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Ted Greenwald
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It’s soap
Sold on
Rub amps

Lips at
You don’t
Most comma

A phone call
The house
The country
The voice

The history of
A mystery
A doorway
As shall soon

The doll
The past
A past
The hand
The given

Look back
Looking forward
Lean forward
Closer still

Hang up
Open anywhere
The once
Open anyhow
Tear along

The fatal night
What you saw
You think you saw
A circle
The verb of

No weather
Speaking of
To speak of
A shaft
Spoken light

Look interested
Even the eyes
A sharp stick
The one better-than
Body that works

Red bird lights
The roof
Airport nearby
A song
Approaching lights

Zippy jiffy
A know-about
Says of
Driveway gravel
And although

Gift wept
A tear
But an ash
The words
Words to

Best undress
Better tasten
Not enough
A go-by
You can’t buy

Only so long
The air
The meat
Falls off
As yet only

Each is
Place in
A child
Turning into
Too somehow

A rest
The mind
Looks like
Letting up

An average
Right fit
A thinner
Already slip

You tell me
You tell me
What should
Should be looking
A swerve

Like to say
Tag along
(But can’t you)
Others make do

So begin
The just-wrapped
Is there anyone
About during

Light follows
A finger
A line
Sounds deep
The light

Lyrics include
This is not just
About me
The anymore me
Fooling around

Act as a witness
By early fall
Put hands out
Scene make good

Come running out
Visible for miles
Great fire leaping
Beautiful something
Off at the mouth

Complete night
Begin with
More like
Things done
A fit

The hip
A former
Once before
The secret
The hip

The very words
Let rumor ate
The homework
The dog gone

The eye
A beholder
Cup holder

The facts
Look me up
Base on

Gotta admit
Then came
The night
Never know what

Platter fill
Only you
Lite truck
Long bed

Bodily lui
A pelican torn
Dorsement steam
A pile irony

Last night
The door behind you
Don’t let
Go hit on you on the ass
Lack you wanna

The disaster
You gonna

The it call
A day
The other day
That when afternoon
In care of

A player
To be name later
The later
The day after
An after all

Took a cabbage into town
And mall walks of life
Kill frequent
Flyer miles, no earthly
Many is the time was

E for far
Comes in lite
Comes in
A gun
Head Head

Turn right
Turn a deaf ear
Flood meadow
Turna cloud

Black box
High blue’s
Leg dirigible
Rain plurals

Be looking
It’s said
Later culture
Chop river
Cloud shadow

Animal sleep
Into the forest
Bad eagle advice
This is your chance

Dash off
Sparkle like
Nerves strike
Nothing more
Look toward

A crisis
A twinge
An iris clause
Iris be cause
And besides

Fingertips on edge
Circling circling
But not saying
The word for
A word

A different person
Big deal same night
Not even sure
Sure, okay for you
Cast upon bread upon

One more city
Short forever
Spoken written
Famous for
The Ages

Snow globes
Hat drop
Ride right
Blown recap
Your A goner

Something to atone
Ado alone
Repeatable duco
Cut grasses thin
Radio picking up

For once
Upon timing
Push pull
Self away

When you runs out
You run out
She wrote a long letter
On a short piece of paper
And these vermins

It all stats
As ever all
A mini-chimp
Call for tech
Put, what’s

(Hidden) of unknowing
A briquette secrecy
Smile excerpts
Flaming gibberish
Inside fire yakkers

A study in piano
The amazing journey
Mystery training wheels
As we’re sitting

Put on hovel
Dreaming chrome
Hazy lazy
Play ball
Name for was

Absolute certainty
Push to egg cream
East wind rain
North wind cloudy
West wind clear

Darning socket
The group home
Wear on the grounds
Heavy at times
Situation removal

Herbs no blame
We lite bulb
Warm sale air
Moan phonetics
The day will comb

Invisible glass
Horrible shit
Plastic receptors
Walk Talk
Terrific traffic

A piece of tail
Makes a kite
Out of check
And balance

Common tally votes
Reds off outta here
Cycle paths of aperture
February removal
Each gust, O three me

I trying
This morning
Nature paints
By numbers

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