The Weather

3. Summer

Well, what we can see here is the scattering of showers across much of the tri-state area, maybe between New York City, and now westward. This coverage will increase as we head through the afternoon, it will become heavy at times, as well, late in the day and at night. As a result, we have a flood watch out for just about the entire tri-state area, except for eastern Long Island and eastern Connecticut. We'll have a high today only of sixty-five, low tonight falling back to fifty-eight. A couple of leftover showers tomorrow, with the high of seventy-four degrees, then it turns mostly sunny and warmer on Monday and Tuesday, with highs both days in the upper eighties. Currently some light rain falling in Newark, in Central Park we have a cloudy sky, sixty-two degrees, relative humidity seventy-seven percent, and a wind out of the east at fourteen, gusting to eighteen miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature sixty-two going up to sixty-five in midtown.

We are going to continue to see showery weather over the next twelve to twenty-four hours. The good news is, eventually, and, well, soon, some much nicer weather. As soon as tomorrow, we are going to see beautiful, warmer weather with sunshine, we hit the mid-eighties tomorrow, but upper-eighties by Tuesday. Wednesday, believe it or not, ninety degrees is what we're forecasting for midtown, the humidity comes up, so while it will be nice and sunny, it won't necessarily be comfortable. The south shore of Long Island and coastal Connecticut will likely stay in the mid-eighties. Sixty-one at Newark, sixty at LaGuardia, and fifty-nine at JFK right now. It's fifty-nine in the Park, cloudy in New York, the relative humidity ninety-three percent, winds light and variable, fifty-nine now, we'll go to seventy in midtown today.

It will be a sunny to partly cloudy day today, as temperatures warm into the eighties this afternoon. And it's clear tonight, the low about sixty-five. Sunny tomorrow, getting close to ninety, and then into the nineties with the humidity starting to build up Wednesday and Thursday, could even be some ninety-four's or ninety-six's showing up in the interior hot spots Wednesday and Thursday, so an early summer heat wave. Next chance for a shower or thunderstorm comes on about Friday. Right now it is sixty-five and sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to eighty-three.

Temperatures in most places riding about two or three degrees above the pace of yesterday, and in Central Park yesterday, we topped out at ninety-three, so a ninety-six or thereabouts this afternoon, uh, seems like a pretty good representative number, but it could get to one hundred in some of the interior hot spots around Morristown and Caldwell and Newark this afternoon. And tomorrow, a similar day, and that real feel temperature will be up over one hundred. By the time we get to Friday, a cold front will be approaching that could produce a thunderstorm in the afternoon. The weekend, the humidity drops, the temperature should be trimmed by several degrees, highs in the eighties, and both days should be at least partly sunny. Right now, though, it's eighty-one and sunny in Central Park, and the temperature today going up to ninety-six.

Today probably the hottest day of the week, the hottest day of this heat wave, uh, and, uh, a real sizzler, and because of the sunshine and the heat, uh, and, uh, a lack of wind, that combines to produce, eh, ozone, a combination of oxygen and sulfur compounds that are produced, uh, a lot by automobile exhaust, and so we have, uh, an ozone alert in effect. If you're sensitive to that kind of thing, take it easy, otherwise, you want to take it easy anyway, because it'll be ninety-six or ninety-eight degrees this afternoon. Tomorrow, partly sunny, still hot and humid, maybe an afternoon thunderstorm, and then we get a nice break for the weekend. The sun returns Saturday maybe after some morning clouds, the humidity lowers, the high eighty-six, and partly to mostly sunny on Sunday, the high eighty-four. Right now it is seventy-nine and sunny in Central Park, and the temperature today going up to a sizzling ninety-six.

There is relief on the way, but for the rest of the day today, it's going to be hazy and hot. Sunshine will mix with some clouds as we go through the afternoon, but the temperature gets into the nineties anyway, and maybe there's a thunderstorm this afternoon as a front passes through. It'll clear behind that tonight, temperatures drop into the sixties, and a nice day tomorrow, warm enough to be outside for the beach, eighty-four, but the humidity down enough to make it comfortable. Clouds and sun on Sunday with a high of eighty-two. There's a slight chance for a shower Sunday, better chance to hold off till Sunday night or Monday. Right now, uh, we have sunshine, it's eighty-one degrees in Central Park, the temperature today going up to ninety-three.

Well, you can already feel that heat and humidity out there as the sun, uh, has been really warming us up and, uh, we'll stay that way today. Some clouds and parts of the area could get a thunderstorm this afternoon or early tonight, as a cold front passes through, but not all of us seeing any shower activity, a high of eighty-eight, clear tonight, a low of sixty-eight. Sunshine tomorrow and Wednesday, highs in the mid-to-upper eighties, with fairly comfortable humidity levels. And hot and more humid Thursday, and also the Fourth of July, with highs back up around the ninety degree mark. Right now we have seventy-five at Morristown, it's seventy-four at Islip, mostly sunny and seventy-five in... seventy-six that is, in Central Park, west wind at six, and eighty-two percent humidity. Seventy-six going up to eighty-eight today.

Mostly clear, comfortable conditions tonight, and another nice day coming up tomorrow, sunshine, some high clouds starting to move in, afternoon temperatures low to middle-eighties. Those clouds will lower and thicken tomorrow night, and then we're, uh, we've got a shot of seeing some showers late tomorrow night and Thursday. Those are remains of tropical storm Bill, uh, that's, uh, pushing northeastward right now into extreme northwestern portions of Georgia, uh, with the rain already up into, uh, southern and central portions of Virginia this hour, uh, so we could see a bit of rain out of that, uh, late tomorrow night and Thursday. And then for Friday, the Fourth, and Saturday, it looks hot and humid as that system heads out to sea, partly sunny skies, afternoon temperatures in the low nineties. We have eighty degrees under a mostly clear sky in Central Park, a southwest breeze at ten, repeating the current temperature eighty, going down to sixty-eight in midtown.

Well, we are watching some rain on our radar, most of it, uh, is east and south of the city, central and southern New Jersey, and also the south shore of Suffolk County, but they are a couple of little sprinkles, a couple of little drizzles, scattered around. During the middle of the day in the afternoon, clouds will thin out, there'll be some sun, temperatures get into the lower eighties. Then tomorrow it turns, uh, hot and humid, with hazy sunshine, and the high in the low nineties. And a similar day on Saturday, although late Saturday there could be a shower or a thunderstorm, as a weak front passes through. Behind that front it's still hot Sunday, it's still sunny, but the humidity should lower pretty noticeably in the Sunday, Monday, time period, high temperatures those days around ninety. Right now it is seventy-one and cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going up to eighty-two.

Partly cloudy, warm, humid conditions overnight, and a hot, steamy day coming up tomorrow, a good deal of sunshine with afternoon readings in the middle-nineties, our real feel reading, though, might reach one hundred to one hundred and five. It's gonna be warm and stuffy tomorrow night, seventy-eight for a low, with a cold front finally arriving on the scene Wednesday with thunderstorms, uh, one more hot, humid day, however, temperatures getting near ninety degrees. That'll be it for the rest of the week, uh, Thursday it's only in the mid-seventies, mostly cloudy skies, a few showers. Showers still a possibility Friday morning before clearing out, the high temperature near eighty, and it looks like the weekend should be pretty nice. We have seventy-seven degrees and a partly cloudy sky in Central Park, west wind at eight. Repeating the current temperature seventy-seven going down to seventy-four in midtown.

We're going to have a hot day today, the temperature climbing through the rest of the seventies in the next hour or so, getting to eighty-five to ninety degrees in time for lunch, and then into the nineties for the afternoon, the projected high temperature ninety-six, and we'll have high humidity. The wind'll pick up a little bit out of the west, won't help that much, though. Thunderstorm chance is quite low today. Then tonight quite warm, only dropping to seventy-eight. Tomorrow very warm, humid, clouds and sunshine, a couple of thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon and evening, high eighty-eight. Thursday looks to be cooler, plenty of cloudiness, a high seventy-eight. Friday, cloudy to partly sunny with a thunderstorm or two, the high eighty degrees. Currently in midtown seventy-seven, the relative humidity eighty-one percent, wind light and variable. Partly sunny seventy-seven, heading for ninety-six.

Well, it's humid, but it's not so hot, with the clouds this afternoon, high temperature eighty-four degrees. As a matter of fact, some areas picking up a shower or thunderstorm, most notably over parts of Suffolk County, but also one now developing for our radar, along the part of 280, stretching out over Essex County, all of it moving off to the east, southeast. Once again, we'll manage eighty-four this afternoon, still a shower, thunderstorm around early tonight, then partial clearing late with the low of sixty-eight degrees. Tomorrow mostly cloudy and even cooler, believe it or not, with the high of seventy-eight, although it still could shower in the afternoon. Oh ho! Come tomorrow night and Friday, we get soaked! Friday's high eighty-two. Right now, it's eighty-six Newark, eighty-three with clouds, Central Park managing only eighty-four this afternoon in midtown.

Cloudiness, there can be a few sunny breaks, there can be a shower from time to time. It's not going to be a cold day, but it's a lot cooler than it's been recently, sixty-seven currently, turning to seventy-four this afternoon. A few showers and a thunderstorm likely tonight into tomorrow, low tonight sixty-six. Then tomorrow afternoon, clouds and sunshine with a high eighty-two, could be a thunderstorm late tomorrow or tomorrow night, the low seventy. Then things should settle down for the weekend, Saturday partly to mostly sunny and less humid, high eighty-four, Sunday mostly sunny, high eighty-six degrees. Currently it's sixty-seven, relative humidity eighty-six percent, winds out of the east, northeast at eight, plenty of cloudiness, shower here and there, sixty-seven heading for seventy-four.

Well, in most areas the rain has moved on. We still find some shower activity over Suffolk County, Long Island, northbound into parts of Connecticut, but even there the rain will stop within the next hour or so. We're gonna be left with a partly cloudy night, low temperature tonight overnight at sixty-eight degrees. Tomorrow, a pretty good start to the weekend, sunshine, some clouds, a warm breeze, but not as humid as today, with a high of eighty-four degrees. Dry and comfortable tomorrow night, clear to partly cloudy, low sixty in the suburbs and sixty-eight in midtown. Sunday, a mixture of clouds and sunshine, a high again of eighty-four. Now, there could be a shower or thunderstorm some point Sunday night and Monday, otherwise for Monday, partly cloudy to partly sunny, high eighty-two. Partly sunny, warm, a little more humid on Tuesday, and a high of eighty-four. Right now it's seventy-two, mostly cloudy in Central Park, winds to the west at three miles per hour, one hundred percent humidity. Repeating the current temperature seventy-two going down to sixty-eight in midtown.

It'll be mostly cloudy today and tonight, a couple of showers and a thunderstorm, the high seventy-eight, tonight's low near sixty-eight. Tomorrow, humid with changing amounts of clouds and sun, as well as a chance for a shower or thunderstorm, high eighty-four. All this caused by the action of warm, humid air climbing over the retreating, slightly drier air that we had during the weekend. Wednesday, as a weak cool front approaches, warm and humid, with times of clouds and sunshine, a thunderstorm possible, high eighty-eight. Behind the front, not much temperature change, but probably less humid for Thursday, partly sunny, high eighty-six. Currently it's seventy-two, the relative humidity eighty-seven percent, wind light and variable, seventy-two heading for seventy-eight.

We started with some low clouds and fog in many areas this morning, but now we're seeing sunshine in most places, and it's going to warm up nicely into the mid-eighties this afternoon. A partly cloudy start to the night, then clouds will increase late at night, with a low near seventy. A front will cross the area tomorrow, with it some clouds, some intervals of sun, and the chance for a thunderstorm. It'll be very warm tomorrow, with a high in the upper eighties, then behind that front some rather tranquil weather on Thursday, a mix of sun and clouds, high eighty-six. About the same Friday, maybe a thunderstorm at some point before the day is through on Friday. Currently seventy-five at JFK and at LaGuardia, seventy-four and partly sunny in Central Park, relative humidity eighty-one percent, the air is calm. Repeating the current temperature seventy-four going up to eighty-four in midtown.

We played down the shower, and we're mentioning just a brief shower in a few spots this morning. There are a few scattered across northwestern New Jersey, a batch went across the Rockland, Westchester County area a few hours ago, and are now in central Connecticut, but most areas getting nothing. Maybe a thunderstorm occurs late this afternoon, this evening, as a cool front arrives ahead of it, going to eighty-four. Partly cloudy later tonight, the low seventy. Tomorrow partly sunny, less humid, a fine day, high eighty-six. Friday, times of clouds and sunshine, a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm as the next cold front approaches, high eighty-six, not much cooling behind it, though. Saturday some sunshine and some clouds, high eighty-four degrees. Currently in midtown it's seventy-three, the relative humidity is eighty-five percent, wind light and variable, seventy-three heading for eighty-four.

It's been sunny so far, it'll stay that way all day, going to eighty-six this afternoon, with low humidity. Clear to partly cloudy tonight, low seventy-two. Tomorrow there'll be an increase in cloudiness and also humidity, a shower or thunderstorm could occur as a weak cool front approaches from the northwest. Best chance for that is in the afternoon, high eighty-four. And behind the front, uh, a day like today on Saturday, it appears partly to mostly sunny, high eighty-four degrees. Then the humidity increases again on Sunday, warm and humid, a mixture of clouds and sunshine, high eighty-six. Currently, it's seventy-one degrees in midtown, relative humidity sixty-eight percent, wind out of the north at six miles per hour, seventy-one heading for eighty-six this afternoon.

There are a few showers that'll pass just to the north of the city in the next hour or two, but the next batch is not coming until later. So we're gonna say that the best chance of the showers and thunderstorms will be later on this afternoon and this evening. Anything before that would be just a hit or miss kind of thing, temperature today going well up into the eighties, in any case. Then tonight things settle back to the seventy degree mark. Tomorrow we're expecting, uh, a mixture of clouds and sunshine, slight chance of a thunderstorm, could be that all the moisture is offshore, the high eighty-two. Sunday looks like a fine day, sunny, warm, rather humid, high eighty-six degrees, standard mid-to-late July weather. Monday variable cloudiness, warm and humid, a couple of showers and thunderstorms, the high eighty-six. Currently in midtown, with sunshine, seventy-four degrees, relative humidity sixty-six percent, wind out of the west, southwest at nine miles per hour, seventy-four heading to eighty-four.

We're going to have some showers and thunderstorms forming around the area during the course of the day, although nothing is imminent right now, and it appears that most places are not going to get anything until this afternoon or this evening, whereupon there will be some showers and thunderstorms, today's high near eighty-two, backing down to only seventy-two tonight. Any shower or thunderstorm that forms tonight, tomorrow, or through Wednesday can be heavy, but again, the majority of the time, it won't actually be raining, tomorrow's high eighty-two, Wednesday's high eighty. Thursday mostly cloudy and humid, there still can be a shower or thunderstorm, the high eighty-four degrees. Currently in midtown the relative humidity is ninety-five percent, the wind is out of the south at seven miles per hour, seventy-one degrees in midtown, heading for eighty-two.

It is going to rain, but the important thing to keep in mind is even when it does rain, it can really pour, it can be a lot of lightning, thunder, and strong winds. The actual number of hours that it rains in a given twelve-hour period, usually less than two, so, most of the time you can go about regular activities, just keep an eye on the sky, and an ear right here. Going to eighty-two today, down to seventy tonight, up to eighty tomorrow. Thursday clouds and sunshine, a shower or thunderstorm, high eighty-four. Then Friday, partly sunny and warm, high eighty-six degrees. Currently we see no showers upstream from us, to the south and west, there are some in central Connecticut, retreating to the northeast. Currently in midtown seventy-one, relative humidity one hundred percent, wind south at six, seventy-one heading for eighty-two.

Showers and, uh, a couple of thunderstorms are still in the area, but the back edge is moving northeastward across central New Jersey. If it holds together, these showers will be out of the way by nine o'clock or so. There are a couple of small showers showing up to the southwest of there, so it may not be totally dry the rest of the morning, but probably nothing heavy. Showers and thunderstorms, potentially damaging and potentially flooding, though, can occur later this afternoon and again tonight. Today's high temperature eighty degrees... sounds like I'm underwater... eighty degrees, going down to seventy tonight, then up to eighty tomorrow. We expect sunshine to increase on Friday and Saturday, much less chance of any rain, afternoon temperature in the eighties. Currently in midtown seventy-one degrees, relative humidity one hundred percent, going up to eighty this afternoon.

Well, so far so good here this afternoon, our radar not picking up any activity. We still have, uh, this front, however, in the region, so there is at least a possibility that, uh, a few spots could see a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon or early evening. Otherwise, partly sunny, humid, low eighties for a high temperature, and tonight just a few clouds, maybe a bit of fog forming in some of the suburbs late tonight, seventy in midtown, with sixties in the suburbs. And then for the next couple of days, uh, this boundary is finally out of here, uh, we're just left with, uh, a ridge of high pressure giving us, uh, sunshine and warm weather, eighty-six tomorrow, ninety-two degrees on Saturday. Sunday looks to be a breezy, very warm, humid day with some sunshine, could see an afternoon or evening thunderstorm as the front does approach. Currently seventy-nine in Caldwell, seventy-six degrees and sunshine in Central Park, a southwest breeze at nine. Repeating the current temperature seventy-six going up to eighty-two in midtown.

Well, after all the showers and even severe weather that we've had this week, calm weather is certainly welcome. It's going to be gorgeous with sunshine, low humidity, and a high of eighty-eight degrees this afternoon. It'll be clear tonight, low seventy-two. Hot and becoming more humid tomorrow, mostly sunny, a high of ninety-two, and a real scorcher for Sunday, humidity, and a high of ninety-four. Now there could be a thunderstorm late in the day or at night on Sunday, then it'll be cooler and less humid, with some sunshine on Monday. Right now we have seventy-one at Caldwell, at Islip it's seventy-two, it's sunny in Central Park, sixty-eight percent humidity, and a calm wind. Seventy-two right now going up to eighty-eight.

Tonight will be warm and humid, the skies will stay clear, low seventy-six degrees. Ah, it'll stay muggy tomorrow, with a mix of clouds and sun. There's a chance of a thunderstorm late tomorrow as well as tomorrow night, high ninety-four through the afternoon, and tomorrow night's low seventy-eight degrees. Monday, clouds and sun, not as warm, there's still the chance of a thunderstorm, especially south of the city. Monday's high eighty-five, and then Tuesday and Wednesday will bring clouds and sun, and possibly a thunderstorm either day, Tuesday's high eighty, and Wednesday's high eighty-two. Eighty-six degrees right now in Central Park, the winds are west at seven miles per hour, fifty-one percent relative humidity, it's eighty-eight at both LaGuardia airport and in Newark.

We're still watching one or two little light showers on the radar into central and southern New Jersey, but for the most part, though, the tri-state area today will be a dry day. Sun, uh, mixed with clouds and, uh, not as hot as yesterday, not nineties today, but middle-eighties, uh, generally, and then fair tonight, low seventy or so in the city, but into the sixties in many suburbs. Partly to mostly sunny tomorrow, high eighty-two. Mostly sunny Wednesday, the high eighty-four. Next chance of showers and thunderstorms comes, uh, Thursday and also into Friday. Right now it is seventy-seven and mostly sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to eighty-four.

Just some scattered high clouds today, otherwise it will be a mostly sunny day, and temperatures get to the low eighties, and the humidity, eh, under control so that eighty-two this afternoon should be pretty tolerable. And a clear, comfortable night tonight, low sixty-six in midtown, sixty in many suburbs, even, the uh, well, middle-fifties in some of the coolest northern and western suburbs, so a nice night for the middle of summer. Tomorrow mostly sunny, high eighty-four, sun followed by clouds Thursday, high again eighty-four, and we start to pick up the chance for a shower or thunderstorm Friday, and that chance stays with us Saturday and probably Sunday. Right now it is seventy and mostly sunny in Central Park, and the temperature today going up to eighty-two.

Well, it's definitely been a very nice start to the week, uh, you're gonna love this afternoon, but then things begin to change. Well, we'll give you the good news first. Sunshine, nice this afternoon, high about eighty-four. Clear to partly cloudy tonight, a low of sixty-eight, and moisture begins to return from the south tomorrow, so sun will give way to clouds. It'll become more humid in the afternoon with a high of eighty. A shower tomorrow night, then, uh, a shower or thunderstorm at anytime, and more humid Friday and Saturday, up to eighty on Friday, and about eighty-four on Saturday. Right now it's seventy-six at White Plains, seventy-five at Bridgeport, mostly sunny and seventy-eight in Central Park, fifty-seven percent humidity, and a south wind at three. It's seventy-eight and it's going up to eighty-four today.

Well, a gusty wind and the humidity are two factors that, uh, go against the good hair day this afternoon. We'll have clouds, sun, high temperature eighty-one degrees, but more cloud cover even tonight. But if there's a shower, that's well after midnight, low temperature sixty-eight degrees. And that's pretty much a similar bet tomorrow morning, maybe a brief shower here and there, otherwise mostly cloudy. Now, starting tomorrow afternoon, uh, more numerous showers then a thunderstorm, so this is where you're definitely gonna need the umbrella, with a high temperature of seventy-six degrees. Over the weekend, the balance of the time it's going to be sunny, warm, humid, highs of eighty-four and eighty-six. Yes, there will be a thunderstorm but, I tell you what, at least seventy-five to eighty-five percent of the weekend rain-free, so don't cancel outdoor plans yet. It's seventy-three in West Hampton, seventy-nine, mostly sunny in Central Park, going to eighty-one this afternoon in midtown.

We have a lot of cloudiness today. There can be a shower from time to time, most of the time just the clouds, a little bit of drizzle, it's going up to seventy-six, humid tonight, a shower or thunderstorm, low seventy. The weekend, changeable, sometimes the sun'll be out, it'll get warmer than today, going to eighty-two tomorrow, eighty-six on Sunday, but parts of the area will also get a thunderstorm each day, so keep an eye on the sky, and an ear right here as those approach. Monday and Tuesday, more of the same kind of weather, the pattern not really changing that much. Currently in midtown it's seventy-one degrees and cloudy, the relative humidity is one hundred percent, winds out of the southwest, five miles per hour, seventy-one heading to seventy-six.

Yeah, it sure is, and it's another, uh, day in which we're concerned about the possibility of some heavy, uh, rainfall but not immediately. Still looking at our radar, I don't see any significant rain around the area, even a few little minor breaks in the cloud cover, but later this afternoon, tonight, and tomorrow, an upper air disturbance comes overhead and helps to squeeze out some additional moisture. Showers and thunderstorms could be very heavy and a flood watch, uh, is in effect for most of our area. Thursday and Friday should bring some sun, highs in the eighties and muggy, and there can still be a shower or thunderstorm. Right now it is seventy-five degrees, uh, and mostly cloudy in Central Park, temperature today going up to eighty-two.

For a change, we're not talking about a lot of thunderstorms popping up in midday as we have the past two or three afternoons, but there can still be one or two of them around, but again, a much less active afternoon around the tri-state than what we've grown accustomed to earlier this week. Still it'll be warm and humid, with clouds and sun, and a high of eighty-four. Tonight it's humid, uh, a leftover shower or thunderstorm, mainly early, low seventy-two. Tomorrow, much like today, partly sunny, warm and humid, but watch for a shower and thunderstorm in the afternoon, the high eighty-four. Looks like Friday will be the most active day for the rest of the week, better chance for showers and thunderstorms, the high eighty-two. Then for Saturday, some intervals of sunshine, warm and humid, maybe a thunderstorm much like today, Saturday's high eighty-four. It's eighty-one in Morristown now, and seventy-nine at Teterboro, seventy-five and partly sunny in Central Park, relative humidity eighty-seven percent, the wind is variable at five miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature seventy-five going up to eighty-four in midtown.

Our weather's going to deteriorate as the day progresses. Looking at our radar right now, we see an area of rain and thunderstorms moving up through central Delaware, getting over to the southern tip of New Jersey at this hour. It's making slow progress so, a good bit of the afternoon around the tri-state will be dry, but as we get closer to the evening rush hour, the chance for rain will go up rather steadily, our high about eighty because of a lack of sun in most areas this afternoon, and then wet tonight with a low of seventy-two. The clouds will begin to break for some sun tomorrow, it'll be a warm and humid day, with a shower or thunderstorm in parts of the area, but overall it'll end up being a drier day with the high temperature tomorrow getting up to about, uh, eighty-four. Saturday, variable cloudiness and humid, another shower and thunderstorm or two around, the high eighty-four. Still unsettled on Sunday with some sunshine, the high eighty-six. Right now it's seventy-nine degrees in Teterboro and in West Hampton, seventy-seven and partly sunny in Central Park, relative humidity eighty-four percent, the wind northeast at six. Repeating the current temperature seventy-seven going up to eighty in midtown.

Oh, we are keeping tabs on the radar, and while nothing's cooking at this point in time, that rain that I was talking about out over, uh, parts of Delaware and parts of south Jersey, continues to creep slowly northward on up into, uh, Salem County at this point in time, not quite Ocean County. But while it's going to be mostly cloudy at this point in time for the next couple of hours with the high temperature of eighty-two degrees with some fog, we are going to pick up a period of rain and a thunderstorm or two very late this afternoon into tonight, with the low of seventy-two degrees. So yes, we will need the umbrella. Tomorrow turns, uh, partly sunny, but there's still going to be a shower or thunderstorm around, with the high of eighty-four degrees. Saturday turns yet more active with more numerous showers and thunderstorms, and a high of eighty-four. We won't dry it out completely until next week unfortunately. Right now it's eighty Caldwell, seventy-nine with the clouds Central Park, managing eighty-two in midtown.

Uh, we continue to not see any significant rainfall on our radar in the immediate tri-state area, but we are starting to see some thunderstorms developing, uh, in, uh, extreme southern New Jersey, there's actually one just south of Philadelphia, and other showers south of, uh, Cape May in the Atlantic Ocean are moving northward so, there will be showers and thunderstorms around the tri-state this afternoon and on into tonight. Uh, any of them can produce drenching downpours and local flooding, and that's the reason the flood watch remains in ef... in effect. Our high today will be in the low to middle-eighties, uh, low tonight in the low seventies. Partial sunshine for tomorrow, chance for a shower or thunderstorm, high about eighty-four and then, uh, partly sunny Wednesday, could be an afternoon thunderstorm, maybe it gets up to eighty-six or eighty-eight on Wednesday, and perhaps close to ninety for Thursday and Friday. Right now seventy-six and partly sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to eighty-four.

There's going to be so much sun that the high pressure, both at the surface and aloft, is going to start to build. Now, we've been talking about that quite frequently during this, uh, very wet and humid pattern over the past two weeks. The high pressure has been, uh, located or positioned over the western Atlantic. Finally, now it's gonna overspread the landmass and that will contribute to some hot weather later on this week too. But first of all, some dense fog overnight, uh, it's already occurring at JFK where the visibility is one-sixteenth of a mile. Temperatures are going to remain in the mid-seventies tomorrow, a warm, humid day, high of about eighty-six, slight chance for a thunderstorm, and then Thursday and Friday, well, we'll be at least ninety and probably hitting, Friday, uh, ninety-two degrees, so get ready for the hot weather. Mostly cloudy, and seventy-five in midtown right now, the humidity ninety-four percent, the wind east three miles per hour, it's again mostly cloudy. Repeating the current temperature seventy-five, we're heading down to seventy-four.

The trend over the next few days around these parts is going to be for the sun to be out longer, for there to be less in the way of thunderstorm activity, and that means it's going to get warmer. Today will turn out at least partly sunny, and temperatures will get on up into the, uh, middle-eighties. Then it's partly cloudy tonight, with a low in the seventies. Hazy sunshine tomorrow and also Friday, with high temperatures around ninety, could even get into the nineties on Friday. And right now, Saturday also looks, uh, to be reasonably sunny, and the temperature still getting up to around ninety. Right now it is seventy-seven and partly sunny in Central Park, humidity ninety-three percent, and the wind is calm. Repeating the current temperature seventy-seven, going up to eighty-six today.

Partly cloudy, warm, humid conditions the rest of the night, low to mid-seventies, uh, come daybreak and hot, sticky weather coming up for the next, uh, few days with a good deal of sunshine. No mention of any precipitation until maybe Saturday afternoon or evening. There is going to be a front approaching from the north, and that may set off a thunderstorm, uh, afternoon temperatures, uh, right around ninety, ninety-two degrees each day. Currently we have eighty-six at LaGuardia, eighty-three degrees and partly cloudy in Central Park, a west wind at six. Repeating the current temperature eighty-three going down to seventy-four in midtown.

Well, it does appear that we have turned the spigot off and we've turned the thermostat up. Sunshine today with temperatures getting into the low, and even middle-nineties, and it'll be fair tonight with a low in the seventies. Hazy sunshine, hot again tomorrow, highs low to middle-nineties, and keep in mind that real feel temperature during the afternoon, uh, will be up into the upper nineties, to even near triple digits. Saturday is still hot, there'll be some sun, high near ninety, but a cold front approaching by the end of the day could bring a thunderstorm, and then on Sunday there'll be less heat and less humidity. Right now it is seventy-seven and sunny in Central Park, humidity is eighty-one percent, wind from the northwest at three. Again the current temperature, seventy-seven going up to ninety-two.

Well, it's going to stay very warm and humid this afternoon, a combination of sunshine and building clouds, high temperatures around eighty-nine degrees. Those pop-up showers and thundershowers in Northern New Jersey will become more widespread with time this afternoon and this evening. And there can be some flooding and downpours in a couple of spots late this afternoon into this evening, uh, due to the heating of the day, and also the approach of a cool front, which will be sweeping through the area tomorrow and later on tonight. Those thundershowers will carry on into the first part of tonight and again, it can be locally heavy and gusty. Still sticky later on tonight, lows around seventy-two. Tomorrow the transition, cooler, drier air mixing in, breaks of sunshine, just a brief shower in a couple of spots, high eighty-two. Monday partly to mostly sunny, the high near eighty, Tuesday and Wednesday mostly sunny, the high eighty-four, Wednesday's high eighty-six. Currently it's eighty-four, partly sunny in Central Park, the humidity seventy-one percent, the wind west at eight miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature eighty-four going up to eighty-nine.

Well, it'll be partly cloudy and will turn more comfortable overnight tonight as our dew points begin to lower, we'll have a low falling back to about sixty-four degrees. Lots of sunshine on Monday, pleasant temperatures, we'll see a high of eighty. On Monday night it'll be mostly clear, low-falling clouds, back to sixty-six in midtown, some of the suburbs dropping down to around sixty, very comfortable sleeping weather. Sunshine, a little bit warmer for Tuesday, with a high of eighty-four degrees. And looking ahead to Wednesday, plenty of sunshine, quite warm with a high of eighty-eight. Currently sixty-seven degrees at LaGuardia, sixty-six at Kennedy Airport, in Central Park, it's partly cloudy, sixty-five degrees, relative humidity one hundred percent, and we have a north wind at five miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature, sixty-five going down to sixty-four in midtown.

We've got a nice day coming up today with plenty of sunshine, temperatures this afternoon will top out at nearly the eighty degree mark, but the humidity will lower steadily and noticeably during the day. There's a slight chance for an afternoon thunderstorm east and north of, uh, most of the area, maybe north of the Tappan Zee Bridge, maybe parts of Connecticut, maybe the east end of Long Island, but most of us will, uh, not get any rain today, nor tomorrow, or Wednesday. Those days will be sunny and a high tomorrow in the middle-eighties, with the humidity still low. Upper eighties on Wednesday, and then hazy sunshine, hot, and humid on Thursday, high near ninety. Right now it is sixty-eight and sunny in Central Park, temperature today going up to eighty.

Absolutely nothing that we have to worry about in terms of toting umbrellas around the region until the tail end of Friday so, with that being said, sunglasses between now and then. Eighty-six degrees this afternoon, a little cooler along the shore, clear sky tonight, seventy-two midtown, sixty-four suburbs. Now the humidity's been at a moderate level, yesterday, again today, it's at a high level tomorrow. Sunny to partly cloudy, high temperature eighty-eight degrees, and it gets even worse Thursday, with the aid of sunshine, we're in at ninety degrees, ditto that for Friday, although as I mentioned before, thunderstorms by day's end Friday. Right now seventy-nine Westhampton, eighty degrees with the aid of sunshine in Central Park, going up to a high of eighty-six in midtown.

Absolutely nothing cookin', at least as far as wet weather's going to be concerned, during the course of this afternoon, so with that, humidity's getting up there, and so is the temperature, eighty-nine degrees, but this ain't even the worst of the air mass. It's warm, it's humid tonight, no moisture. It's clear, seventy-four in midtown, sixty-eight degrees throughout the suburbs and if you're looking to broil, sunburn, bake, call it what you will, ninety-two degrees tomorrow, more sunshine. Now we are going to tone it down, uh, hazy sun, cloud mixture during the course of Friday, but it's still ninety-two degrees. A cool front that's due in toward the tail end of our Friday could trigger a thunderstorm, but I don't even think it's before the evening rush hour, I think we're looking at the time frame between eight o'clock and about two o'clock in the morning on Saturday. Right now it's eighty-four degrees at LaGuardia, and in Central Park with the aid of sunshine, we don't stop until we hit eighty-nine degrees in midtown.

Foggy conditions the rest of the night. We'll start the day with temperatures in the low to middle-seventies, climbing to the low nineties in the afternoon, with a lot of sunshine. Clear to partly cloudy, warm and sticky tomorrow night, seventy-six for an overnight low. Once again, low nineties before a cold front arrives on the scene, and it may touch off a late day or nighttime thunderstorm. Behind that front we're looking at a nice weekend, not as hot Saturday, turning less humid during the day, partly sunny skies, about eighty-four degrees. Then a pleasant day Sunday, around eighty with lots of sunshine. Currently we have eighty-two at Teterboro, also in Central Park, a clear sky, a southwest wind at nine. Repeating the current temperature eighty-two going down to seventy-four in midtown.

O.K., it's, uh, a wet one, damp, if you will, not soaking just yet, of course, I say that because where we're dealing with the heavy juices is right along the Mason-Dixon Line, and well in advance of it. A little bit of light rain, drizzle this afternoon, watch for the fog, high sixty-seven degrees. Low tonight sixty, eh, we continue with the damp stuff. But this heavy rain corridor along the Mason-Dixon Line that separates Pennsylvania and Maryland is going to be shifting northward very late tonight into tomorrow morning. Some of that heavy rain could try to, uh, skim the outer bridge crossing, and parts of Staten Island so, be cautious. Farther off to the north, light rain, drizzle tomorrow, with the high of sixty-nine. Now it warms to seventy-eight Thursday, but our latest cold front has another shower or thunderstorm, so we still need the umbrella. Right now sixty Caldwell, sixty-one with the clouds and drizzle in Central Park, going to sixty-seven degrees in midtown.

Well, September is "Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month" and individuals always have to worry about parts of speech and elements of style. We don't want, say, a writer to die a critical death. Today is renowned for cloudiness, but the big thing is, when will things improve? It's all predicated on the movement away of this moisture, and that's not going to happen today. We'll have periods of rain, some fog, high today sixty-nine, low tonight sixty-six. Tomorrow variable cloudiness, becoming warmer, remaining humid, a couple of showers are likely, a thunderstorm possible, high seventy-eight. But hear this preposition, partly sunny on Friday, high seventy-six, Saturday, partly to mostly sunny, high seventy-six. Not necessarily perfect, but good weather for vi... for visiting grammar's house. Currently sixty-three degrees in midtown, relative humidity ninety-six percent, winds out of the east at six, sixty-three heading for sixty-nine.

Well hang with me one more day and we're gonna get some much improved weather, but today, another day of clouds, another day of showers. There is, though, heavy rain immediately within the tri-state area, but there's a pretty good batch of thunderstorms in eastern Pennsylvania and so, uh, as we get through, uh, the late morning and into the afternoon, any of the showers or thunderstorms can produce some local flooding, downpours. Our high today seventy-eight, but the sun returns tomorrow, the humidity lowers, the high seventy-eight both days. The rest of the weekend will be sunny and nice, the highs in the middle-to-upper seventies, and low humidity. Right now it's seventy-two and cloudy in Central Park, humidity one hundred percent, wind from the southwest at seven. Again the current temperature seventy-two going up to seventy-eight today.

Well, on Bermuda now, they're getting squalls and wind gusts to between fifty and sixty miles per hour, and as hurricane Fabian moves northward through, uh, the open Atlantic Ocean this weekend, it will cause some rough surf, and maybe some riptides on our beaches. But other than that, the weather will be just fine, a mix of sun and clouds tending toward the sunny side today, low humidity, and the high seventy-eight. Clear, cool tonight, low sixty-two in the city, fifties in the suburbs. Sunny and nice tomorrow, and Sunday with low humidity, the high tomorrow seventy-eight. Sunday's high eighty-two, and nice, uh, dry, sunny weather for the first couple of days of next week as well. Right now it is sixty-six and mostly sunny in Central Park, humidity seventy-four percent, wind from the north at seven. Repeating the current temperature, sixty-six going up to seventy-eight today.

High pressure is building to the northeast today, and it shoved all that rain off to our east. Looking at the current satellite picture, not a cloud in the sky this morning, it looks like a spectacular day, today's high about seventy-eight degrees. Clearing and cool tonight, low fifty-six in the suburbs, sixty-three in midtown. Plenty of sunshine once again for tomorrow, a warm afternoon with a high of eighty-two. We'll see a mix of clouds and sun on Monday, high seventy-eight. Partly to mostly sunny, breezy, and cooler for Tuesday and Wednesday, Wednesday's high about seventy-six. Currently it's sixty-one in Central Park, the relative humidity is eighty-one percent, the wind northwest at ten miles per hour. Repeating the current temperature, sixty-one going up to seventy-eight later today.

The weekend weather turned out to be every bit as nice as advertised, and the next couple of days will be just fine also, but we are watching moisture, uh, associated with remnants of tropical storm Henri, which are down along the Carolina coast, and if that moisture were to creep northward later in the week, our weather could go downhill, but for today and the next couple of days, it still looks pretty good. Sunny to partly cloudy today, high seventy-six, and fair tonight, low sixty-one. Mixed clouds and sunshine for tomorrow and Wednesday, high tomorrow seventy-two, Wednesday's high seventy-four, and right now partial sunshine on tap for Thursday, high seventy-six. So hopefully we're gonna be O.K., at least for the next three to, maybe, four days. Right now sixty-seven and sunny in Central Park, humidity eighty-one percent, wind from the north at five. Again the current temperature sixty-seven going up to seventy-six today.

One high pressure area has departed, but a new one is developing to our north, and it looks like it'll strengthen and move southward and control the weather the next few days, meaning sunshine, a little bit of a cool breeze, going up to seventy-two today. Tonight clear, low sixty-one in midtown, fifty-four in many suburbs. And then for tomorrow and Thursday, sunshine, seventy-four tomorrow, seventy-six on Thursday, and Friday, partly sunny, high seventy-four. So some nice weather the next few days. Currently, winds out of the northeast at six miles per hour, the relative humidity eighty-two percent, sixty-four degrees is midtown, heading to seventy-two.

True artistry in the sky today, sunshine, occasional clouds, going up to seventy-six. Tonight, palatable, clear, low sixty-two in midtown to fifties in some suburbs. Tomorrow it'll be like it, easily, mostly sunny, high temperature seventy-eight. And Friday shouldn't have any poor traits, times of clouds and sunshine, a high of seventy-four degrees. On Saturday, uh, we may see some grays, mostly cloudy, windy, a chance for some rain, high seventy-two. Currently in midtown fifty-seven degrees, relative humidity ninety-three percent, wind out of the northeast at three miles per hour, fifty-seven heading to seventy-six with sunshine today.

Beautifully sunny day today, with a high pressure area in charge, it's going up seventy-eight this afternoon. Clear tonight, low fifty-six in some suburbs, sixty-four in midtown. Then tomorrow, sunshine will be followed by cloudiness, and the wind will start to increase in the afternoon. There's a storm off the Carolina coast, it hasn't moved anywhere in the last several days, but as the flow aloft becomes southerly, it probably will come off the coast, and that can means some wind-driven rain at times on Saturday, with a high near seventy, and even Sunday is somewhat questionable, although the sky could start to clear in the afternoon, high eighty. Currently in midtown sixty-five degrees, relative humidity sixty-seven percent, winds out of the northeast at six miles per hour, and it's sunny, sixty-five heading for seventy-eight.

Huff and puff, that it does, but the wind is going to be relentless here, not just this afternoon, not just tonight, tomorrow, and to a certain extent, Sunday as well. So keep that in mind. Some sunshine followed by thickening clouds this afternoon, otherwise high seventy-two. It is dry, even this evening. We're gonna be A-O.K., but the problem is the rain coming in a few hours after midnight, then it's off and on during the course of tomorrow. Uh, our storm system's going to be weakening in the rain department, I guess that's the good news, but when you factor in the wind, there's still going to be at least minor tidal flooding and beach erosion, high tomorrow at about seventy degrees. Sunday's partly sunny, more humid with the high of seventy-eight, but don't you just know that there could be a shower or a thunderstorm kicking around. Right now it's sixty-nine at LaGuardia, ditto Central Park, headed to seventy-two in midtown.

It's a cloudy day in New York City, and it looks like we're going to see the clouds, a little bit of rain and drizzle at times, just kind of a damp, cool afternoon with a gusty wind, and a high around seventy. It'll be cloudy and breezy tonight with occasional rain and drizzle, low of sixty-eight. Tomorrow mostly cloudy, humid, a couple of showers, could be a thunderstorm. Several dry hours tomorrow, though, a high of seventy-eight, and then for Monday, clouds will break for some sun at times, it'll be humid with a chance for a shower or thunderstorm, and a high of seventy-eight. Right now we have a, uh, sixty-eight degree reading at Morristown, seventy-one at Islip, cloudy and sixty-eight in Central Park, one hundred percent humidity, and a northeast wind at twelve.

We'll have patchy morning fog for the next couple of hours, otherwise a barely cloudy, humid day today with a few showers around, maybe an afternoon thunderstorm is possible, we'll have a high of seventy-eight. A couple more showers tonight, we'll fall back to about sixty-eight. Clouds, a little sunshine, muggy tomorrow, a coupla more showers, maybe a thunderstorm once again, high once again seventy-eight degrees. There's a small chance of a shower on Tuesday with clouds, some sunshine, high of seventy-eight. Clouds and sunshine, a dry day for Wednesday with a high of seventy-six. And all eyes turn to the south as we watch hurricane Isabelle, could be effecting our weather, come Thursday night, right into Friday. Currently in Central Park, a cloudy sky, seventy degrees, relative humidity one hundred percent, and a calm wind. Repeating the current temperature seventy going up to seventy-eight in midtown.

Isabelle is currently located a little over eleven hundred miles south, southeast of New York City, and moving west northwest at ten miles per hour. It's likely to hit somewhere in the Virginia, Maryland coastal area late this week. If it does that, then it's going to pass to our west, and we could have some gale-force, hurricane-force wind gusts, and very heavy rain as it does, but there's a more immediate threat going on right now. Flooding, rains, people had to be pulled from their cars, just west of Philadelphia, and also very heavy rain in northwest New Jersey from ongoing showers, and some of those locally heavy showers and thunderstorms will be around the area today and tonight. Then tomorrow it'll start to clear up and get beautiful, sunshine with afternoon temperatures in the seventies. And Wednesday and Thursday should be nice days until the storm approaches from the south, seventy-eight tomorrow, and seventy-six on Wednesday. Currently in midtown, seventy-three degrees, relative humidity ninety-three percent, winds out of the east at five miles per hour, seventy-three heading for seventy-eight.

It's a beautiful sunny day and it's going to stay that way, the humidity is lowering, and there's a nice, little, gentle, refreshing breeze, and the temperature today will get up close to eighty. And it's clear tonight with a low fifty-five to sixty and sunny tomorrow, high seventy-eight. Of course we are playing a waiting game, we're waiting to see what hurricane Isabelle is going to wind up doing and right now, it's weaker, considerably weaker, than it was yesterday, but still a formidable and dangerous storm, and it will probably cross northeast North Carolina on Thursday with winds in excess of one hundred miles per hour. Then it will weaken, but it can bring us a wind-swept, and perhaps heavy rain Thursday night, into part of Friday. Right now it is sixty-five and sunny in Central Park, humidity eighty-four percent, wind from the northwest at six. Repeating the current temperature sixty-five going up to eighty.

We have some beautiful weather here, yet, for this afternoon and tonight. Things will start to deteriorate tomorrow, though, as hurricane Isabelle, uh, makes her landfall near, uh, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, uh, pushing clouds, uh, into our sky, the wind picking up during the day tomorrow, temperatures will be in the low seventies. And then we will start to get into some rain later tomorrow night, and that'll be off and on into Friday, uh, some of that can be heavy and, uh, it'll be quite windy as well. But the main problem is going to be, uh, the piling up of the water along the eastern seaboard. Tides are going to be running well above normal, uh, perhaps, uh, three to five feet above normal, uh, causing coastal flooding, especially at times of high tide and that'll, uh, start later tomorrow night and, uh, right on through the day Friday. But by the weekend, the storm will move up into Eastern Canada and, in its wake, uh, actually some nice weather, lots of sunshine, temperatures will be in the middle-seventies Saturday and Sunday. Seventy-four and sunny in Central Park, with a northeast wind ten to twenty miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature seventy-four going up to seventy-eight in midtown.

The tropical storm warning that had been along the New Jersey coast is now been extended into parts of the city and adjacent counties, and that goes along with the forecast we've been talking about, a thirty-five mile per hour sustained wind, and gusts to fifty-five at the height of the storm, late tonight and tomorrow morning. The storm itself is just off the coast of North Carolina, heading straight into the northwest. It'll move up into central and western Virginia, western Pennsylvania, miss us by quite a bit, but it's a very big storm, and the gales extend out more than three-hundred miles from it. So for today, mostly cloudy, the wind slowly increasing, the high seventy-two. Then tonight and tomorrow, very windy, rain at times. At times, it'll be falling in horizontal sheets, it could be a thunderstorm, and peak winds should be sustained at thirty-five miles per hour for a while, with gusts of fifty-five. Low tonight sixty-six, high tomorrow seventy-two. Then for Saturday it's all gone, sunshine, some clouds, high seventy-eight degrees, and it looks like a nice rest of the weekend. Currently in midtown the wind out of the northeast at twelve, gusting to twenty-two miles per hour, relative humidity sixty-seven percent, sixty-six heading for seventy-two.

Well, for us, more a windstorm than a rain storm as, uh, Isabelle taken a track, uh, so far inland here, that most of the rain, uh, also shifting, uh, westward. Uh, we will see a little bit of rain here overnight and into tomorrow at times but, uh, that's probably not going to amount to a great deal. Uh, we are getting a very stiff wind, however, which is gusting past forty miles an hour, and that will continue right on through the night and, uh, finally through tomorrow morning, uh, start to diminish some, uh, tomorrow afternoon, uh, we could get some gusts as high as fifty, fifty-five miles an hour. Tides running two to three feet above normal, so coastal flooding may be our biggest headache. Uh, later tomorrow night, partly cloudy skies, diminishing winds, and then some nice weather for the weekend. Right now we have some light rain at LaGuardia, uh, we have seventy degrees at Central Park under a cloudy sky, with a northeast wind twenty gusting forty miles an hour. Repeating the current temperature seventy going down to sixty-four in midtown.

Well, Isabelle is in western Pennsylvania, moving rapidly northward and weakening very rapidly too, and the worst of the storm has already occurred here. There will still be gusty winds, uh, thirty to maybe forty miles per hour in gusts, and there'll still be a couple of, uh, squally showers around, but there will also be intervals of sunshine, and later in the day the breeze will subside. Tonight will be partly cloudy, our high today seventy-six, and the low tonight sixty-eight. Tomorrow a warm day, sunny to partly cloudy, up to eighty-four and mostly sunny Sunday, the high seventy-six. Right now it is seventy-three and cloudy in Central Park, humidity ninety-six percent, wind from the southeast, gusting to nineteen miles per hour. Again, the current temperature is seventy-three, going up to seventy-six today.

It'll be warm today with a mixture of clouds and sunshine, probably more sunshine in the afternoon hours, we'll have a high of eighty-two degrees. Clear to partly cloudy, comfortable tonight, low falling back to fifty-eight degrees in the suburbs, to sixty-four degrees in midtown. Lots of sunshine, a nice day tomorrow with a high of seventy-eight. On Monday, clouds will increase, we could see some showers late in the day, but more likely at night, with a high of seventy-four. And a chance of showers lingers into Tuesday, high on Tuesday seventy-two degrees. Currently seventy-two degrees at LaGuardia, sixty-eight at Newark, in Central Park a cloudy sky, seventy degrees, relative humidity eighty-four percent, and we have a calm wind. Repeating the current temperature seventy going up to eighty-two in midtown.

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