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Erín Moure is a Montreal poet and translator of poetry from Galician, French, Spanish, Portuguese to English. She has read from her work in English, French and Galician in Canada, USA, England, Wales, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Germany and Japan, and has given seminars in translation, language and construction of identity, and poetics. Upcoming in 2009: a book of essays, My Beloved Wager, from NeWest Press, a book of poetry written with Oana Avasilichioaei, Expeditions of a Chimaera, from Bookthug, and an English translation from Galician of Chus Pato's m-Talá, from Shearsman in the UK. Moure is a contributing editor to The Capilano Review (Vancouver), serves on the editorial board of the Galician Review (Birmingham, UK), and has no institutional affiliation.

Of her work, Melissa Jacques has written: "Erin Mouré's poetry is fragmented, meta-critical and explicitly deconstructive. Folding everyday events and ordinary people into complex and often irresolvable philosophical dilemmas, Mouré challenges the standards of accessibility and common sense. Not surprisingly, her work has met with a mixed response. Critics are often troubled by the difficult and therefore alienating nature of the writing; even amongst Mouré's advocates, the issues of accessibility and political efficacy are recurrent themes."

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  • broken leg: a reader from nypoesi 4/06 [collaborative poem with OANA AVASILICHIOAEI \ ERÍN MOURE \ ELISA SAMPEDRÍN \ NICHITA STANESCU]
  • some translations of Chus Pato [there being no rubric for "Translations", I'll call them collaborations!]

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