. There will be some occasional light rain and drizzle, some areas of fog, and even a rumble or two of thunder, we'll have a high of just forty-four degrees, and then windy and cold, with clearing skies tonight, low thirty-six. A sunny but windy and chilly day, with a high around fifty degrees. Monday, cloudy, windy, and cold with some snow, sleet, and rain, and we're probably going to be talking accumulations north and west of the city, Monday's high just forty degrees, though. Cloudy, with a chance for lingering rain Tuesday, especially during the morning, with a high around fifty, and partly sunny Wednesday, with a high around near fifty degrees. Battlefield forecast is as follows, we do have a partly cloudy sky with gusty winds over Saturday night, and a mix of clouds and sun, with blowing sand and dust on Sunday. It's thirty-seven degrees right now, heading up to forty-four in midtown.

We are going to have increasing and thickening clouds tonight, and, uh, temperatures will, for the most part, be between twenty-five and thirty-two at daybreak on Monday. Then get ready for the snow. It will tend to mix with some sleet and freezing rain in some locations, uh, but we're looking at a significant accumulation, especially for this time of year, uh, most places will get between four and eight inches. We've got the winter storm warnings in effect for Monday and early Monday night. It should wind down Monday night as a few flurries and some drizzle. Still, it's going to be tough getting around tomorrow, so allow yourself some extra time. The high tomorrow in the mid-thirties, Monday night's low about thirty degrees, and it's going to be cloudy on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and on the cool side. The battlefield forecast, Baghdad tomorrow, could be a rain or, uh, thunderstorm, uh, shower. Temperatures will be in the upper eighties. It'll be hotter Tuesday. Back home, forty-one in midtown right now, clear, relative humidity forty-four percent, the wind northeast seven miles per hour. Clear and forty-one heading down to thirty-two.

It's getting closer and closer now. It is now snowing now in Hunterdon and Somerset counties, parts of southern Morris and Union counties as well, and the snow is spreading eastward. It will spread across the metropolitan area within the next hour to two hours, and then we look for heavy snow this afternoon, and on into this evening, with an average accumulation across the metropolitan area of four to eight inches. Keep in mind during the day today, during the daylight hours, temperatures high enough so that a lot of the snow is going to melt, at least initially, on city streets and highways and parkways, but they can get slushy and slippery in spots for sure, uh, there can even be, uh, a few extra inches in the hilly areas north and west of Interstate 287, but an average, we think, of four to six or eight inches across most of the tri-state area. Right now it's thirty-six and cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going down to thirty-two.

Well, a cloudy day today, uh, there's been a little drizzle, there's been a little freezing drizzle, there'll continue to be a little drizzle at times, uh, during the day today, with a high of thirty-six. We look for some rain, eh, at times tonight and tomorrow, low tonight thirty-four, and the high tomorrow forty. It's cloudy Thursday, there's still the chance for some rain, a high in the forties. And then we may have a major storm, uh, even a nor'easter, come up the eastern seaboard Friday, Friday night, into Saturday morning. Odds favor rain, coastal areas, and maybe some gusty winds as well, high tides and all of that, clearing beginning later on Saturday. Right now it's thirty-one and cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going up to thirty-six.

We've got rain all across the metropolitan area now, there's been a little bit of sleet that's bounced around but this is, uh, mostly just a cold, wet, nasty rain and it'll rain pretty steadily into the middle part of the afternoon with, uh, a high of thirty-eight. Clouds tonight, low thirty-four. Variable cloudiness tomorrow, perhaps a few brighter intervals, and, uh, if we, uh, get even a little bit of sun, the temperature tomorrow will get into the forties. Clouds, rain and wind back for Friday, in fact, could be pretty stormy, Friday afternoon and Friday night, with winds gusting, perhaps to forty miles an hour. Clearing begins Saturday afternoon, and Sunday looks mostly sunny and pleasant with a high near sixty. Right now it's thirty-five and cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going up to thirty-eight.

Well, it will be a cool and breezy day today, but no rain, and although there'll be a lot of clouds. Uh, the sun will peek out from time to time, in place to place, and that gets temperatures into the forties for the first time all week long. Tomorrow, though, a rainy windy day, uh, windy, chilly with temperatures in the low to middle-forties, and some of the rain, tomorrow, tomorrow night, will be heavy enough to cause street and highway flooding. It clears on Saturday and Sunday looks good, mostly sunny and the high fifty-six to sixty. Iraqi weather has cooled down, it'll be dry through the weekend, relatively comfortable, sixties in the northern part of the country and, uh, no higher than the eighties in Baghdad. Right now in Central Park, forty degrees and cloudy, the high today forty-eight.

Well, it's not very nice outside, and it's not going to get a whole lot, uh, in fact, probably not going to get any better, as we go through the day. We're going to have rain intermittent today and tonight, and into tomorrow morning, some of the rain will be heavy, eh, other times, the rain can stop completely. And there will also continue to be a gusty wind, that wind gusting frequently to thirty miles per hour, and occasionally to between thirty and forty miles per hour. The temperature not much above forty, so not only is it wet, but it's kind of nasty and cold. Clearing tomorrow afternoon, though, and with the sun coming out, temperatures will jump into the fifties, and then Sunday should be mostly sunny, with a high around sixty. But right now, it's forty and raining in Central Park, and that wind out of the northeast, gusting to twenty-nine miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature forty, going up to forty-four today.

It looks like the rain has ended in New York City, it should be ending across Long Island in the next couple of hours. Clouds will break for sunshine, from west to east, across the area we'll have a high of sixty. Mostly clear, brisk, cold tonight, low falling back to about forty-two. It'll be mostly sunny tomorrow, the high of fifty-eight, partial sunshine. Nice day for your Monday, high sixty-four. Sunshine, breezy, turning much warmer for Tuesday, with the high of seventy-three degrees. Currently fifty-four degrees in Bridgeport, some rain out in Islip, fifty-one, in Central Park, fifty-seven degrees, relative humidity seventy-four percent, wind out the north, northwest at ten miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature fifty-seven going up to sixty in midtown.

Well, the region will be basting in plenty of sunshine that'll be overhead via the area of high pressure that moved in over the last twelve to twenty-four hours, a breezy and nice afternoon with the high of fifty-eight degrees. Clear and cool tonight, low forty midtown, thirty-four in the suburbs. And we'll see more in the way of sunshine, as we head through the middle part of the week, temperatures actually moderating, as we head through the day on Monday and Tuesday. Breezy Monday, high sixty-four, windy Tuesday, with a high of seventy-six degrees, sunshine, patchy clouds, breezy and warm, a high again of seventy-six. Forty-six degrees and sunny in Central Park, humidity fifty-eight percent, wind north at three miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature forty-six, we're headed up to fifty-eight in midtown.

Ah, still a dazzling day out there with bright sunshine, temperatures are, uh, almost to fifty degrees right now, and we expect them to top out into the sixties today. It will be a gentle sea breeze that keeps shore points cooler, but then, uh, tonight will be, uh, fair and relatively mild, with a low about fifty and tomorrow, a gusty southwest wind combines with sunshine and temperatures tomorrow will be off to the races, eighty or above inland areas, probably at least seventy-eight or eighty in midtown, cooler on the south shore of Long Island and the Connecticut coast, where the breeze comes in off the water. Still warm Wednesday, but could be a late day thunderstorm, and then it will be noticeably cooler Thursday and Friday, both of those days, eh, probably clouds, and the chance of rain and the high temperatures, not much above fifty. Right now, though, forty-eight and bright and sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to sixty-four.

Well for today and tomorrow, it will seem like we have sprung right past spring and into summer, but by the end of the week, by Thursday and Friday, we will have fallen back toward winter. But today and tomorrow, if you're a warm weather fan, will be to your liking. Sunshine, patchy clouds, a gusty southwest wind, and in midtown as well as in adjacent New Jersey and the Hudson Valley, temperatures will climb to between eighty and eighty-five, while it stays closer to seventy on the south shore of Long Island and the Connecticut coast. Thursday, though, we turn things around. A cold front passes through Wednesday night that could produce a shower or a thunderstorm, and Thursday and Friday will be noticeably chillier with clouds, uh, some drizzle or rain, and temperatures no higher than the forties. Right now, though, we're already fifty-three and mostly sunny in Central Park, the temperature today going up to seventy-five.

We've got one more for you, but then quite a dramatic change tomorrow, but for the rest of the day today, sunshine, a few patchy high clouds, a gusty breeze out of the southwest, and high temperatures getting to between eighty and eighty-five in midtown, across most of New Jersey, and up the Hudson Valley. Long Island will be cooler, especially the south shore, maybe a shower tonight. And it will turn colder overnight, with a low near forty, and a dramatically colder day tomorrow, some forty degrees colder than today, with afternoon temperatures no higher than the forties. Remaining cloudy, chilly Friday, chance for some rain, clouds breaking for some sun Saturday, up to fifty-six, and Easter Sunday looks O.K., partly sunny with a high of sixty-two. Right now, sixty-seven and sunshine in Central Park, temperature today going up to eighty-three.

Well, once again the radar showing some of the, er, showers right along the, uh, Essex, Union County line, just off to the north of Interstate 78, crossing, eh, 280, eh, once you get, eh, past, eh, West Orange, eh, Livingston, in through that corridor, as well as, eh, Bloomfield, Caldwell, so if you're in through this corridor, you've definitely got some wet weather to contend with as well as, uh, well, southern areas of Brooklyn down along the, um, er, well, down along the Belt Parkway. Quite honestly, once you get, eh, south of, eh, Linden Boulevard we have, uh, a couple of showers to contend with. We'll also get a little sun this afternoon, but, oh, that cold wind means business, with the high of forty-six degrees, and while it may drizzle tonight and tomorrow, well, most of the time it's just going to be cloudy, cold, thirty-six tonight, fifty tomorrow. Even Saturday's a damp start, but we should see a little late day sun with the high of fifty-eight, so at least it does turn somewhat milder. Right now, though, it's only thirty-nine Belmar, forty-three with the clouds Central Park, only going to forty-six this afternoon in midtown.

Uh, a cloudy, chilly, and brisk day, uh, temperature this afternoon will only be in the forties, the wind will still be gusting to about twenty miles an hour. There can be a bit of drizzle, there can be bit of rain, the same goes for tonight, and on into tomorrow morning. After that we do look for a slow improvement, the sky brightens tomorrow afternoon, the sun may come out, temperatures get into the fifties, and then Easter Sunday looks O.K., mixed clouds and sun, the sunrise temperature about forty-five, the afternoon high on Sunday should be into the sixties. Right now, though, it's thirty-eight and cloudy in Central Park, humidity at ninety-two percent, wind from the east, gusting to twenty-one miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature thirty-eight, going up to forty-eight today.

Well, it's shaping up to be a pretty nice day across the tri-state area. So far lots of sunshine, uh, this morning, it looks like the sunshine will be sticking around through much of the day, and with that sunshine, temperatures up near sixty degrees in midtown for the afternoon. We stay dry tonight with clear to partly cloudy skies. Tomorrow's partly sunny as well, and the high goes back up to sixty in the afternoon, after a sunrise temperature tomorrow morning of forty-eight degrees. Clouds do return to the area Monday, and then Monday night into Tuesday, and we could see some rain, Monday's high sixty-four, Tuesday's high sixty. Currently sunny and forty-three degrees in Central Park, the humidity seventy percent, and the wind east at ten miles an hour. Again the current temperature forty-three, it'll go up to sixty in midtown.

Uh, mostly cloudy skies here for the remainder of the night, we'll see a few showers during the course of the night, maybe even a little fog developing, uh, with temperatures drifting down, uh, into the middle-forties. And then a mostly cloudy day Tuesday, as a front slowly works its way through the region, uh, this will generate a few showers, you may even hear a few rumbles of thunder, high temperature around fifty-nine. There's going to be a storm developing on that front, and that's why the wet weather for tomorrow, and that storm lifts up through New England, uh, later tomorrow night and Wednesday, and deepens, and the net result is that the wind'll pick up out of the northwest. It'll be cool, uh, well get some, uh, clearing, temperatures in the mid-forties tomorrow night, Wednesday around fifty-six, Thursday still kind of windy, but skies will be partly sunny, about sixty degrees, and then a nice day Friday. Currently in Central Park cloudy and forty-nine degrees, with a south wind at seven. Repeating the current temperature forty-nine going down to forty-six in midtown.

Indeed it is dreary and dull, damp, and dim. It's been this way since the day's dawn. Will it stay this way till its dreary and dull, dim, demise after dinner? We'll have to see but, if you live in eastern Nassau or Suffolk County, watch for some rain that's going to come ashore in about fifteen or twenty minutes, and sprinkle the area for about an hour. Rest of the area, not too much in the way of showers the next couple of hours, but there will be some more later today. Parts of the area can still have a thunderstorm, high fifty-nine. A leftover shower tomorrow tonight, low forty-six, then tomorrow becoming partly sunny, cool winds, gusty winds, temperatures won't get out of the fifties. Thursday looks like a nice day, still windy, high sixty-four, Friday sunshine, more tranquil, a high sixty-six. Currently forty-seven degrees, relative humidity one hundred percent, winds out of the northeast at eight miles per hour, forty-seven heading to fifty-nine.

We'll have a mixture of clouds and sunshine today, a gusty wind. It's going to be cool, temperature getting to about fifty-eight this afternoon, then clearing, windy, and chilly tonight, low forty-two in midtown, thirty-four in some suburbs. Now, as the high pressure area that's now in the Midwest moves toward us, tomorrow will be a sunny day with a gusty wind, but milder, high sixty-four late in the day, as the high pressure area moves offshore. Friday looks nice to start, followed by increasing cloudiness, high sixty-six, and a storm that's causing rain to spread across Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska today, can reach us with rain Friday night into Saturday, Saturday's high fifty-six. Currently it's forty-six, relative humidity sixty-two percent, winds out of the west at ten, gusting to eighteen. Forty-six heading for, um, to fifty-eight.

Well, uh, the, uh, current radar filling in across the tri-state area, we're seeing, uh, fairly light rainfall right now, but we're anticipating that the intensity of the rain will be picking up very late tonight and tomorrow morning, uh, so a soggy Saturday definitely, uh, if you have some chores to do this weekend indoors, tomorrow would be the day to do them, and I think that Sunday, if you want to get outside, it'll be a much nicer day. But we're gonna be dealing with this storm system for the next twenty-four hours or so, the low overnight in midtown with the rain forty-eight, tomorrow's high only fifty-two, but as the rain comes to an end, probably tomorrow evening as some drizzle. You should see some late night clearing Sunday, it'll be a bit on the windy side, but with sunshine, highs will reach the mid-and-upper sixties. Monday also will be about sixty-eight, our next shot at getting a shower, Tuesday. Cloudy, fifty-two in midtown, right now relative humidity eighty-nine percent, the wind variable, six miles per hour. Cloudy, fifty-two, we're heading down to forty-eight.

It's kind of a windy, wet, cool start to this weekend, in fact, uh, today looks like, eh, kind of a washout. Occasional rain, in fact, the rain can come down hard enough so that we could see a little bit of street and highway flooding, the high fifty-six. Tonight, drizzle in the evening then partial clearing, a low forty-eight. What a big improvement for Sunday with bright sunshine, a high of seventy degrees, sunny to partly cloudy, up to seventy-four on Monday. Uh, Tuesday it'll stay warm, we'll still go into the mid-seventies, but there is a chance for a shower. Right now we have forty-nine in White Plains, it's forty-seven in Bridgeport, cloudy and fifty in Central Park, with a humidity of one hundred percent, the winds east at nine. Repeating the current temperature fifty going up to fifty-six today.

Well it looks like our weather will be just beautiful for today, Monday looking nice, Tuesday even looks pretty nice, uh, even though a cold front will come through by then that could trigger a shower. But today, just sunshine and a high of sixty-eight, clear and comfortable tonight, fifty-four in midtown, forty-two in the suburbs. We'll go up to seventy-six with the sunshine tomorrow, cooler on the coast and on the Island, and on Tuesday, intervals of clouds and sun, as a cold front approaches the region, maybe a shower, the high seventy-four. Currently we have fifty degrees in Bridgeport and White Plains, partly sunny, fifty-two in Central Park, eighty-nine percent humidity, and northwest wind at nine. Fifty-two right now going up to sixty-eight.

We'll take it, huh? This is a beautiful day and, uh, actually, we've got nice weather for much of the, uh, coming week, uh, we've got, uh, mostly clear skies tonight, temperatures heading for the mid, upper fifties, uh, even warmer tomorrow, eighty-two under a partly sunny sky. Uh, we will cool it down a little bit on Wednesday, there's going to be a front slipping through here tomorrow morning, uh, Wednesday will be in the upper sixties, but that's still a nice day, lots of sunshine. Thursday, partly sunny and sixty-eight, Friday, low seventies. Uh, cloudy to partly sunny on Friday, and that's our first chance of seeing a shower or thunderstorm, as there will be a cold front moving through probably Friday evening. Right now sixty-six at JFK with a sea breeze, seventy-six in Central Park, sunny, and a south wind at twenty miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature seventy-six going down to fifty-eight in midtown.

Uh, we have, uh, it's, uh, a very small area of some light rain it's, uh, gonna be over very, very shortly, as a matter of fact, in the city and, uh, mmm, looking at definitely less than a tenth of an inch, uh, so it's just enough, uh, to hold the dust down, uh, the clouds leave, in part, for some sunshine once again for the late afternoon hours. Uh, temperatures obviously have cooled off here with the rain falling, and we will bounce back into, at least the lower seventies here, once, uh, uh, the clouds break up once again. Uh, the evening hours will be nice, and then tonight will be clear to partly cloudy, a low of fifty-two. Next couple of days, uh, some nice weather, lots of sunshine, sixty-eight tomorrow, partly sunny on Thursday with a high around seventy degrees. Uh, do expect to see some showers, maybe a thunderstorm in the, uh, Thursday night, Friday time period, that'll be the next, uh, front. Uh, could even be, uh, some steadier rain, uh, Friday night into Saturday, as a storm develops along that frontal boundary, then we'll start to clear out Saturday afternoon, Sunday should be nice. In Central Park reporting some light rain, and we've cooled off to sixty degrees, uh, still a northwest wind fifteen to twenty-five miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature sixty going up to seventy-nine in midtown.

Fine day today, cloudiness and some sunshine. There are a couple of showers, uh, twenty to thirty miles north of the city that'll bypass us, and we're going to have a very nice afternoon, uh, high temperature sixty-eight. Partly cloudy tonight, low fifty-two as the front that moved south of us yesterday, with a shower in the afternoon, moves back north as a warm front tomorrow. Can't rule out a shower, but overall, clouds and sunny breaks, the high seventy. Friday, clouds and some sun, a warm day high seventy-two, showers and thunderstorms possible, especially in the afternoon to tonight. Saturday looks like it'll start damp, but then turn partly sunny in the afternoon, high sixty-two. Currently, winds out of the north at four miles per hour, the relative humidity a low forty-three percent, fifty-five in midtown heading for sixty-eight.

Well, cloudiness today, there will be some showers around, they can occur just about any time, one batch of showers has gone by, but new ones are forming southwest. High sixty-six degrees, cooler on the south shore of Long Island and coastal Connecticut, partly to mostly cloudy and breezy tonight, low fifty-eight. Tomorrow, clouds wrap some sunny breaks, breezy and warm, but a pushing cold front can cause showers and thunderstorms just about any time, best chance is the afternoon and night. High seventy-two now. Assuming the front leaves, chance of morning rain, then clearing Saturday, front stalls, all bets are off on clearing. High Saturday sixty, Sunday looks to be sunny, high sixty-four. Currently in midtown, relative humidity ninety-two percent, the wind is out of the north at four miles per hour. It's fifty-four degrees heading for sixty-six.

It's a mild morning and it's going to be a warm day today, the temperatures likely to climb well into the seventies. Lots of sunshine for a while, then cloudiness during the course of the afternoon, there can be a thunderstorm. Any thunderstorm that develops can be strong and gusty, temperature today climbing well into the seventies. Then for tonight, clouds and a few showers and a thunderstorm, then tomorrow turning cooler, some sun by afternoon, low tonight fifty-two, high tomorrow sixty. Sunday looks like a sunny cool day, high sixty-four, Monday partly sunny, high sixty-four. Currently the winds out of the east at four miles per hour, the relative humidity eighty percent, sixty-two degrees, heading well up into the seventies this afternoon before cool air arrives.

Well, I suppose some folks might like it just a little warmer but, uh, it's still going to be very nice for early May today. We'll see sunshine, some clouds, a high of sixty-four. It'll mainly be clear and chilly tonight, we'll go down to thirty-eight in some of those colder suburbs, you know who you are, uh, down to about forty-eight in midtown. Sunshine followed by clouds tomorrow, still a cool breeze with a high of sixty-two, mostly cloudy with a cool breeze Tuesday, showers, maybe an afternoon thunderstorm, the high sixty to sixty-four. Warmer on Wednesday, but still a chance for a thunderstorm. Right now partly sunny, fifty-one in Central Park, it's forty-nine at Kennedy, and also at LaGuardia. It's fifty-one at Central Park, and it's going up to sixty-four.

We're gonna have increasing cloudiness today as that massive storm system from the middle of the country comes eastward, uh, we do not believe the risk of tornadic thunderstorms is, uh, very high here, but we're gonna get some rain starting either late this afternoon or early this evening. We'll have off and on rain tonight, and on into tomorrow, and it'll be kind of cool, with a breeze coming in off the water. Today it can get to sixty or a little bit above, but highs tomorrow not too far into the fifties. It'll get warmer Wednesday, clouds can break for some sun, could also be a shower or a thunderstorm, high Wednesday seventy-three, and then mostly cloudy on Thursday, high in the sixties. Right now it's fifty-four and partly sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to sixty.

It's a gray, kind of a drizzly morning, and it's gonna stay that way all day, uh, there will be drizzle every now and then, there could be enough rain to form a puddle and to wet things down. The same goes for tonight, also areas of fog, and that fog could become pretty thick in places, uh, as we get into tonight and tomorrow morning. Temperatures today get into the fifties but, eh, probably not the sixties. Tomorrow we'll get milder, into the sixties, uh, then there's, uh, a period of rain, and maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow night into, into, eh, Thursday morning, followed by a dry period Thursday afternoon into Friday, but maybe more showers again later Friday. So, stringing a long period of dry weather, and certainly stringing a couple of sunny days in this weather pattern together is gonna be pretty tough. Right now it's forty-eight and cloudy in Central Park, the temperature today going up to fifty-eight.

It's cloudy and gray, but not much going on in terms of precipitation. We'll have a couple of showers around today, mostly this morning, but the vast majority of the time we'll just see clouds, high sixty-six. Partly to mostly cloudy tonight, low fifty-four, tomorrow a little brighter, clouds and sunny breaks, high about sixty-eight degrees, and Saturday should also be partly sunny, though a shower can't be ruled out, high sixty-eight. Showers a better bet for Sunday maybe a thunderstorm, high temperature sixty-eight on Mother's Day. Currently winds out of the east at seven miles per hour, the relative humidity ninety-six percent, fifty-eight degrees in midtown heading for sixty-six.

And what we have here tonight, is, uh, looks like, uh, dry weather from this point on. The light shower activity that, uh, was over the region is, uh, now moved offshore. Uh, partly to mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the low to middle-fifties at daybreak, uh, tomorrow, a little bit of sunshine and a milder afternoon, upper sixties to low seventies for a high. Maybe, uh, a shower, thunderstorm also in the afternoon or evening hours, but better chance for showers and th... uh, thunderstorms coming along later Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, that from a strong storm, which is, uh, still back in the Rockies right now. It'll be moving into Kansas tomorrow morning, and then up into the Great Lakes on Sunday, and, uh, sweeping, uh, a strong cold front over toward the East Coast, a high on Sunday around sixty-four. Currently we have sixty-three degrees, a cloudy sky, a southwest wind at eight. Repeating the current temperature sixty-three going down to fifty-four in midtown.

Mostly cloudy skies overnight, uh, temperatures in the mid-fifties come daybreak, and our Sunday will also be mostly cloudy, with a couple of rounds of showers and thunderstorms, mainly during the afternoon and early evening, as a strong cold front, uh, sweeps over to the eastern seaboard, a high temperature around sixty-five. Gusty winds and cool conditions both Monday and Tuesday, intervals of clouds and sunshine, just the possibility of a shower either day, sixty-eight degrees on Monday, sixty-six on Tuesday. Wednesday, lighter winds and partly sunny with a high of around sixty-eight. Currently we have fifty-six at JFK, sixty-four, mostly cloudy in Central Park, a south wind at five to ten. Repeating the current temperature sixty-four going down the fifty-six in midtown.

We'll continue to have that patchy, dense fog around the area this morning. That should burn off over the next couple of hours, then the next threat comes in this afternoon as we have some locally heavy thunderstorms that will move through the area, especially to the west of the city. We'll have a high today of about seventy degrees, evening showers, thunderstorms tonight, then clearing, breezy, turning cooler, with a low falling back to fifty-three. Both tomorrow and Tuesday will be windy with times of fog and sunshine, we could see a shower either day with highs in the mid-to-upper sixties. And as we look ahead to Wednesday, a partly sunny, pleasant day with a high of sixty-eight. Dense fog at White Plains right now, fifty-six degrees, fifty-eight degrees at Islip, in Central Park, sixty-one degrees, relative humidity ninety-three percent, and the winds east, northeast at seven miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature sixty-one going up to seventy in midtown.

Well, a glance at the radar, not much out there, but a couple of showers most notable, just off to the south of Danbury, Connecticut and also, uh, kind of sandwiched in between the Garden State Parkway and 287, eh, coming down through, eh, Bergen, Passaic, as well as Essex, Morris counties, Union, in through that area. But again, it's more miss than hit. We'll have clouds and limited sun this afternoon, with the high of sixty-eight degrees. What we're going to notice tonight is the increase in the wind, lock, stock, and barrel, low temperature fifty-two degrees. And when I say it's a bad hair day tomorrow, that's an understatement on my part here. Clouds, limited sun, maybe an afternoon shower, forget the umbrella, high sixty-six. Wednesday will take the wind down a notch, partly sunny with the high sixty-eight. It's currently seventy Belmar, sixty with the clouds in Central Park, going to sixty-eight this afternoon in midtown.

We're starting out today O.K. with, uh, mixed clouds and sun. We think as the day wears on, there will tend to be more in the way of cloud cover. We're still under the circulation of a large storm system which is centered, uh, in northern New York state over the Adirondacks, and that could produce a shower or two as we go through this afternoon and this evening. Showers, mostly of the brief variety, high today sixty-four, then clearing late tonight, low fifty-two. Sunshine in pretty good supply tomorrow, should be a nice day, high sixty-eight, increasing clouds Thursday, and some rain again Thursday night and Friday. Right now it's fifty-two and partly sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to sixty-four.

A better today, although it's not going to stay completely sunny. There will be cloudy intervals, and there will still be a cool breeze, but with the sun out at least at times, temperatures get into the sixties, probably the upper sixties this afternoon. Then it'll be fair and cool tonight, low around fifty. Increasing clouds tomorrow, and we do look for some rain again as we get into tomorrow night, and during the day Friday. And a cool day Friday, with a breeze coming in off the ocean, temperatures only in the fifties. However, we are optimistic about improving weather for the weekend, gradual clearing Saturday, high sixty-two, and partly to mostly sunny on Sunday, high sixty-eight. Right now it's fifty-four, partly sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to sixty-eight.

We still have sunshine and, uh, temperatures are getting into the sixties now and, although clouds will increase as we go through the afternoon, it'll still be comfortable with temperatures, uh, getting close to seventy, or at least on well up into the sixties. However, with the increasing clouds, the result of a storm which is in the Ohio Valley now, that storm is going to hit the eastern seaboard tomorrow and intensify and, around these parts, tomorrow is not looking like a nice day. Rain, some of it heavy, tomorrow and tomorrow night, ending Saturday morning. There'll also be gusty winds out of the east, they will be strong enough to raise concerns about some coastal flooding, at the time of high tide, tomorrow and tomorrow night. The atmosphere will dry Saturday afternoon, Sunday looks good, mostly sunny, with a high of sixty-eight. Right now it is sixty-two and sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to sixty-eight.

Radar right now showing a little bit of light rain across Staten Island, on further south and west, and that'll be about where it stays for the overnight hours into the first part of tomorrow morning, a low forty-eight degrees. Then later tomorrow, still gusty winds, still fairly cold, drizzle to start, then little bit breaks of sunshine, a high around sixty. Lingering clouds and some late night fog tomorrow night, low forty-eight. Here comes the improvement on Sunday, turning out mostly sunny, noticeably milder, with a high of sixty-eight degrees. Plenty of sunshine on Monday with a high of seventy-four, and partly sunny and real nice on Tuesday, high seventy-six. Fifty-two right now in the Park, fifty-four in Newark, and fifty-three de... er, degrees at LaGuardia. Repeating the current temperature fifty-two going down to forty-eight in midtown.

Well, a few clouds lingering south and west of the city. Turned out to be a nice sunny afternoon, north and east, tonight no exception, uh, partly cloudy, uh, watch for some late night fog, though, a low of forty-six degrees. A nice day tomorrow, though, with plenty of sunshine and a high of sixty-eight. Mostly clear skies tomorrow night, low fifty-two, and another sunny day on Monday, with a high of seventy-four. Tuesday not looking too bad either, partly sunny with a high of seventy-four degrees. Right now in midtown fifty-nine degrees, northeast winds at nine miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature fifty-nine going down to forty-six in midtown.

It'll be mostly sunny and warm today, it's going up toward eighty. A little cooler in coastal areas, then increasing clouds tonight, low fifty-eight. Tomorrow, mostly cloudy with a couple of showers, as a cold front arrives, high seventy-two. Then behind the front, mostly cloudy and cooler. Thursday, there still could be a shower, high sixty-four. It's going to turn rainy at the end of the week for Friday and Saturday, temperatures in the fifties to low sixties at best. Currently winds out of the northeast at three miles per hour, beautifully sunny, relative humidity fifty percent, sixty-seven heading for eighty.

Well, uh, on this Tuesday evening, the radar showing a few showers to the west of the tri-state area, mainly around eastern and central Pennsylvania. These are associated with a cool front that will be approaching us tomorrow. And as it does, it'll be slowing down, and virtually stalling, along the eastern seaboard, and, of course, that doesn't bode well for our weather here for the remainder of the week. Temperatures tomorrow around seventy degrees, this despite clouds and a few showers and, uh, a wave of low pressure moving up from the southeastern United States, cruising along that nearly stationary front, I think that is what will have some very soggy implications for things around here, uh, Friday, and especially Friday night, uh. Temperatures Thursday expected to be no higher than the mid-sixties, that's well below normal, and then just as the Memorial Day weekend holiday gets started, the rain will be kicking in. Partly cloudy, sixty-five in midtown right now, relative humidity thirty-six percent, the wind light and variable. It's partly cloudy, sixty-five heading down to fifty-eight.

Well the rain has stopped from the city westbound, at least from midtown westbound, but we still find rain from Nassau eastbound, across Long Island. Looking live at the radar, I can tell that it'll be a while before the rain stops in those areas. We're gonna stay wet, at least damp early tonight, and late tonight, simply cloudy, we'll cool down to fifty-two. Mostly cloudy, breezy, cool weather tomorrow, rain could return to the area late in the day, a high of sixty, if not late in the day, then tomorrow night. We'll be dealing with the rain, that rain will continue Friday, Friday's high temperature only fifty-eight and, yes, unfortunately it looks like rain on Saturday as well, to kick off the holiday weekend, continued cool, somewhat windy, high of sixty degrees. Most of that rain should be over Sunday. Sunday mostly cloudy, high of sixty-six. Right now it's sixty, cloudy in Central Park, ninety-six percent humidity, winds variable at six miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature sixty going down to fifty-two in midtown.

Well, we have a damp night in the tri-state area, current radar showing most of the light rain over Long Island and, uh, coastal areas but, uh, actually a bit of drizzle occurring at all the airports right now, and it's cloudy in midtown. Temperatures, they're not going to change much overnight, fifty-one right now in midtown, we're heading down to fifty, and as we get the, uh, Friday started up, eh, the getaway day for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, more of this damp weather. We're waiting, actually, on a storm system organizing in Georgia right now to bring the real rain of consequence. Most of that should occur Friday night, and then Saturday it should stay dull and damp throughout much of the weekend, although we hold out hope for some brightening, uh, with, uh, Sunday afternoon and Monday rolling around. Right now cloudy, fifty-one in midtown, relative humidity one hundred percent, the wind northeast ten miles per hour. It's cloudy and fifty-one, heading down to fifty.

Well, for the rest of this afternoon, it'll be kind of dreary out there, lots of clouds, windy, cool, patchy fog, also intermittent rain and drizzle, with a high of fifty-eight degrees. Showers, drizzle lingers early tonight, maybe some clearing late, patchy fog continuing, well, falling back to fifty-four. For tomorrow, a warmer day, with clouds breaks and sunshine, could be a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon, with a high of seventy-two degrees. Clouds, limited sunshine for Memorial Day, couple of showers and a thunderstorm possible, with a high of sixty-four, and a chance of a shower even lingers into Tuesday. Currently in Central Park, a cloudy sky, fifty-three degrees, relative humidity one hundred percent, and winds out of the east at fourteen miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature fifty-three going up to fifty-eight degrees in midtown.

Well, the rain has moved away from the area, however, we'll still have a lot of clouds around tonight, kind of a damp night, patchy fog will form with a low, falling back to about fifty. For Tuesday, a mostly cloudy day, could see an afternoon or nighttime shower. We'll have a high of sixty-six on Tuesday, low on Tuesday night of fifty-six. It continues mostly cloudy on Wednesday, couple of showers possible, high once again fifty-six degrees. And as we look ahead to Thursday, a little bit of sunshine, a little bit warmer, but still a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm, with a high of seventy-four degrees. Currently fifty-five degrees in Newark, in Central Park a cloudy sky, fifty-four degrees, relative humidity ninety-seven percent, and a wind variable at five miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature fifty-four going down to fifty in midtown.

We've got a very nice morning, certainly a lot better than yesterday looked at this time. As we go through out the afternoon, we'll have an increase in cloudiness, not out of the question there's a shower, but basically, it's going to remain dry now. Tonight, showers are going to come in, most of them late tonight, the low fifty-six. Tomorrow will be a rainy day at times, high sixty-four at best, may stay in the low sixties. Thursday, though, cloudy to partly sunny and milder, could be an afternoon shower or thunderstorm, high seventy-four, then Friday, partly sunny and breezy, high seventy-eight degrees. Currently in midtown it's sixty-one, the relative humidity is seventy-two percent, the wind is light and variable, still sunny but it will turn cloudy for the afternoon. Sixty-one heading for sixty-eight.

Well, our radar not showing any significant rain, uh, around the metropolitan area at this point, there might be a sprinkle over the next few hours, but a little bit of a break. However there is another disturbance producing some rain in central Pennsylvania. The bulk of that will slide by to our south, but a couple of showers around here this afternoon and early this evening, and then clouds linger tonight. Tomorrow we look for breaks of sunshine and that'll get temperatures into the low, to maybe middle, seventies tomorrow. Couple of showers, maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and night, and there may yet be a shower Friday morning. Then partly sunny, breezy, during the day Friday, high about seventy. Partly sunny Saturday, high into the seventies, but yet another chance of showers later Saturday or Saturday night. Right now it's fifty-seven and cloudy in Central Park, humidity is ninety-three percent, and the wind is calm. Repeating the current temperature fifty-seven going up to sixty-four today.

This time around we've got to flip up the expanded view of our radar. We are seeing the beginnings of thunder shower activity, but it's as far away as Poughkeepsie, so nothing close to home just yet, still more sunshine than clouds. We'll manage seventy-six for a high temperature, but it does go to show the fact that at least one or two neighborhoods can pick up a thunderstorm by this evening. Otherwise patchy clouds tonight, low fifty-eight. While tomorrow might start with a little bit of fog, I don't think it's going to be a scenario where we have to leave early to work or school. The balance of the day is going to be partly sunny and warm, so plan accordingly, high seventy-eight. Unfortunately, the clouds move in over the weekend, high seventy on Saturday, and starting Saturday afternoon, through the nighttime hours, it is a soaker. Right now seventy in Bridgeport, seventy-three and mostly sunny in Central Park, going to seventy-six this afternoon in midtown, so get out and enjoy it.

Nice day today. Beautiful. Sunshine. Afternoon temperature getting to about eighty. Then tonight, partly cloudy low sixty-two. Even tomorrow could start out O.K., but then showers and thunderstorms will visit as a cold front approaches, low pressure area will be strengthing over us. Some of the rain could wind up being heavy, some of the thunderstorms could be gusty, tomorrow's high seventy, and some more showers tomorrow night. With a storm offshore on Sunday, it'll turn into a windy cool day, plenty of cloudiness. There could be some showers left over, not out of the question, starts to clear late in the day, but the main theme is windy and cool, high sixty-eight. Then Monday things start to settle down, partly sunny, high seventy-four degrees. Currently it's sixty-three in midtown, relative humidity seventy-two percent, wind out of the north at five miles per hour. Sixty-three heading to seventy in time for lunch, and to eighty this afternoon.

Our radar shows, uh, a small but fairly intense thunderstorm, uh, just west of the city now, this is just southwest of Orange and into Union, and it's going to be following I-78, uh, right into, uh, Elizabeth, uh, clipping, uh, probably Jersey City and the upper portion of Staten Island in a few moments, uh, you can expect some brief, heavy downpours, uh, with this particular cell. Uh, smaller and lighter showers just about to move into White Plains, uh, heading eastward, and that'll eventually get into Greenwich in a few moments, uh, so we've got a little action around here this afternoon and, uh, a little later on tonight, just partly cloudy skies, the low around sixty-two. Now, for tomorrow and tomorrow night, as a matter of fact, mostly cloudy skies, uh, showers, they will become more numerous as we get into the afternoon, uh, some heavier thunderstorms as well, and by the time this one's over, uh, we could have, uh, quite a dose of rain, uh, through Sunday morning, uh, probably three-quarters, to maybe an inch-and-a-half of water, temperatures near seventy tomorrow, mid-fifties tomorrow night. Sunday a very windy day on the back side of this storm, clouds, breaks of sun and a few more showers, the high only sixty-nine. Currently we have, uh, seventy-eight degrees with some sun in Central Park, a west wind at five. Repeating the current temperature seventy-eight going down to sixty-two in midtown.

Well, we've had a bit of a break over the last hour or so across the five boroughs, but there are more showers coming our way from, uh, central New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. There's still rain up the Hudson Valley, there's still rain in Connecticut, there's still rain on Suffolk County and eastern Nassau. So it's going to be a wet evening, and a wet night, some of the rain heavy enough to produce street and highway flooding, and a flood watch remains in effect for areas north and west of the city. Tomorrow morning will be rainy and windy, the rain will end around midday, but the wind will continue to be strong and gusty all day tomorrow, upwards of forty miles per hour, even higher. Slowly diminishing wind tomorrow night, and Monday and Tuesday will be much nicer days, with sunshine and temperatures back into the seventies. Right now it's sixty-one and mostly cloudy in Central Park, temperature tonight going down to fifty-six.

Well, the flash flood watch continues until 11:41 this morning for pretty much all of the area west and north of New York City. We're seeing some urban and street and highway flooding even, in and around the city as well as, uh, heavy rain is in the area, and we have a flood warning for the Mahwah River, up around Suffern, New York. So, uh, all kinds of, uh, wonderful stuff going on this morning, with all of the rain and wind. We'll see things begin to abate this afternoon, the rain letting up, in fact, it'll end by late this afternoon, the high sixty-four. Windy, chilly tonight, down to fifty-four. Tomorrow and Tuesday, a couple of very nice days, a high in the mid-seventies. Right now, some rain, fifty-eight in Central Park, repeating the current temperature fifty-eight going up to sixty-four.

And it's a forecast that contains rain once again. Another storm is, uh, moving across Missouri right now puttin' down a lot of water across, uh, Illinois, and this system is going to be tracking, due east the next, uh, forty-eight hours, moving across Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia, oh, but that's close enough, and it's gonna deliver some rain here once again. Overnight, though, it's mostly clear and comfortable, and Tuesday is a nice day with sunshine, uh, fading behind the clouds with a high of seventy. Rain comes in tomorrow evening, continues rather steadily throughout the night, a low of fifty-two. Wednesday, a cloudy, cool, day with off-and-on rain and drizzle, a high of sixty-three, and by Thursday, the system will be well offshore. The clouds will break for some sunshine once again, and will warm things back up, seventy-four on Thursday, Friday partly sunny and seventy-eight. Currently sixty-nine degrees, a clear sky in Central Park, the wind west at seven to fourteen miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature sixty-nine, going down to fifty-six in midtown.

Mostly cloudy for a time this evening. Partly cloudy overnight, and no rain to talk about, for a change, a low of fifty-eight degrees and, in fact, tomorrow will turn out quite pleasant, with a good deal of sunshine. Noticeably warmer, with a high near eighty tomorrow afternoon, although cooler near the beaches. Clear early tomorrow night, increasing clouds late at night, a low of sixty-four. We're back to mostly cloudy skies Saturday, looks like showers and a thunderstorm or two during the afternoon, high of seventy-two degrees. Drying out on Sunday, and a mix of clouds and sun, high of seventy-four, maybe a shower or two Monday, and a high of seventy-two. Right now, sixty-nine and cloudy in Central Park, fifty-four percent humidity, a west wind at ten miles per hour, gusting to eighteen miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature sixty-nine going down to fifty-eight in midtown.

Well, I just can't find anything bad with today's weather here, still lots of sunshine, temperatures gradually approaching eighty degrees midtown, cooler coastal Connecticut, and on Long Island, of course, but, uh, even as we head on into tonight, it stays dry. Clear skies will make way for more clouds after midnight, a low of sixty-four degrees midtown, fifty-eight throughout the suburbs. That's not bad. Unfortunately, if you're headed out and about over the course of the weekend, hey, it's the, uh, summer holiday season, seventy-two degrees with a lot of cloud cover tomorrow. Keep in mind you'll need the, uh, well the babushkas, the ponchos, the, er, ra, well, the Paddington Bear weather gear, starting tomorrow afternoon, and you know what, all kidding aside, late tomorrow, tomorrow night, the possibility of flooding does exist with this nasty storm. Sunday could start off damp, otherwise it turns partly sunny, breezy, high seventy-six. Right now seventy-two Islip, seventy-three with the sun in Central Park, we'll manage eighty this afternoon in midtown.

A little cloudiness for the balance of the morning, this afternoon the clouds may break, allowing temperatures to get into the mid-seventies, to about seventy-six, clear tonight low sixty-four. Tomorrow should be a sunny, warm day, high eighty-two. A front now crossing the Plains states may trigger a couple of showers and thunderstorms during the day Wednesday, high eighty, before that system moves offshore Thursday. That day should be partly sunny, high seventy-eight. Currently in midtown sixty degrees, the relative humidity is seventy-five percent, still cloudy, heading for seventy-six this afternoon.

Hey, it's a beautiful morning, and it's gonna stay nice and bright and sunny all day long today, and temperatures get to eighty and above from, uh, midtown on across the river and into adjacent New Jersey. It'll be a little cooler right at the shore, but still nice and sunny. Tonight partly cloudy and mild, with a low in the sixties. Tomorrow, more in the way of clouds, and the humidity returns as well, so there can be a shower tomorrow, maybe afternoon thunderstorms, high near eighty. Partly sunny weather returns for Thursday, that should be a nice day, high seventy-four, and then a shower possibility back into the scene for Friday and Saturday, but right now, it is sixty-seven and bright and sunny in Central Park, humidity sixty-two percent, wind from the west at nine. Repeating the current temperature sixty-seven going up to eighty-two today.

Well, dew points are well into the sixties at this hour around the region, that's an indication of how humid it is. Those high dew points will help fuel more showers and a thunderstorm around the tri-state as we head through the afternoon hours. Currently, I see some showers north of the Tappan Zee, and across a good bit of Connecticut, but little rain across New Jersey. Our high this afternoon will approach eighty, rain at times and muggy tonight and tomorrow, even a thunderstorm or two, maybe even some flooding problems, the low sixty-six. High tomorrow seventy-four, cooler on Long Island and in Connecticut. Lots of clouds, maybe a little sun at times over the weekend, but still a chance for a shower each day, especially Saturday, high both days seventy-four. Right now seventy-three in White Plains and Islip, seventy-four, mostly cloudy in Central Park, relative humidity seventy-five percent, winds west at five miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature seventy-four going up to eighty in midtown.

And, what we have here is, uh, very humid conditions for the nighttime hours, uh, temperatures only dipping back into the mid-sixties. Uh, it has been, uh, quiet on the radar, uh, we did have quite a bit of rain north of the city all day long, and the rain is now starting to show up, uh, to our southwest, this is getting into the, uh, Harrisburg, Lancaster area. Heavy thunderstorms out in Washington and Baltimore, and it's all pushing northeastward toward us. Uh, we are expecting to see periods of rain late tonight and tomorrow, even a thunderstorm, uh, temperatures tomorrow in the low to mid-seventies. Tomorrow night, uh, leftover showers or thunderstorms, and as we go through the weekend, uh, improving conditions. Saturday is a transition day, uh, we'll see clouds break for some sun, but there still could be a shower or thunderstorm, but Sunday should be partly sunny and seventy-four, and then lots of sunshine on Monday. Currently cloudy skies, seventy-seven degrees, an east wind at seven. Repeating the current temperature seventy-seven going down to sixty-six in midtown.

Well, our flood watch continues in effect until midnight for Rockland, Bergen, Essex, Passaic, and Union counties, but the radar not really showing much of anything out there. A lot of cloud cover, uh, there's the shower here and there, along with the spot of drizzle, but seventy-four degrees. That's not all that bad. High humidity, temperatures running in the sixties for Long Island and Connecticut. Late this afternoon throughout the, uh, first part of the nighttime hours, this is our best bet to pick up a heavier thunderstorm, later on tonight just be cautious about fog, low sixty-eight. But honestly, tomorrow's not much of a change, clouds, a little bit of sun, still warm and humid, we're up at eighty degrees, but still, the threat of a shower and thunderstorms primarily during the midday and the afternoon. It's on Sunday that we finally dry things out with the high near eighty. Right now it's sixty-seven degrees Newark, sixty-three with the clouds in Central Park, going up to seventy-four this afternoon in midtown.

Uh, gray skies tonight, humid conditions, areas of dense fog, drizzle. On top of that a coupla showers, even an evening thunderstorm, uh, right now we have some thunderstorms over southeastern Pennsylvania, working their way slowly northeastward toward us. Uh, temperatures, uh, steady, we're slowly rising, we're gonna be up in the middle-sixties at daybreak. Tomorrow the, uh, frontal boundary, which is stalled on top of this, will have drifted back up to our north and, on a southwest breeze, it's gonna be a much warmer day, eighty-three with the high temperature, uh, clouds, uh, little bit of sunshine, but, uh, another shower or thunderstorm is a good bet in the afternoon and evening, uh, as one last wave of low pressure comes eastward from the Ohio Valley. Behind that, we will finally build in high pressure for a few days, uh, Sunday will be partly sunny at eighty, Monday and Tuesday lots of sunshine, temperatures in the upper seventies. Cloudy skies, sixty degrees in Central Park, ninety-six percent humidity, and a northeast wind at thirteen. Repeating the current temperature sixty and holding steady or slowly rising in midtown tonight.

Yeah, that there is, uh, we have, uh, a couple of, uh, very strong thunderstorm cells north of the city right now. Uh, the, uh, closest one, eh, actually due north of the city, this is near the Tappan Zee Bridge, actually or, or just north of there, and extends, uh, westward, uh, back into, well, right along the, uh, Morris, uh, Sussex County line, this will be north of Rockaway, uh, probably, uh, six to eight miles to the north, northwest of there, uh, but a couple of those cells are extremely intense, uh, causing frequent cloud-to-ground lightning and, uh, some torrential downpours. Ah, the line moving towards the east, southeast at about twenty-five miles an hour, uh, so areas that are effected, it's going to be moving through much of Bergen county, uh, it will also be hitting, uh, much of central and southern Westchester Country and maybe getting down into, uh, the Bronx, uh, it's probably going to take another, uh, twenty, twenty to twenty-five minutes or so for it to, uh, reach the northern side of the city. Uh, we do have a severe thunderstorm watch until seven p.m. for all of, uh, New Jersey. Uh, we'll call it a very humid evening, uh, with a couple of showers and heavy thunderstorms moving through the region late tonight, just partly cloudy, and then on the other side of this front, some nice weather, tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. Uh, it's not until Wednesday that we, uh, mention a shower once again. Currently seventy-five degrees, with some hazy sun, and a southwest breeze eight to sixteen miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature seventy-five going up to eighty-three in midtown.

Those who were stressed by the fact that it's been dry for, oh, almost, uh, eighteen, twenty hours, uh, well, rest assured, rain has returned. We'll have rain at times today and tonight. There's a flood watch through tomorrow morning for Morris, Warren, Sussex, Hunterdon, Somerset, and Monmouth counties in New Jersey. Others may be added depending on how heavy the rain is tonight and tomorrow morning. Today's high seventy-four, low tonight sixty-four, and for tomorrow and Saturday, cloudy and cool, periods of rain, high sixty-seven both days. Sunday, ending rain in the morning will finally depart, give away to clearing, high seventy-two, and much warmer weather next week. Currently in midtown with some rain, relative humidity is eighty-nine percent, the air is calm, sixty-eight degrees heading for seventy-four.

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